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being my first time to enter the magic room of mush i must say it was rather wacky.

being my first time to enter the magic room of mush i must say it was rather wacky. it was in late summer of 1997, the day was bright and partly cloudy. a few friends and i planed to dose at minnesota's anual Renassance Festival. a place where everyone dresses up in mideavil dress and has a good ol'time, looking and learning. my friend and i both consumed what would have been about 3.5 - 4 grams. my friends dose was simply one large mushroom. mine was several blue stems and gold caps. after getting past the horrid taste psilocybe offers we wondered around aimlessly. soon after i felt a nervous sensation, butter flys in the stomach. after about a half hour the trip set in, colors flowed in and out of various objects, an uncontrolable need to touch or embrace, and a desire to meet find out anything we could about the many hand crafted trinkets the fest has. i remember talking about the invalidity of time, where everything is nothing and seeing the cumulis clouds bloop like a fractal. my speech seemed somewhat impared. like my body couldnt keep up with my mind. at times my body seemed not to exist. my brain, or mind simply floated around where ever i needed to go. i also felt an uncontrolable need to see from any angle possible, and it seemed i was able. my body had become the perfect vehicle. the trees that were scattered across the grounds were simply beautiful. the visuals were extraordiarily intense, morgan spoke of the sky flashing like a strobe. at one point i almost lost control of my self. i was lookin at hand welded sculptures of carniferous trees in a building with running water, and a small waterfall. i almost cried, it was so intensly beautiful. our conversations through out the day were primarily indepth and mostly about life and learning. about 3 hours passed, we decided to sit and eat a small amount of food. this seemed to bring us down abit. (curious, as i write, NIN's "the perfect drug" mp3 is playing) by the end of the day i came to the conclution that psilocyben were a highly specialized and efficent form of energy, they enduced a sarine higher state of conciousness. when i finnaly came down i landed softly on my bed for a plesent nights sleep. in the weeks after i noticed a bit of curvature in anyting i payed close attention to, especially while in math class. im must say, what a grandeous day we had at renfest.

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