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Posted by ShroomVegan (06/11/22 09:46 AM)
I can't believe there have been no comments since 2014.  Those children are all grown up now!

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Posted by jellyfish (04/21/14 03:30 PM)
When I was 16 I was smart enough to lie to my friends and claim I had bought them from someone instead of having grown them. A kid at my school however got his whole house confiscated by police because he bragged about growing pot. Repercussions can be serious.
Posted by TheFearInFive (04/13/13 02:38 AM)
This was well-written and enjoyable to read aha
Posted by Woodruff112 (02/08/12 02:52 AM)
I looked atporn when I was 13 and had those blocks. If someone wants to see something on the Internet they will find it. At least they are looking for information about it. 

Posted by katiee (11/02/11 07:46 PM)
Kids are still going to find some way to get ahold of shrooms, with or without the They might as well have some background information so they triop safely
Posted by slitheen (10/30/11 02:49 AM)
Oooh, that little Johnny... he's in big trouble. "I'll take ma hand off yer face, boy!" :)
Posted by SB-2 (07/31/11 02:18 AM)
The point is, stupid people (Kids) that can't get around blocks aren't smart enough to be growing and doing psychadelics.

If you were a parent, would you really be okay with a kid (Most often synonymous with idiot) growing illegal drugs in your house and potentially getting busted? That would be on you in most countries, including the United States.

Scenario: Johnny the 16 year old decides he wants to grow shrooms. He saves up his allowance and buys the necessary materials to grow mushrooms. IF he can manage to pull it off without his parents finding out and without fucking something up or disregarding sterile procedure, he might get some shrooms out of it, which Johnny will immediately and proudly share with all his other 16 year old friends. Johnny gets caught at school with fresh illegal mushrooms. Police knock on door with a warrant, and find grow materials and most likely mushrooms at some stage of development. Police confiscate everyone's cell phones and computers. Police find out Johnny was using daddy's computer to visit the Shroomery. Entire household gets mixed up in very serious drug charges, including dealing on school property (Whether he was or not)/etc. You can see how this might end. The Shroomery faces a potential lawsuit, even though they would likely not be found liable under facilitation laws. The collateral damage Johnny idiot causes stretches across much of his family, friends, and associations. Johnny's life is forever stained with drug charges and stigma.

This cautionary tale doesn't just apply to kids, but my point is, kids don't know how to not get caught, and since they aren't legally responsible for their actions, the potential damage is much higher than an adult living on their own, and the potential to be caught is also much higher.
Posted by acidlover123 (07/26/11 09:12 PM)
there is a post for everything a teen would need to know there is no reason for a teen to even register. they can just use the search function and find their answer
Posted by shadyy (07/17/11 07:30 PM)

Posted by Riz (04/30/11 08:18 AM)
Pretty good info and covers all the basics although a lot of adults are just as damn dumb as teenagers these days.
Posted by Irishdrunk (03/10/11 02:40 AM)
Im 14 and what is this?
Posted by squeeg (09/09/10 12:23 AM)
If they can get around the blocks, then they almost CERTAINLY can do PF safely and properly.
Posted by ServantOfBaphomet (07/14/10 11:51 AM)
Back in 97, when I was just 17, is when I got my best use and psychological help from psychedelics. Does this mean we should block the helpful information on here about street drugs, to let 13-17 year old kids just go for it with no information? That's why all these dumb %u0192ucks are doing mdma/ecstasy nowadays. They never read about the actual physical damage it does to your nerves. But they were told the same thing about marijuana, which isn't true and decided that all of it was a lie.
Posted by MySandoz (04/14/10 04:29 AM)

Thanks I am sure that if we would have had more responsiblity concerning these sacred substances that are mentioned and discussed freely  on this web sight in previous generations that the current hysteria and misinformation concerning them might not exist."And you, of tender years,
Can't know the fears that your elders grew by,
And so please help them with your youth,
They seek the truth before they can die."
Posted by N-van psilocybe (04/08/10 09:57 PM)
why is this on my account?
Posted by asdvrg (02/06/10 04:03 AM)
Those krazy kids and their rock 'n roll, and their hallucinogenics, and their chlamydia...   =P
Posted by jeffernan (12/25/09 11:57 PM)
good job shroomery. we definately dont need young adults finding this information and attempting something illegal. as a parent (i know this is hypocritcal but thats a synonym for parent lol) im glad to know that websites like this can be and are willing to be blocked from the view of innapropriate audiences
Posted by KroniclyHigh (07/05/09 10:25 AM)

yeah those simple little blocks arnt all that hard to get vtunnel will make it past 99% of them
Posted by Anonabyss (05/09/09 06:50 PM)
@jonogt: Having this note has nothing to do with keeping a website "up and flourishing for years to come."

Personally I find this for the most part useless, but since there's really no harm in having this it's probably a good thing to keep.
Posted by johnm214 (02/04/09 12:20 PM)
MarioTrip, So what if kids can evade the blocks?  If the parent has control over the computer, however; I don't think it is neccesarily true that these blocks won't work- though it may take a bit of knowledge, I'm sure the administrator's would help out.

Information should be available to everyone, however; given the parent's right to control their children's activities, it is good for the shroomery to help out.  Besides, it is better for this site to have adults only rather than children who may be more apt to do irresponsible things which could be bad for them and our community.
Posted by RasJeph (02/03/09 06:41 AM)
I've gotta say...if I was a parent and found my kid browsing this site I'd be happy. At least he or she is trying to get the good info, ya know? 
Posted by MarioTrip (06/30/08 07:38 PM)
Smart kids can get around these blocks soooo easily. What a joke!
Posted by jonogt (04/06/08 11:25 AM)
Ya the responsible and straightfoward message that this note to parents delivers is the kind of thing that will keep this haven of info and knowledge up and flourishing for years to come.  Pity a lot of similar sites have trouble delivering the same.
Posted by dill705 (03/12/08 05:47 PM)
I like the blocking info.