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Ok then.

Ok then. My best time shrooming. I am in a band and we practice all the time, once I wanted to trip whilst playing. So I ate 2gs and started to play. I mentioned this to the others so they would not be surprised. We turned on the blacklite and a red-light. Soon enough the red-light started to look REALLY interesting. 20 mins later I was getting tracers. Now playing the guitar with really loud music and tracers is rather...hard. I kept on screwing up everything and they could only laugh. BTW my friend was also shrooming at the time and he does the most strangest thing on shrooms, He will rip the filter of a cigarette and chew it WHILE he smokes the cigatette.

After that we went driving and I layed on the hood of the car. (on a dirt road going about 20) No sooner than we started going it started to snow..oh darn. I was in space! I had no idea what was happening. After that we drove around with me in the trunk. That was STRANGE to say the least. Try it.

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