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Firstly I'll recount a psilocybin trip that "Sandy" and myself had about a year back.

Firstly I'll recount a psilocybin trip that "Sandy" and myself had about a year back. It was one of those dark winter afternoons in London. We had a small amount of fresh Semilancaeta mushrooms to share. Now, the visionary potential of this particular genus is very strong, so even the small amount (about 15 each) was enough to produce a short but intense reaction. As we like doing, we darkened the room and did our thing. Before long I was lost in an "egyptian" labrynth of "more than oriental splendour". Suddenly, a shimmering sword appeared before, emossed with glowing jeweled eyes. Spiraling around the sword were two very kundalini-like serpents, hooded and fiery.(not unlike the international symbol for medicine, is it Damocles sword ? Peter ?) Behind this spectacle appeared two winged creatures. Each time I tried to look at their faces, they brought their wings forward to hide them. Now, after the peek had leveled off, "Sandy" and myself were amazed to discover that we had experienced an almost identical vision, down to the jewels and everything !!

I once had a dream in which I was walking through a field. Many small fat snakes were slithering through the short grass. For some reason, I was running after them, to decapetate them with an axe. Suddenly I turned around, and behind me, poised over me, was the most evil and menacing of all huge, black snakes. As I looked at it, I felt no fear for it, and came after it with the axe. It suddenly began to mutate and shrink into a small furry little squirel-like animal and I watched as legs sprouted from it and it scurried away. Although I have my own interpretation of this dream, I'd be interested in anything you dream-wizards would have to say.

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