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World-BridgerKartikeya (DftS)
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Christian Rationalism. An answer ?
    #791906 - 08/02/02 04:37 AM (21 years, 9 months ago)

I've been introduced to this doctrine a few years ago by my godfather (wich follows this ideas). I don't define myself into any preconceived idea (as i find the reason for the connection to a spiritual essense, subjective and individual) but i think many of this teachings and observations are valid as a common explanation, at least their premises try to gather a more objective meanning to their conclusions.
I would apreciate any comments if you know something about this doctrine, if you don't know nothing about christian rationalism, you can go here and take a look at some of their ideas, their books are for free BTW.
Also take a look at what they say about medicine and induce hallucinations, i known they talk about anhestesics but we actually can fit shrooms and other halucinogenics in this cathegory. Thanks.

Here's some,
In reply to:

Science and Philosophy. NOT religion

Thousands of years ago great men driven by ideals of reform tried with their teachings to debrutalize humanity. Such men like Jesus, Budda, Confucius and Mohammed taught similar spiritual principles, however besides not being understood, ended up deified by the illiterate masses. Once the idea of divinization took hold, the respective religions were created, each preaching a different form of speculative worship, and the followers of each flocked together. Jesus Christ and all the others were just men, remarkable MEN in fact, but nevertheless, human beings like all of us, without any divine affiliations. All lectured the principles that Christian Rationalism now teaches and thus despite our name, we have nothing to do with the biblical Jesus Christ. The person known as Jesus was just a man, though one of the the greatest men that ever existed on Earth! That is why this philosophy and science is also called Christian.

A new concept of the Universe and Life

The fundamental principles of Christian Rationalism encompass a new concept of the Universe and Life as well as a sound pattern of behaviour for those who wish to follow it.

Christian Rationalism deals with Physical and Psychic Phenomena, Philosophical and Psychological issues, Reincarnation, Incorporeal Life, Space and the Universe, the Power of Thought, Mediumnity, Evolution, Gods and Religions, Force and Matter, the Aura, Ethics, Psychic Cleansing, Family and Children, Why do we live ? What is God ? Who am I ? Where did I come from ? Where do I go to ? Why do we suffer ? How to be happy? What is mediumnity ? What is obsession ? What is psychic cleansing? What is the main problem of life ? What is thought ? What is courage ?, etc.

We have no commercial or speculative interests

Christian Rationalism has no commercial or speculative interest whatsoever in the explanation of its philosophy. We are not driven by the purpose of enlisting followers in order to obtain financial support. There is no collection of alms, soliciting of gratuities or any other means of reaching into the pockets of those who may be interested in the teachings of the philosophy and wish to study it in order to put its beneficial principles into practice.

Materialistic science is mistakem

The ignorant and the erudite

Dr. Paul Gibier, French physician and scientist referring to the arrogant materialistic science and in defense of Scientific Spiritualism said: "There is a illness that attacks both the ignorant and the erudite: deny what they don’t understand! It is an old ‘disease’. People measuring everything based on their own intellect and knowledge. That’s why so many experts in their own scientific fields think they have the right to arbitrarily take decisions against different areas of knowledge that they don’t understand. In their presumptuous minds they think that if that was true they would be the first to know."

Sleep and the materialistic school

Dr. Pinheiro Guedes in his book 'Spiritualistic Science, wrote this: "Sleep, both natural and induced by hypnosis or anaesthetics - as well as dreams and hallucinations - cannot be explained, in a manner which is understandable, rational and satisfactory by the ordinary physiological processes taught by the organicist or materialistic school."

"Sleep is the suppression of relationship functions. ...the almost cessation of animal life. During sleep, the body rests and the soul restores itself. " (The spirit leaves the body for a period of time)"The materialistic schools try to explain sleep, both natural and artificial, induced or morbid, by paralysis of the brain caused by its compression, due to either the lack or the excess of blood."

"Observation shows that the loss of blood in excessive amounts or sometimes even in small amounts results in sleepiness, fainting, heart stroke, dizziness or even death. which is eternal sleep. ...There are still other mechanical inducers of sleep: the inhalation of anaesthetics, magnetic passes, suggestion, rest and even rhythmic motion... All such manoeuvres are merely preconditions for sleep. They are, at most, predisposing causes."

"The only real and true cause of sleep... is the need for ... the suppression of relationship functions, the temporary halt of animal life. Sleep is for animal life what hunger and thirst are for organic life.... Through sleep the soul asks for nourishment ."(The soul leaves the body as a way of restoring forces from the strain of physical life)

Thougt and will come from the spirit

Claude Bernard was absolutely sure that thought and will, originated in the spirit. Thus he stated that: "Matter, even when alive, is inert and will only live and move with the action of an element that comes from outside and lives outside."

