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Rue Extract & Shrooms

to get started,i first took 1 gram of rue extract.

to get started,i first took 1 gram of rue extract.i then waited to let it soak in.after about 90 minutes i felt quite lethargic but not real buzzy.then i drank my shroom potion.i drank about a 1/4 dose.it's hard to say exactly how much this was as it was a mycelium fruit juice extract,but it was 3/4 less than my pervious attempt using this same process.i also took another 1 gram of rue at the same time.after about 30 minutes a felt a really bad chill and had to put on my jacket.i also had an extreme thirst and couldn't stop yawning.the effects came on hard and fast they persisted for about 5 1/2 hours.what i really noticed was how it ended it just drained way with out much of an afterglow.as to what i felt while under the influence...how can i describe...words fail me...i laughed at past mistakes praised my success and expressed hope for my future, my life is a journey and my shrooms present a flashlight to help see the way forward...my mind was liquid that flowed to fill the room seeking the tinniest cracks to drip away to freedom and release my spirit to the four winds

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