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Purple Alligator

This was my second time trying mush.

This was my second time trying mush. I had just bought 6g
for a party and couldn't resist the temptation of taking it
all at once so I downed em. I impatiently waited for the wonderful wonderful effects to start kicking in and when it did, it was amazing. I spent the whole night lying in a bed in a small bedroom that had completely light blue painted walls. The first sensation I felt was that I was underwater floating up and down and the white roof seemed like the surface of the water. The roof was made of stucco and staring at it for a while, I noticed long, skinny worm like creatures crawling all over the roof, in between the bumps of the stucco going in random directions. It was like those creatures from the movie Tremors, like seeing millions and millions of them crawling underground and you're looking from above miles up in the sky.
A couple hours later, I started seeing faint images on the wall. The first thing I saw was little versions of kermit the frog's face all over the place in pixels like a wallpaper. Later, I saw one bright purple cartoon alligator in a tuxedo with a black stick and a top hat. That was fun.
Then the alligator dissapeared and in it's place was a bunch of faces that looked like the face of The Crow but with longer hair and these faces were moving from side to side. Overlapping each other and stretching vertically and then shrinking again.
Near the end of the high, I kept having this vision of this teenage girl in my mind, I couldn't see her with my eyes but in my head I could. I could hear her and we were talking and she didn't say she was my guardian angel but for some reason that's who I knew it was. She was telling me not to do drugs so often and it was quite strange really.
Afterwards I just felt amazing. It's like I always say, If God is somewhere in Heaven, he is somewhere within the shrooms.
I also wrote this poem (high of course) about my so far 3 experiences that I have had on shrooms, it's a rather simple and childish poem. if you got comments, mail me at minit@geocities.com

Tuxedo bearing, purple alligator
Dancing on the wall
In me brains a speculator
Watching stucco fall

Who am I and where am I?
Questions often arise
In my lungs, a muffled cry
Within hunter warrior's disguise (allusion to anime)

It's so hard to release, what I have within
My God, quit staring and glaring
Hey now, no dream you're currently in
Get back here and please be bearing

A land of elves, or croppity cooque
My visors open wide
Can't you see the flying douc? (douc is a type of monkey)
All pixels subdivide

Hello Kermit, hello bones!
How did you multiply?
Like wallpaper of so many clones
Reflections like Versailles

And if you puke, can't hold it in
If you see the worms and bugs
I suggest to never try my kin
To reach heaven through these drugs

So foolish people jump to conclude
Claiming it a cheap sacrifice
But don't try to I or you delude
Till you've actually been to this paradise

that's all folks

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