Psychic phenomena should be taken seriously by the official science

Sir. William Crookes, notable english chemist, physicist, and investigator in the field of medicine, also studied spiritualistic phenomena. In this area, he saw evidence of all kinds of phenomena, produced by occult powers. Later he stated that the so called spiritualistic phenomena was real, and should be taken seriously by the official science.

Existence of the spiritual world

Prof. Cesar Lombroso, Italian psychiatrist and criminal anthropologist, believed in the survival of the soul and in comunication with those who departed from physical life. Based on his own studies he was drawn to the conclusion that
spiritualistic phenomena was real and that the existence of the spiritual world should be studied and treated as fact.

Spiritualism is a science

Camille Flammarion was an astronomer and once stated that "spiritualism was not a religion but a science".

The foundation of a new science

Dr. Alexander Aksakof, Scientist who researched spiritist phenomena, rebutted with scientific superiority, the explanations of Dr. Hartman, who regarded psychic phenomena of biological origin. Aksakof wrote: "...I have developed a strong belief that spiritist phenomena would offer us a truly solid background for the foundation of a new science."

Immortality of the spirit

Visconde de Saboia in his book "The Psychic Life of Man" wrote: "the immortality of the soul is the logic deduction of the 'animistic' principle and it is just not acceptable that thoughts, feelings and will power are the result of simple brain vibrations. The vibration of brain cells would never be able to produce conscience, thoughts and memory."

Where is the thought located in the brain ?

In regard to the relationship between the brain and thoughts, in his book "The Problem of Beyond and Destiny"
Dr. Alberto Seabra wrote: "...in which nervous cells the thought resides? Where is the center of memory? Where are the cells that register facts? There is not one scientist in the world who can answer these questions. Their answers are like the silence of the graves!"

Dreams cannot be explained physiologically

Dr. Pinheiro Guedes in his book 'Spiritualistic Science' wrote: "Dreams and hallucinations are purely psychic phenomena which cannot be explained physiologically. Therefore the theories developed by materialistic science to explain them are false and irrelevant. According to them, dreams are caused by disturbances in the digestive system! They are the result of an unconscious activity! They are the consequence of overexcitement of certain groups of brain cells, when other centres are at rest, hence the incongruity of these dreams!

The makers of such whimsical theories forget that there have been actually recorded dreams which later came true. During a dream the same occurs that happens in sleepwalking: the soul of the entranced can see and hear what is happening hundreds of kilometres away; he reads in the past and in the future. A variety of facts confirms this, and they can be found in religious and secular books, in novels and in the pages of history."

Hallucinations are spiritualistic facts

Dr Pinheiro Guedes wrote: "Hallucinations are in the same category and cannot be physiologically explained because they are spiritualistic facts... It is simply ridiculous to try to explain them through materialistic science.

No one can seriously accept the hallucination, the hearing of words, sentences and dissertations in a language unknown to the listener and which he repeats... The same is true of the exact physical description of an individual, deceased or absent, whom the listener never saw before, or a detailed description of his posture, facial features, mood and usual gestures, all of which disclose this person's reality and proves his identity. although visible to the seer alone.

Facts of this nature are numerous and they are recorded in medical, dramatic and other literatures. Therefore the theories invented by materialists to explain the how and why of dreams and hallucinations are false, are mere groundless assumptions without scientific basis. Purely psychic phenomena and spiritualistic facts, like certain hallucinations, are real cases of mediumnity and do not follow organic laws.

Medicine has its roots in spiritism

Dr. Hippolyte Bernheim, professor in the school of medicine in the university of Nancy, published a book called 'Hypnotism and Suggestion' in which he shows that medicine has its roots in spiritism. He wrote: "... Spiritism is the cradle of medicine and goes back to the early period of humanity."

Psychic photography

Dr. Julian Ochorowicz, lecturer at the University of Lemberg, published a 566 pages book, in which proves the beneficial ou malefic action of thought. He also achieved great success in psychic photography, having photographed an etheric hand enclosed in a bottle, and objects suspended in the air without contact.

Levitation is possible

One of the most remarkable phenomena, involved the Dunglas Home who was seen levitating out of a third-story window, and he floated back into the building through another window. There was three witnesses, all of them proeminent people in London. This medium was never discovered to be a fraud in more than 1500 sessions.


Spiritual being, living a human experience ... The Shroomery Mandala

Use, do not abuse; neither abstinence nor excess ever renders man happy.

