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It was the third time I would take shrooms, and for two of my friends it would be the first time they would be introduced to Mr.

It was the third time I would take shrooms, and for two of my friends it would be the first time they would be introduced to Mr. cubensis. I ate about 2.3 g of dried mushrooms and my friends ate about the same, although I think I tripped a bit harder than them.

Anyway, we sat in my friend's room just waiting for the effects of the mushrooms, and in about 30 minutes I felt this weird feeling in my legs, and about ten minutes later I
noticed that the carpet wasn't doing what it was supposed to do. It was moving in "waves"...kind of... We sat there for a moment just enjoying the beginning of the trip, and I felt a bit uncomfortable at the beginning because of a young girl sitting on the bed who wasn't tripping, It would've been better if she wasn't there I thought at first, and I felt an enormous need for my girlfriend as well. But was I wrong. I laid down on the bed and by then every little item in the room seemed to have a life of it's own.

Then I found myself staring into a door. A door. Hm. "Inside" the door I saw the outlines of ancient inca warriors performing a slow dance, about what, I cannot tell.
They started to get three dimensional and they seemed to be dancing "out" of the wall, closer and closer to me. And in an instant, just as they had never been there, they disappeared, and I felt a weird feeling in my forehead, not unpleasant, but weird.

By then I was deep into level three, and my eyes focused on a Sepultura - Chaos A.D. poster and It looked amazing! Heads was floating out of the poster andblue and red "machines" of some king was swirling around inside it. It reminded somewhat of an artwork by H.R. Giger, but with more happiness inside it.

Then I decided to stand up and walk out of the room. I saw one of my friends come out of the bathroom, claiming that he just saw "Jesus in the shower"...hm... My other friend just sat in a couch watching the young girl sleeping on the other couch. And was she something! At that time, she seemed like the definition of beauty. Wow! I still felt an urgent need for my girlfriend, but I tried not to focus on that feeling, but to enjoy the trip instead. I succeeded. The rest of the trip was great. All in all, an excellent trip.

It's just too bad Psilecybe cubensis will be illegal in Sweden on August 1. Our government doesn't show people who use other stimulants than tobacco and alcohol much respect. That sucks.

Love ya.

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