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Pure Psychedelic

Me and my friend Jai decided one day that we were going to shroom.

Me and my friend Jai decided one day that we were going to shroom. I had shroomed before but this was his first time. I bought a 18 of shrooms from my hookup. After school at about 4pm on a Friday we each ate half of the 18. One of my friends stopped by my house so we gave him alcohol. After that me and Jai both started walking. I remember feeling a great feeling in my body. I remembe feeling the feeling slowly move up my arm to my hands. I kept telling Jai how I felt so good. We then walked by some flowers and I plucked a long flower. It was a long purple flower and I remember it felt very good in my hands. I began to think that the flower was a catepillar so I carried it along. I remember we were walking and I couldn't keep a smile off my face. The mushrooms made me so happy. We then would pick up leaves on the ground and rotate them or move them and we would say to each other that we had changed history. We kept walking and we met these 2 teens that just robbed a house. We told them that we were shrooming and they walked with us a bit. We then came to a park nearby. I remember looking up at the lights and they looked magnificent. I kept trying to get my CD player to work but it was out of batteries. We kept walking until we came to a basketball hoop and some seats that looked futuristic. We kept saying how we thought they looked so futuristic. We then walked until we came to Wilson Park. We thought that we were in a scene from Little Red Riding Hood and that was the path we were talking. I remember at that time I was tripping hard. I would lose contact with reality for seconds at a time and just being able to see millions of bright colors. We then were walking through the park. I looked up at the sky and saw a cloud that we both thought looked like a phoniex bird. We then kept walking. I suddenly heard a loud noise and I looked back. I saw a bucket and red markings on the ground that looked like blood. At first I thought that Jai had killed something. People would past through the park every few minutes and would look at us wierd. I didn't care though because I felt as though I was under the influence of a not a drug but something more powerful. I remember sitting at the curb and seeing speed bumps pop out of the ground and move. I saw this for numerous minutes. Time when we were on shrooms didn't really exist and it seemed as if the shroom trip was a very very long time. I remember looking out at a big open field and seeing spheres popping out of it as if they were trying to break out of the ground. I remember everything looking so beautiful. I wanted the feeling never to end. We then went to our junior high as the trip was wearing off. I remember as the trip was wearing off we were retarded. For some reason our minds weren't working at all. After time we regained out minds. Me and Jai both went to my house. I don't think my Dad found out that we were on any kinds of drugs. We then both ate a philly cheese steak from Jack in the Box which we both couldn't finish and we fell asleep. From this trip I've learned that mushrooms are very powerful and beautiful. I also plan on shrooming many times on in the future and fall further into the psychedelic world. locedalien@aol.com

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