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    #466654 - 11/22/01 01:53 PM (22 years, 5 months ago)

A common problem with our current society is miscommunication. Many major (and minor) conflicts could be avoided if both parties had adequate communication.
There can be many barriers to overcome through verbal (or written) communication. One obvious one would be different languages. A word that means something in one language could mean something completely different in another, or not even have a word that compares.
Another problem is the individual filters for words inherent in each person. If I say the word "Sky" it will conjure a different image in each person that hears the word according to how they perceive reality. This becomes increasingly more complicated as more complex chains of words and variations take form, which can lead to serious misunderstanding. What one can be intending to communicate may be entirely different than what the recieving person perceives. Different people interpret different words differently.
Verbal communication is transmitted through sound waves. There we will run into some more problems. If you are at, say, a very noisy, crowded party.. it can often be difficult to communicate even with the person next to you. The words can sound different or distorted when they do arrive to you, which can lead to a lot of "What?" or "Huh?"

Though our current form of communication is far more advanced than the previous grunting, let's take a look at how communication could be improved.

Through Telepathy, thoughts are transferred instantly, from one mind to another. Or from one mind to five thousand minds. There are no limitations as far as number of people. It is mind-to-mind communication.
Have you ever tried to describe a situation (or dream) to someone that effected you very deeply and emotionally, but fell short because they "had to experience it to understand?" Through Telepathy, that person CAN experience your experience. Images, emotions, thoughts, are all transferred exactly as you percieved them. They are able to see the situation from your perspective.
If you have ever been in a group of ten or so people who are all trying to talk at once, you have felt that frustration. Verbally, it is quite difficult to have a conversation with the person sitting across from you while three other people are trying to have different conversations with you while at the same time there are ten or twenty of these side conversations going on all around you.
Using Telepathy, this situation is nonexistant. One can easily have five mental conversations with five different people at the same time, leaving everyone satisfied.
Also there is no yelling or screaming to get your point across, misunderstanding becomes obsolete.
Thoughts are transferred instantly and accurately. To turn a thought into words, it has to pass through a filter. You decide which words you know that best describes your thought and then convey it in that way. The person recieving these words has to put them through a similar filter, except in reverse, in which they take the words and find THEIR meaning for them and transfer them to thoughts. This is like the unnecessary middle man.
When you are speaking Telepathically, thoughts are transferred without change to their intent. The original message remains clear and unobstructed.

Just some thoughts transferred to words I thought someone might enjoy.

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OfflineThe AntiChrist

Registered: 10/29/00
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Re: Telepathy [Re: ]
    #467404 - 11/23/01 07:52 AM (22 years, 5 months ago)

But to be able to be telepathic, we need to be able to handle it. I think thats the main reason we havent evolved so far. The huge amount of information that could be transmitted is to much for us right now. You also need to be able to control your thoughts, and not everyone is able to do that.
Except for solving some problems, telepathy will also bring its own problems. Mental illnesses would also be able to get contagious, becouse everyone could get in the flow of a mentally ill, those ill flows are probably also pretty much "stronger" that the average thought flow, and more closed to others thoughts so it also is harder to help such persons.
Of course, the other way around is also included (more spreading of love and higher consiousness).

And now some ways I think can help to develope telepathy
You need to get controll over every thought, and get rid of the rubbish inside your mind.
Only use your mind and emotions when needed
You need to open your mind.
I think it will also help if you yourself visualize and feel what your are saying. You cant recieve anything if there is nothing send.
And if others are talking about things, consentrate more on what they trying to tell, try to recieve their thoughts, instead of making your own out of their words. But thats a logical one I think.
Also, get less depended on matter.

Please, correct me if Im wrong with these ideas.

the lightswitch on the wrong side

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Registered: 01/23/00
Posts: 758
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Re: Telepathy [Re: The AntiChrist]
    #467487 - 11/23/01 11:17 AM (22 years, 5 months ago)

I like what you've said. To add to this thread, telepathy is not really measurable by any instruments or standardized tests that I know of, so its not objectively verifiable. Subjectively however there's often no doubt about it (like between male and female alone and silent).

Telepathy, as I understand and use, is strongest when being physically present, having a silent intenal-dialog (no self-talk), plus a strong determination to get a non-verbal measage out. The simpler the message, the better recieved.

[red]0011 0001 0010 1111 0011 0000[/red]

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Registered: 10/12/01
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Re: Telepathy [Re: ]
    #467491 - 11/23/01 11:29 AM (22 years, 5 months ago)

I agree with shroomism. We cannot assume that our vocal resonance is the exclusive means of communication. Fear of the next only subsides with experience.

? ciaofi od rit comselha v manin de iad ?

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Love of Life
 User Gallery

Registered: 10/15/00
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Re: Telepathy [Re: ]
    #467591 - 11/23/01 02:16 PM (22 years, 5 months ago)

I once thought telepathy was real and the voices i was hearing was peoples thoughts turns out i had a chemical imbalance for about three weeks... and now i am back to normal and i can safely say that it is not and my whole mind set was illogical at the time.

Evolution of Time.

