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Rookie river trip

This is a story about my friend Aron's trip into shroom land.

This is a story about my friend Aron's trip into shroom land.

Two days ago, I hooked up 7 grams of Blue Ringers through a kid I know. I had been looking for shrooms for a few weeks now because the parents are leaving soon and I have never experienced them before. Yesterday, Aron and two of his friends hooked up through the same guy. I ended up at his house with Jay, Aron's bro and my best friend. We showed up at about ten and were immediately clung to by the trio. They told us they had taken some shrooms 20 minutes prior and were already feeling good. Because I planned on trying them myself soon, I watched them closely, asked them questions, observed behavior. I talked to each one, almost harrassing them, trying to find out what was going on inside

Jay and I sat down to break up the oz. of bud we just bought. Aron and his friends dissappeared for a bit and Jay and I got sucked into the Nintendo. Aron's two friends show up a little later, around midnight, and join in on the game. They're both smiling and stupid, sweating, jittery, really happy. I continued to ask them what they feel like, what they're seeing... to find out what I'm in for. Adam, one of Aron's friends, doesn't stay downstairs for too long and soon I find Jay missing. I smoke another bowl and go outside to have a cig. Adam comes out and informs me that Aron officially is having a bad trip. I walk over to Aron's window and peek in, saying hi to him and his brother. I ask if I can join them and Aron replied with

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