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Pure Depression

Well after trying to get shrooms for about two months, I finally had them (I live in AUstralia).

Well after trying to get shrooms for about two months, I finally had them (I live in AUstralia). One Sunday afternoon, when no one else was home, I thought "Let's Do It!". After consuming the shrooms (7 golden tops; huge I think for a first trip) it took a suprisingly lengthy period of time to kick in (45 minutes). I retreated to my room and let it fully kick over....awesome visuals my whole room was spinning round and the TV was jumping up and down. My eyes were about 3cm from my wall and all I could see was that the wall was like a wave and really fuzzy (this was cool).
I decided to turn on some music and the cd player started to blast out some music. For some reason it was on repeat of the same song, "Tears of Blood" by Biohazard. This song is about loneliness and depression and then it just hit me. I was in hell. Over the years I have suffered depression
on and off but nothing would prepare me for this. I guess mushrooms amplify your emotions by about a million times. Man it was bad. If I would have had a gun by my side, I would have committed suicide for sure. I even started to cry. I will try mushrooms again, but my main point is, don't
do them when you are feeling even the slightest bit down because it will amplify it. If you are seriously depressed and you take mushrooms, you will almost commit suicide. I'll do them with friends next time too. Also put on some real happy, poppy music (even if you don't like that shit like me). Do them at a party and laugh with your friends.
I've done LSD a couple of times and it was great (I was at parties). Mushrooms, I sense are even better but prepare the mood for it and possibly take some marjiuana with it cause I heard that kicks butt too!

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