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Mushroom Info

Our complete collection of psychedelic mushrooms information. Documents about experiencing shrooms safely and a great introduction to the Shroomery.


  • Experiencing Mushrooms
    • 5.00

    Information about the psychedelic experience.

  • Growing Mushrooms
    • 4.50

    Learn how to grow magic mushrooms, gourmet mushrooms and medicinal mushrooms.

  • Hunting Mushrooms
    • 5.00

    Everything you need for successful mushroom hunting, where and how to find and identify mushrooms and tips for avoiding dangerous misidentification of hallucinogenic mushrooms.


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  • An Introduction
    A document to welcome newcomers to the Shroomery and let them in on what's going on.

  • Psilocybe Mushroom FAQ (may contain outdated info)
    • 4.50

    A collection of frequently asked questions for those wanting to learn about psilocybe mushrooms.

  • The Life Cycle of a Mushroom
    • 5.00

    Step by step life cycle of a mushroom with infographic

  • Legal Info
    • 5.00

    A state-by-state listing of legal codes and laws concerning psilocybin mushrooms. Some information and links may be outdated.

  • The oldest Representations of Hallucinogenic Mushrooms in the World
    • 5.00

    The idea that the use of hallucinogens should be a source of inspiration for some forms of prehistoric rock art is not a new one. This article intends to focus its attention on a group of rock paintings in the Sahara Desert, the works of pre-neolithic Early Gatherers, in which mushrooms effigies are represented repeatedly.

  • Mushrooms, Civilization and History
    An excerpt from the 1993 edition of Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms by Paul Stamets.

  • Psilocybin awareness
    • 4.00

    A document describing various aspects of magic mushrooms.

  • Psilocybe
    From The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Substances by Richard Rudgley Little, Brown and Company (1998).

  • Psychedelic Mushrooms: Just another Drug or a Powerful Medicine?
    • 5.00

    An article about the medical benefits of psychedelic mushrooms.

  • Mycological and OMC abbreviations
    • 5.00

    Some abbreviations you might run into.

  • Massive Psilocybin Mushroom PDF
    • 5.00

    Contains a huge array of information, with large list of psilocybin containing mushrooms with descriptions.

  • DEA Agents Manual (rev. 2002)
    • 5.00

    The operations manual for DEA Special Agents (rev. 2002) obtained through a FOIA request. Includes directives and guidelines regarding agent conduct, undercover operations guidelines, electronic surveillance, search and seizure, handling of physical evidence, use of official vehicles and official funds, report writing, investigative and case files, liaison with federal and state agencies and foreign governmental agencies, handling of informants, sensitive investigative activities, strategic intelligence, foreign investigations, and special field intelligence.

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