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Level 3

Very obvious visuals, everything looking curved and/or warped patterns and kaleidoscopes seen on walls, faces etc. Some mild hallucinations such as rivers flowing in wood grained or "mother of pearl" surfaces. Closed eye hallucinations become 3 dimensional. There is some confusion of the senses (i.e. seeing sounds as colors, etcetera). Time distortions and "moments of eternity".


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  • New Years Eve
    I will try to explain my first trip to you as best as can.

    My tastey treats from OR.

  • Sunny D Meets Mr. P
    This was my first real mushroom trip.

  • Hum of Blue Energy
    On Saturday night I promised to help my roomate have a good trip, he was a bit apprehensive about eating some cubensis mushrooms.

  • YoYo-Shroomin'
    I ate at around 6:45pm.

  • Swelling Tongue
    As I live in VT, at the height of the foliage this fall, a friend and i decided to mow a few mushies we had left over from who knows when.

  • Systematic Reality
    My first trip on mushrooms took a rather poor turn.

  • Take a shower!
    Just wanted to tell you about one of my trips with shrooms.

  • I Can't Move
    It all started when a bunch of my friends decided to go to a rave and me and 3 friends didn't want to so we decided to stay at my friends house (his parents were gone) and we decided we wanted to trip.

  • Nightmare on elm st.
    It all started when I sat down with my girlfriend to watch the newly released X-files movie.

  • Taken for a TRIP!
    First some backround.

  • Extreme Dehydration?
    This was a first trip.

  • No Arm
    Me and a friend decided to eat some pscilocybin mushrooms.

  • Talking to the Gods
    I started off taking a cap that was an Inch in dia.

  • No Memory
    Three days ago a friend and I were visiting my brother who is attending University.

  • teetering
    Last night a group of about twenty of my fellow college students and I camped out at the lake, and about five of us ate a handful of Liberty Caps.

  • Telepathy
    One day after arriving home from a desert rave, i invided chris over to have a look at some shrooms i brought back.

  • I love Shrooms
    I think that I always wanted to trip since I was 6 or 7 years old, though I never came around to it until recently.

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