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Praying Mantis

Eight of us went to the mountans to shroom.

Eight of us went to the mountans to shroom. We had an oz. of PC's and I ate about four grams. We were in the mountans and I was not well enough prepaired for the cold as we know big mistake. We all began triping hard. Had a guitar and a drum jammin haven great time. I began to trip on the cold and needed to get warm nothing seemed to help. I got into my friends 4runner and this is when I went full peek. I laid back and shut my eyes(extreem intensity) The black turned to a strange grid like pattern that was cave like.

I let myself be drawn into the pulsing multicolored grid cave. I reached the end and what I saw startled me It was a creature that resembled a praying mantus with huge grid shaped eyes and long bent arnes. It was perched on a sort of pedistal and it was stairing at me as if it had somthing to tell me. I cave opened up into this roung room where it was perched. All the surfaces were grided. This trip disterbed me but did not frighten me. I kept it to ! myself untell about a week later when one of my friends who was also in the mountans that day tripping mentioned seeing a strange incects eyes at a point in his trip when he closed his eyes for a moment. Have any of you seen this being durring any of your trips if so send in your trip with the mantus title so I can read it. this was trip # 50 or so for me

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