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scared shitless

this trip was soo bad that i have actually moved on to trip other types of shrooms.

this trip was soo bad that i have actually moved on to trip other types of shrooms. At first i didnt even want to ever trip again but eventually that passed. i tripped with my brother and one of his friends but it wasnt my first time. Actually my 10th or 12th. Anyways they told me NOT to look in the mirror, so i didnt for a while, then after smoking a fat blunt while i was peaking i sat and chilled on the couch. Thats when my terrible trip started, i was actually tripping on myself and how much i hated my life, too make it worse all of my secrets or skeletons in the closet came rushing back to me after i had buried them so far back in my mind and tried to 4get about them. Killing myself crossed my mind then i had to get up and splash some water on my face because that was just too much. So i went into the bathroom and decided to splash my face and avoid the mirror. but my face was pulled towards it and i found myself staring back at me. i remember the clock ticking so loudly that it hurt my ears. then i just stared at the mirror and thats when all hell broke loose. My facial expressions where changing yet it wasnt me doing it. i wasnt moving my face. the expressions were everything from happy, sad, confused, ect. Then my eyes turn red and tears started to spill down my face. i couldn't blink move or shut my eyes. i noticed that it was hard to breath and i tried to get to the door but i couldnt. i couldnt even stop loooking at myself in the mirror.then it was over. i got he hell outta there and was so fucking upset. i slept on the couch and didnt wanna go home because i was so scared. i actually had my friend watch me until i fell asleep. i't might not sound scary but when you see some shit like that youll change your mind..

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