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Saved by Grace Kelly

I have been carrying these tripnotes in my pocket for three weeks, trying to get a chance to share this.

I have been carrying these tripnotes in my pocket for three weeks, trying to get a chance to share this.

To condense it all: Do NOT eat when you dose on the high side. That is my advice. I hope I follow it in the future.

The facts of my trip go like this:
Out of town on a business trip. Didn't have to function till 9am the next morning. I figured what the hell. So, after calling my S.O. on the phone to let her know I made it ok, I, with a cup of orange juice, washed down a handful of fresh homegrown. This was a little more than the last time (voir Walk of Walks) at around 10pm. I was in an unfamiliar place. I drank some japanese tea and committed a big mistake: I went out and had dinner. I was ok there and back, but I definitely did not need to eat.

I laid down and watched "Deep Impact" alone in my hotel room. By the time the movie was over, I was pretty damn impaired. I went out again, thinking I should smoke a cigarette. I no longer smoke these days, but I was fondly remembering bygone days of youth when a cigarette and some shrooms was really pleasant - especially the pyro aspect.

But boy was I impaired! I couldn't think clearly, and had to struggle for the rest of the night to concentrate on minute details.

In order to keep things straight in my mind, (I was mostly worried about oversleeping and missing work the next day,) I made about 3 pages of lists on the tiny hotel notepad:

(Page 1)

1. It's 2am
2. My handwriting sux
3. I'm sweating
4. I have to barf worse than last time
5. No 5. [little joke - seemed hilarious at the time]
(later - I _Look_ normal)

An hour later

6. Right outside my field of vision is distorted
7. Can't believe I actually went out for smokes
8. Found some. Smoke one. [It was horrible - I threw it down instantly]

(Page 2)
9. It's the intense nausea that keeps me up this late
10. In _NO_ condition to work. I'm loving it but for the nausea.
11. I will be fine. And on time and be appropriate.
12. I will not do this on a school night.

(Page 3)
1. Yes. I CAN write. Badly. But yes.
2. Nausea has passed.
Feel ok about going to work now.

I remember having to barf really bad, especially at the peak, between 1 and 4am. I remember going out for smokes. It was shitty, but although I felt severely impaired, everytime I looked at myself in a mirror or a window's reflection, I looked totally normal. No weird look on my face, save a little sweat, I looked much better than the people who were out partying on Bourbon street.

When I got back from what seemed like two hours hunting for cigs, trying abortively to smoke one and then giving the whole pack to a kid on the street, I was sure glad to be inside. I sat down in front of the dressing closet mirror and looked at my self. I kept thinking I had to barf, and though I was tired and would have loved to just lay on the bed on my back and enjoy the visuals, I didn't dare for fear of puking in my sleep and pulling a momma cass.

When I was trying to write my pathetically scrawled notes, I noticed that my hands looked as though they were rotten, mottled and deathly. But I was not scared. At all.

I was only concerned that I would still be disoriented when it came time to work, or that I would oversleep, but especially I was pulled back from the brink of what I feel sure would have been fantastic hallucinations by the nausea. For a moment I feared the shrooms were contaminated somehow, and wondered dumbly if I had bought myself a one-way ticket to the grim reaper's best show.

But fortunately for me, I have perused many trip reports on this here forum, and am grateful for the perspective they afforded me at just such a moment.

Anyway, so I never became scared. But I was a little annoyed that I couldn't just glide on my nice trip. I turned on the tube and what was on but an A&E biopic on Grace Kelly!

Now, I am a Hitchcock fan, and Rear Window is one of my faves. Cheryl Ladd (one of the Charlie's Angels!) played Grace very well (surprised to see now on the IMDB that it's from 83) and when I was feeling worst, my interest in that movie held me together.

By the time the movie was over at 4am, I was clear again, knew I would be able to sleep, and wrote the last notes.

Grace Kelly - what a sweet way to mellow out a trip.

SO, I will fast, and I will not trip on a school night.

But, I love to shroom!!!

Even when it was worst, it was still fun and interesting.

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