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Playing In Mud

On a summer afternoon in New York's Adirondacks, my friend Damian and myself ate two grams each of Psilocybe cubensis in our little red tent at some campground.

On a summer afternoon in New York's Adirondacks, my friend Damian and myself ate two grams each of Psilocybe cubensis in our little red tent at some campground. It was my fifth or sixth trip on shrooms, but I had never had a very successful one before because I never knew how much to take. I know now that two grams isn't very much, but they must have been very potent because it was quite a trip for me... The trip (I mean vacation) was to go climbing in the 'Dacks and do a lot of drugs with a lot of our friends. About 50% of the whole group(about 25 people) was into drugs. Most of them hadn't arrived yet, as it was our first day. So, anyway, me and Damian played frisbee for about 15 minutes until I ran out of breath (I smoke too much pot!)So we found our niche at a small picnic table in the corner of a HUGE field, almost completely unihabited.

Our campsite was out of view, so we felt pretty free to do anything we wanted. All I had was my clothing and a two liter of soda, and all Damian had was a little bottle of Eucalyptus scented oil. I sat down on the bench and we started talking about where we were going to climb the next day, but I was slightly distracted by an Indian face in the clouds. The possibility that there was a person next to me vanished as the voice began to come from the Indian (lets call him Bob). So anyway, Bob wanted to take me on a river rafting trip through the clouds. I complained that I was inappropriately dressed, but he made me strip to my shorts and it felt so gooood... This was when I must have gone insane because I faintly remember cursing at my clothes for causing all the problems of mankind. I threw them as far as I could, but then I thought about my shorts ( a loose pair of dirty, brown Gramicci's)and I concluded that they were a real part of my body like my skin and I loved them more than anything else in the world.

Apparently while in my rage against my clothes a car drove right through the field on a road which we hadn't even noticed. It stopped because I was half naked and beating my clothes with a big stick. I yelled at them to leave or I'd really act like a monkey!!! Even though they started to leave, I jumped into a fire pit and started beating the coals with my stick. We found this enormously funny, and it took about 10 mins?? to recover. Bob called for me though, and this time I was totally ready for a rafting trip. When I told Damian what I was doing he began to notice the amazing sculptibility and geometric shapes in the clouds. I was , however, IN THE SKY, totally experiencing every aspect of a class IV whitewater. Keep in mind I had never even rafted before, but Bob was the best guide my mind could fabricate.

I could never even explain how incredible that was, but more was to come. I was called into the surrounding woods by who-knows-what and I accepted. Grabbing my soda and trotting off to the woods alone, I heard Damian protest. "Are you CRAZY man!!???" I told him I'd be right back, even though it was such a lie. I even considered living in the woods for the rest of my life... Barefoot and shirtless, with trippiness all the way, I ducked, waddled, and squirmed my way into a little clearing. I could tell I had been walking for a while, because I couldn't tell which direction I had come from. I couldn't see anything but woods in every direction. Parallel world -- with a giant mud pit! THats rigght! A ten foot diameter pit of quicksand-like mud that was four feet deep at least. How did I know it was 4 feet?

Well, somehow i got stuck in this pit, with only my chest ,arms, and head showing. I was very stuck, and I was shrooming very very very hard. Pieces of mud were morphing in front of me and cleaning my cuts from all the thorns I had to walk through. I have no idea whatsoever how I got out of the mud or how i got back to the field but when I did, Damian had been peaking all the while on the picnic table, as cars drove by watching him like a zoo animal. He couldn't believe I was me because I was COMPLETELY covered from head to toe in black mud. I wanted to see if our friends had arrived, so we trekked back to the campsite, trying to compose ourselves. I kept forgetting about the mud, and everyone was laughing at me. But I managed to get to three of my best friends who had just arrived.

The problem was, after they were done laughing at me I couldn't communicate with them because their faces were warping and floating around. The rest of the trip was very calm until we smoked two huge joints, drank beer and smoked stogies until 2 o'clock in the morning. We completed BATS in a day (Bud, Alcohol, Tobacco, Shrooms), which is something Ive only done once since then. The next day I tried to take all my friends to the mud pit, but we had enough trouble trying to hack through the forest. It was nearly impenetrable!!!! But when we finally got to the clearing where the glorious mud pit had once been, all there was was a small, trickling stream and some sandy banks... Go figure.

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