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FAQ, GLOSSARIES and POLICIES at the Shroomery
Message Board FAQ
Q&A concerning the use of the message board.
Psilocybe Mushroom FAQ
Everything you wanted to know on the general subject of Psilocybe mushrooms.
The Psychedelic Experience FAQ
Once it comes to the interaction with the fruits of our labor....
General Mushrooms FAQ
Answering some frequently asked questions and dismissing some frequently believed myths about magic mushrooms.
Glossary of Mushroom Related Terms
Explanation of general mushroom and mushroom cultivation related terms.
Glossary of Mycology Related Terms
Explanation of terms used in mycology and mushroom description and identification.

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Privacy Policy
Learn about your privacy at The Shroomery
Board Rules
A set of rules made to assure a peaceful interaction at the Bulletin Board
Advertising Policy
A set of rules to assure a fair advertising at the Bulletin Board

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