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Reality Rules

For a couple of days ago I had my first experience with psychadelic drugs.

For a couple of days ago I had my first experience with psychadelic drugs. Before I had been reading quite a lot about it and I thought I was well prepared. I had not read anything negative about mushrooms, psilocybe cubensis to be more specific. The place for the trip was my friends apartement, and the time was 19.00. My dose was 2g of dried mushrooms, which I found out were unusually strong. With me I had two well experienced friends. They had tripped more than ten times.

Note that I had not eaten anything for the past 5-6 hours. 15 min. After ingestion I sensed a warmth and vibrating feeling throughout my body. As our goal for the trip was to have a spiritual and mentally fulfilling experience I layed down, closed my eyes, and awaited the things to come.

My vision field was filled with different kinds of patterns. At the same time I felt nausea and discomfort. A few minutes later I was in the bathroom on the verge of throwing up. By this time the trip had really started. In my head, I saw vivid pictures of people experiencing bad trips (I probably got it from TV). My friends tried to help me first by talking. When that didn't help they gave me sugar. When I ate it, it felt like it bubbled in my mouth, almost like eating baking soda and I spat it out. Now I had almost completely lost my sense of reality. Back in the living room, I layed down again and closed my eyes, by now my friends were enjoying themselves occupied in their own trip, and not being of much help. I keept seeing these tunnels and my friend told me to follow them, so I did but they didnt lead anywhere. After this i only remember fragments of the trip. I remember trying to remember where I was, what I was doing what I had taken e.t.c. I'm quite sure I must have lost my consiessnes for at least 30min to 1 hour. It was almos! t like a nightmare but without the option to wake up. Ringing in the back of my brain I recalled my friends advíce that the perception of time would disappear. I'm not sure but it might even have been a level 4 trip. By this time one of my friends had gotten up from the floor and stood up in the room with both his arms in the air holding some kind of ceremon or speech. This made me even more confused. The first two hours were pretty traumatic and scary but then someone put on some heavenly music which turned my trip around. After that we went outside for a walk. When I think back today one of my strongest unpleasant memories was lying on the sofa with my whole body shaking violently.

When I returned to reality I was extremely happy, being back to the same world which I was familiar with.

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