Posted by micachu (09/19/11 11:12 AM)
Well, people are different and some are very exposed to that of sensitivity. Maybe thats the problem, try make it as tee if you get stomach issues. Many who does shrooms or etc. have understood that there's other products from earth that can help relaxe this issue of reacting. The normality for a tea cup is to boil up the water and then put in the herb (or whatever want to make tea of almost), and stirr gently for about 3-10 minutes. Some like to just boil it up and put it over in a tea cup and from there let the mushrooms wait in the cup for about 3-15 minutes before drinking. Remember, if you crush them mushrooms up before it will guarantee you get the most function out of it. Also if you have them in the mouth for about 3-15 minutes this will also accelerate the uptake before it gets swallowed. Remember, most of our immune defense is connected in/to our stomach :)

Well take care and be wise :)

And anyways..This is really not the place to post this, m8, try another place on the forum if will you be so kind and youmight get some more informative answers as it could be much, your issue regards. :)

Pure Bliss, Uplifted_c
Posted by Dr_Syntax (07/16/10 02:45 AM)
I have a hard time using mushrooms  that I have picked every time I take them I feel sick. This reaction is different from my other mushroom experiences where I used to purchase magic mushrooms from  Amsterdam. I vever felt sick on them yet I seem to feel sick as a dog when taking my own . I have consumed 4 double 00 capuslse  of the ground up mushrroom . If any one can suggest or is willing to swap the rest of my caps I have about fourteen

Any help to prevent me from being sick every time I take magic mushrooms picked in Victoria  would much appreciate
Thank You
Dr Syntax