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World-BridgerKartikeya (DftS)
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Re: Christian Rationalism. An answer ? [Re: MAIA]
    #791955 - 08/02/02 05:16 AM (21 years, 9 months ago)

A biography of the founder of the philosophy Luiz de Mattos, prettty interesting.

In reply to:

Luiz de Mattos

Luiz de Mattos migrated to Brazil when he was 13 years of age and at 23 he was already a businessman dealing in coffee. His intelligence and honesty made him a well respected person and at 26 he was a rich man. He later founded several companies among them the Bank of Santos and a Railway Company.

For many years Luiz de Mattos was an atheist but he was also a generous and a simple man and became a benefactor of welfare societies in Santos in which he spend part of his fortune to help the sick and the poor. His simplicity was such that he avoided all sorts of publicity in regard to his generosity but the recipients of his aid could not help but spread the word about his kindness.

Luiz de Mattos was also a slavery abolitionist in Brazil and with others fought a long battle to help slaves to escape from their humiliating and inhuman condition and settle in the so called "quilombos" which were secret camps protected by the anti slavery movement. When finally the law against slavery was proclaimed thus officially abolishing such an obnoxious situation in Brazil, Luiz de Mattos and his friends commemorated this great event for days.

After so many years living in Brazil Luiz de Mattos was still a Portuguese citizen but was highly regarded by the Brazilians who invited him to represent the state of Sao Paulo in the Brazilian Senate. He felt however that he could not accept such honour given that he was the Portuguese consul in Santos and though feeling as a Brazilian he believed that he should keep his original citizenship.

For years Luiz de Mattos did not believe on any religion and he specially could not accept that Jesus Christ would give the other face to prove his humbleness. He believed that a man to be simple does not have to accept any kind o humiliation. So he was an atheist. One day however when Luiz was about 50 years old, he was struck by an heart attack and for days all he saw was a cold grave on the ground. He felt repulsion for life and then pondered that living could not be all that. There should be something else beyond physical life. Perhaps there was a soul but what was it he did not know.

Luiz de Mattos got better but his children got seriously ill. He did not know what to do but one day Dr. Oliveira Botelho his family doctor mentioned the fact that he should try to study scientific spiritualism given that in many ways materialistic science just could not explain some illnesses. Somewhat reluctant at first and after meeting Luiz Thomaz he finally started his studies and along the way the health of his children greatly improved.

To make this account shorter, Luiz de Mattos not only found out scientific spiritualism but he also founded and codified a new philosophy based on true Christian principles. After going through difficult times and having seen the deplorable condition of man’s character, a new philosophy based on old principles was established.

Luiz de Mattos founded Christian Rationalism without sparing any efforts, with the conviction that he could provide the world with one and only means of correcting the serious moral evils which were and still are afflicting man. His life - that of a honourable, dignified, enterprising, persevering, undaunted man - was a model of invigorating action which will last as a striking example in the memories of present and future generations.

He did not attempt to impose on others a discipline which he himself could not follow. He did not consolidate a pattern of behaviour diverse from his own. Hence the unusual moral authority which characterized his statements. This is an example of the strong beliefs of those who know that they can serve as models of behaviour.

Luiz de Mattos was careful enough to present Christian Rationalist principles in a simple, practical manner, within the reach of every mentality. As a result, his principles are understood and respected by all social strata. These principles are so simple indeed that they can be summarized in one word: CONDUCT.

The undeniable fact is that with his code of Christian discipline, Luiz de Mattos developed a new mentality. This new mentality expands day by day as this code becomes known to those who, in their present incarnation, have already broken the shackles of absurd beliefs and mystical concepts. Each person's way of Life is a reflexion of his spiritual feelings. There is no easier way to bring human behaviour closer to the Christian doctrine codified by Luiz de Mattos, than by following the living norms modelled after Christian Rationalist principles.

Luiz de Mattos was born in the 3rd of January of 1860 in the town of Chaves in Portugal and disincarnated in 15th of January of 1926.

Spiritual being, living a human experience ... The Shroomery Mandala

Use, do not abuse; neither abstinence nor excess ever renders man happy.

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World-BridgerKartikeya (DftS)
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Registered: 04/27/01
Posts: 7,396
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Re: Christian Rationalism. An answer ? [Re: MAIA]
    #795145 - 08/04/02 05:08 AM (21 years, 9 months ago)

Thank you for all your comments !


Spiritual being, living a human experience ... The Shroomery Mandala

Use, do not abuse; neither abstinence nor excess ever renders man happy.

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