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Salvia Dreamtime

Dosages: 1.

Dosages: 1.3 Grams Dried cubensis var B+ 2 bowls Salvia divinorum 5x concentrate. The mushrooms were prepared by packing into two herb capsules the powered mushroom matter. Ingestion commenced at approx. 7:50. I was contemplating the purpose of my trip afterwards, as typically I have a particular reason for having the experience. A question, and issue, whatever, always a reason, and generally I try to dose a little higher than that, being a sincere subscriber to McKenna's theory of breakthrough dosages. I had begun to feel guilty for ingesting the herbs when I began to notice the body sensations kicking in at 8:23. (Journals a wonderful things). I decided that I shouldn't feel guilty as for some reason I simply felt compelled to take them, and instead, got up and did some minor cleaning of the apartment, lit some inscense and sage, and remembered the nearly empty bottle of Salvia divinorum 5x extract I'd mail-ordered a week or so ago. I had experimented with Salvia the summer before, having ordered the smaller package JLF has available. Before it arrived, friends explained to be that JLF's product would not be very potent since its extremely dried and not stored correctly. I tried anyways with no results. I order the 5x extract in hopes to try the experience again, but (as I soon found out) never smoked enough at one sitting. So with this realization, I hurried over to my backpack, and extracted my little vial of salvia, sat down with a good sized water tube, and in the space of 15 seconds, smoked two bowls (The appropriate technique as I found out after my failed experiments with the extract the previous week). The mushrooms were flaring their effects right before I finally smoke the Salvia, about 8:50. What happened afterwards was something I was totally unprepared for. Very quickly, I was losing control of my limbs. The feeling was similar to when your limbs 'go to sleep' only it was happening full body. Very quickly, sounds were changing in the audiatory properties, they were the same but different, and this was getting more extreme VERY QUICKLY. I barely managed to get up and turn off the music, which I could tell was going to be immensely irritating under this experience. The light unfortunately was too far away and I simply had to collapse on the floor. What happened afterwards is very hard to explain in words. Its like when you dream, and your dreaming feels REAL, but the pictures you see and the things you think are definitely not REAL.. The walls began changing their angles, and surfaces seemed to represent other things, it all FORCED its way into my head, like I was sitting there trying to remember what was real, that this wasn't forever, it would end sometime. It was such an alien experience. The light fixture over head (which was not the light source that was one, instead being a lower key lamp in the corner thankfully) took on a strange significance, and the entire time I couldn't tell wether my eyes were closed or open. I couldn't move, it was as if a HUGE lead blanket (those x-ray things at the dentists only full body) was weighing me down. The mental ... edges and flow lines were extremely intense. At the same time I couldn't move, because of the weight, I felt like I was floating, or flowing... rippling.. everything was rippling. The time I spent nailed to the floor felt to be an hour at least, but when I could finally look at the clock, it said 9:03. A large part of the focus was colors and light patterns. The remainder of the trip, as the Salvia slowly wore off, freeing my limbs slowly, as though from a long thaw, I merely sat on the floor, meditating, at loss of ANYTHING to think. That was the odd part. Generally with mushrooms, I experience an unending stream of thought and contemplation. Now, I could not even think of anything to think about. I did have a visual effect of rippling surfaces all night, until I went to sleep around 11:30, which suprised me as I typically can't sleep for six or eight hours afterwards. Mental calmness. Conclusion; Mushrooms and Salvia are impressive teachers. Tread lightly.

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