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Information For Parents

Learn how to restrict your child's access to the Shroomery.

Psychedelic mushrooms can be the subject of much curiosity, in children as well as adults. At the Shroomery, we try to dispel the many myths surrounding these hallucinogens and provide unbiased information to help guide personal decision making. However, it is important to understand that our content is geared solely towards a responsible adult audience. Many of our documents detail procedures which, in some jurisdictions (including the USA) can carry severe legal penalties. In addition, psilocybe mushrooms contain physically safe but powerful mind-altering chemicals which should only be consumed with extreme caution. We do not believe minors necessarily posses the maturity or experience to critically assess the information we provide and make responsible decisions regarding psychedelics.

For this reason, we do not allow underage users to register on our site. Users who are found to have lied about their age will be banned. We are committed to working with parents to ensure they have control over their children's browsing experience, and our site will automatically be blocked by almost any parental control software. Some options you can consider:

  • Many wireless routers offer parental control settings which can block the Shroomery on all devices connected to your local network. Please check the manual for your wireless router for details.
  • Cloudflare offers a free service which can block the Shroomery on any device with the capability to specify custom DNS settings.
  • Windows users can block the Shroomery with the operating system's family controls.
  • Mac users can block the Shroomery with the operating system's screen time settings.
  • Android users can use Family Link to block the Shroomery in Chrome and prevent other browsers from being installed.
  • iOS users can block the Shroomery with the operating system's parental controls.

We also have the ability to block users by IP address, which can be an effective way to prevent access from a specific connection. However, IP addresses sometimes change, especially for mobile users. For this reason, we recommend using one of the solutions listed above to reliably restrict access to this site. However, if you cannot install software on the device in question, or if you just want an additional layer of security, we encourage you to contact us with the IP address of the system and we will block it manually.

We welcome all comments, questions and suggestions so please don't hesitate to send in your feedback about how we can better enforce our age restrictions. Thank you for helping us limit the use of this site to responsible adults only.

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