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Rave On!

the other weekend i went with my sister, brother, and step-sister to be to a rave.

the other weekend i went with my sister, brother, and step-sister to be to a rave. we got some mushrooms earlier in the night and all of us girls had been planning on tripping for a week. since raves last until the early morning, we planned to take our shrooms at midnight. well, this was my first time taking shrooms, and i was very anxious to get started. the music was overwhelmingly loud and awsome and it was pulling me in by the minute. two of us (me and my soon-to-be-step-sister) took ours a little after 11. we danced, then went outside and smoked, and by the time we got back in the shrooms were really starting to mess with me. i felt a slight buzz at first, so i danced for about a half hour before i found my sister again. she had just taken her shrooms, but i was really buzzing hard. there were trippy lights on one wall, and a laser show on one side, and total bass surrounding me. i felt like i was on a completely other planet!!!! everything seemed so amazing. i danced my ass off for seven hours, stopping every once in a while to go and enjoy something else. starring at the ceiling for awhile it all started to spin and get fuzzy. not alot of visual stuff happened to me, like when i did acid, but the mental stimulation was incredible! i love shrooms now, and am endevouring on my first try with growing them. later that night, after smoking afew shrooms in some pot, i went to bed. this really cool yellow fuzz took over my vision. it was swirling in big circles over my bed, and continued until i fell asleep, starring, wide-eyed, at my ceiling.

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