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Eggshell Walker

Registered: 01/18/00
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Re: Telepathy [Re: oneoverzero]
    #467795 - 11/23/01 08:06 PM (22 years, 5 months ago)

...so its not objectively verifiable. Subjectively however there's often no doubt about it (like between male and female alone and silent).

If there is often no doubt, then the other half of that equation is that there is often considerable doubt.

From my limited observations, most accounts are of selective memory rather than telepathy. A famous example is: "Ever notice how the phone rings just when you are thinking of a friend / loved one?" How quickly one neglects the 1,000 times one is thinking of that same friend and the phone does NOT ring.

As to the male / female intimacy bond fostering telepathy, i can only say that one of the biggest destroyers of relationships is the assupmtion of "mind-reading" or telepathy. BTW, this is not Swami's opinion but the results of research. Sorry, but I do not have any references handy. It goes something like this, "Well I didn't tell you how I really felt, because it was obvious. You SHOULD have known."

Of course, the best real-world litmus test IMHO is longevity. If this is a valid indicator, then what of the incredibly high rate of divorce (at least in the USA)?

Read "True Hallucinations" where McKenna is drawn to his future mate. They share incredible mushroom experiences together and alleged telepathy, but their relationship too, suffers a painful death.

This doesn't seem possible where two minds are linked.


The proof is in the pudding.

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Re: Telepathy [Re: Swami]
    #473204 - 11/29/01 01:32 AM (22 years, 4 months ago)

Seeing as how telepathy is done subconsciously, there is much that can be overlooked from a conscious perspective.
Everyone communicates telepathically, whether they are aware of it or not is another story altogether. We know that the subconscious is what stores our memories and emotions and whatnot. Our conscious mind acts much like a computer, receiving information and then sending it to the subconscious to be analyzed and reacted upon...The subconscious acting much like a hard drive, the conscious being a processor. However, the conscious is operated mainly by the ego, which if it runs into something which threatens its existance (such as something which it cannot understand or comprehend) it will send it to the subconscious to be stored and 'forgotten' about. Ex - a terrifying situation or an undesired contact with higher life forms. In this way the subconscious acts much like a filter, only giving the conscious information which it can handle or else a "System Error" message will pop up.
The reason Telepathy is subconscious, for one.. because the conscious mind is usually not very acceptant of ideas such as mind to mind communication. The conscious relates to reality in words, while the subconscious relates in images and pictures. This is the same concept behind the Rorshach (spelling?) tests.

As for the example of the phone ringing when one is thinking of a loved one... this is certainly the most commonly heard example. Perhaps the 1000 times one is thinking of that friend and the phone does not ring, it is because they decided to have a telepathic conversation with you instead of a verbal one, they are more efficient..

The fact is that many times people receive telepathic communication but refuse to accept them as valid. They need to hear it or see it in order to believe it. This being a form of denial can lead to total shutdown of telepathic abilities, as they will not experiment with these seemingly strange abilities.
I believe the high divorce rate in the US is definetely due to a lack of communication, as is most wars. If couples could learn to communicate, both physically, verbally, emotionally, and mentally, then I don't think the numbers would be so high. If anything, telepathy would help this seemingly crippling affair.
Because two minds are linked does not necessarily mean that they will flow harmoniously together. If one is living badly with him/herself, their relationship with others will also be effected. Anger or hostility can exist in the best of relationships, whether they overcome those emotions or fall into them will determine the outcome.
Telepathy does not mean flawless existence, only enhanced communication in which things that can only be relayed in thoughts and images are transferred. Sometimes an image received is contradictory to one's own personal beliefs, and can result in confusion. I feel as though the ability to accept other's perspectives as truth while maintaining your own at the same time is a major step towards harmonious relationships with others.
And just because a relationship ended, does not mean that it did not open new doors which could not before be perceived.

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Registered: 10/04/01
Posts: 590
Loc: Norway
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Re: Telepathy [Re: ]
    #473958 - 11/29/01 06:48 PM (22 years, 4 months ago)

I know for a fact telepathy exists. Iv'e merged with another persons mind, I could not tell which one of us was thinking (or speaking out loud) was which. But we finished each other's sentences for a far too long time to leave any doubt in my mind. (and it was not a mundane conversation which you could have guessed anyway).

Speaking is one kind of telepathy the way I view it. You inject a thought into another mind through vibrations. This is the basis for all communication. (I wrote a little (short!) text about this some years ago, I should elaborate on it)

Selft doubt is the greatest obstacle in percieveing the magic of the world. Ture Dreams which really try to tell you something can get dissected too much and just turn into mundane repetitions of your past day.

>I feel as though the ability to accept other's perspectives as truth while maintaining your own at the same time is a major step towards harmonious relationships with others.
Oh boy, how often haven't I said this. How often haven't I seen this not being practised. Last time was this very night.

Acceptance and a bit of humillity can go a long way in creating a more harmonious human togetherness.

Back to my experience of telepathy I can see how most people would want to shut it down. If it is experienced as I experienced it, it would be more like merging with the other person, your minds would become almost (but only almost) indistinguishable. That would be too intense, and the immediately obvious prospect of the fact that with practice you could move around in the other mind, it kind of puts you off the thing, doesn't it? I think it would be a worthy price to pay though!

Eternally boggled, flummoxed, bewildered and surprised.

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