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Shreiking City - Three Accounts

The following are three accounts of the same night.

The following are three accounts of the same night. They were all written at about the 6th hour of the experience, while the trip was 95% over and the memories were still vivid. As an experiment, none of the reporters discussed what each other would write. The results are strangely similar.

Report 1:

Myself and two good friends decided, sort of spur of the mooment to eat some mushrooms. So we ate about 3.5 grams each, and went to the park. After a little while a huge storm rolled into the city, with lightning striking near, loud thunder, suddenly a lot of fire truck sirens started sounding, and at the same time a strong wind started blowing, and the whole city sounded very distressed, as if it were shrieking. Clouds were moving quickly, and the stars looked like they were falling. That along with the sound of the city made it seem almost as though the world was ending. We sat in a gazebo in the park overlooking the lake, and some other people showed up, and the were acting really strange as well, seeming to start and stop playing a game of hide and seek. (we like to think that they were tripping too). We talked about how strange we thought that was and so we decieded that we'd like to perform, like it seemed that they were doing. We spent the next few eternities making strange sounds, acting in any strange way...rolling around on the ground, howling, meowing, whatever. It was great. If I could capture this on film, I'd make millions.

Report 2:

Okay, so I"m the second of three stories involving the end of the world. the park was calm, but then a storm came. The biggest baddest storm ever. rivers of molten light burned across the sky, then slammed home at a spot uncomfortable close. I knew this was bad... storms don't usually get this intense. There were others who gathered in the bandshell with us to escape or shelter from the storm. I couldn't really understand them, they were playing some sort of game. I couldn't really tell but I think they were kinda high also. I could sense the fear of the storm in them and my friends. One of us noticed that the city was shrieking. Loudly. everywhere. This caused a bit of concern among us, as you can imagine. We heard a lot of sirens, both police, Ambulence and others all around us, and off in the windy and lightning devastated south of the city a huge fire blocks wide burned out of control. As the cracking booming thunder shook us to our souls we realized it was judgement day. The last night on earth. arma-fricin' geddon. right then and there. Jeff announced he was ready for it. Ready for the end. It was happening. As the city shrieked I became calm. This was it. It wasn't fear I felt but more like a sense of excited glee. I was about to explore the afterlife with some of my bestest friends. we were sitting and laughing in the bandshell as the city rocked in it's death throes. "poor guys" I thought about the rest of humanity; being wiped out like that.
And in a blink of an eye we were through it. the city was simply back again. And we were busy with the new revalation that being really weird and making noises while writhing on the ground is a really great way to cure boredom, cause you could do it anytime, in line at the movies or anywhere. It's really fun. Just dance and make noises. This revelation still affects me today.

Report 3:

I am third in the group of three today that found a portal into the surreal tonite. Now I have had shrooms before (just as intense visually but not emotionally) but I've never ventured into the world outside the apartment in this state before. As we left the apartment and everything twisted and morphed and as we walked slowly went down to the lakeside of a nearby park. A storm was coming and the rain came, so we hid in the gazebo and watched the End Of The World:lightning crashed and ambulances and police sirens were going off all around us and we existed nowhere else but in the floating island of time. The city shreiked and at times looked like it was on fire, and as the world self destructed around me Jeff began to dance wildly and make random sounds.. As we sat in the park watching the stormm I became aware of a group of people in the gazebo with us. They were our age, but they appeared to be acting or playing tag or something. After a time they left and so did we. The others led me home, as I had NO idea where I was. I could not be sure of who I was either. I simply was there to observe and enjoy the world( At timesnot even as me)...an easy and wondrous task. After returning home and sitting and watching the world change and spending what seems like years of relaxing and eating cereal I feel I may finally be coming down from this....although I will send this without reading it before I get conscious again.
Goodnight and have a Pleasant tomorrow.

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