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General Cultivation

A variety of cultivation topics and techniques


  • Agar and Culture Storage
    • 4.50

    Using agar, petri dishes, culture slants, and other methods of mushroom culture storage.

  • Bulk Substrates
    • 5.00

    Preparing and using bulk substrate materials such as coco coir, manure, straw, and wood

  • Casing Procedures
    Methods for creating a non-nutritive, protective, moisture-providing top layer for substrates growing species that need this.

  • Cloning
    • 1.78

    How to take tissue samples of desirable mushrooms and use them to create master cultures for duplication.

  • Contamination
    • 5.00

    Learn how to prevent, recognize, and cope with contamination.

  • Drying and Storage
    • 4.00

    Preserving your mushroom harvests safely and effectively for later use.

  • Fruiting Chambers
    Construction how-tos for various mushroom fruiting environments, such as Shotgun Terrariums, Monotubs, and others.

  • Grain Spawn
    • 3.67

    Preparing and using whole grains for mycelium running, such as rye grain, wild bird seed, and grass seed.

  • Humidification
    Providing a moist, humid environment, that's ideal for mushroom growth.

  • Liquid Culture
    How to use water-based media for quickly growing live, injectable mycelium.

  • Spore Prints and Syringes
    • 5.00

    How to capture and store your mushrooms' spores, and prepare them for use in your next grow.

  • Sterilization and Pasteurization
    Prevent contamination by learning how to sterilize or pasteurize your materials.

  • Cultivation Archive
    A museum of outdated or superceded documents, preserved for historical reference.

  • Glove Boxes and Flow Hoods
    Constructing and using a glove box, still air box, or flow hood.

  • Clean procedures
    Prevent contamination by keeping your work area sanitized.

  • Containers and Lids
    Information about spawn bags, lids, filters, injection ports, jars, etc.

  • Lighting
    The optimal light for mushrooms is 6500k. Fluorescent and LED are the best sources of this light. Daylight is also an option, but not always available.


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