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MRCA Tyroler Gluckspilze
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Scorpions concert

Then I was 19,now I am 24.

Then I was 19,now I am 24.1st time trip on the way back from a Scorpions concert here in Kansas City(Sandstone), my friend(and guitar player...i play drums) had done them b-4.He thought 5 grams was good for my first time.So I did.

About 20min. later I didn't feel sh*t so I thought I wanted more.So I began to "pop tops",not keeping track of how many I was eating; as though they were a snack.

Next thing you know I was laughing my ass off.But it took me a while to realize I was laughing.When I did I thought,"cool!"

Everything was going good,laughing, and saying stuff that didn't make sense(-by the way,music videos make sense while tripping)

All the sudden I felt like I had to do something,like I'd just done a big line of crystal(which I don't condone doing-that stuff will kill you dead). So I went for a walk,ended up walking in circles like something was just pulling me to the side.

When my freind came out to see what the hell I was doing,I was incoherent,lying on the ground; still trying to walk.All these colors were b-4 my eyes.I slowly started to come down...sleeping was out of the question.I remember everything seemed like I was looking thru someone elses eyes.

Then I was freaked out,now,looking back, it was good.

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