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The misinterpretation of god and understanding
    #1065535 - 11/19/02 09:38 AM (15 years, 8 days ago)


Please go through the whole thing, its very interesting. I have put a lot of mental effort into it. Some people will simply not understand this. Some people will. This is just a tiny little bit of a few of my phylisophical ideas. Feel free to say anything you wish about my ideas, I am here simply to learn. this is a post for people who want to learn. I wish I had the time to say everything, but that would just take WAY to much time. I will try and keep this as short as possable.

I have noticed this corruption of "understanding" all over the place. With religion, and spirituality. A lot of stuff on the internet. People who attemp to gain a higher understanding of self-enlightenment, spirituality, understanding. They are, themselves, too ignorant to understand the bigger picture. We have all this organized religion, that promise enlightenment through spritualality, but fail to understand what they have been blessed with.

These people seek to convert! Understanding, love, freedom of expression, LEARNING, giving, are lost to them. They have become greedy, and dont realize that finding enlightenment, is the understanding of themselves, and to share, and to understand others beleifs. If everybody believed the same thing, we would be a bunch of robots of society. We would make no proggress. I'f someone hadnt stepped in and said"hey, maybe putting Africans on the end of chains, and slaving them away is really mean"?? Well gee, thats a little obvious, isnt it Only in seeking the spirituality in us, and the understanding of others, may we find love in this world. It is within us. People have no right to play god, if they beleive in him. Some are ingorant, and beleive they understand all. Only in communication with others, we can learn.

I have seen people, ranting about a new age, and who will be the choosen one. They cant even have a fraction of understanding about "the big picture". None of use can. We have not the right to judge someone, simple because of what they beleive. We must judge them by what love they have for others. I may seek elightenment another way, but within organized religion, that is not acceptible. They are ingnoring the foundation of what THEY BELEIVE IN!!!. To seek goodness within ones self, and to be a good person.

I have read many documents about astral projection, that have said that using drugs, and other things will take you to the negative side, and the expereince will only stall spritual growth. Who are these people to judge a person by the way he seeks goodness, and spirituality?? The universe in much, much more than what we know. Organized religions have no right to choose the way someone seeks enlightenment, if they are a good, and wise person. I am not saying I have used drugs for projection(beleive me, I havent), but there is a lot more to this world than what meets the eye.(we all know that)

Has anyone ever heard of ego-death, or satori enlightenment?? Read tomothy learly's "traslation of the book of the dead". There is nothing evil about it at all. My conciousness, right now is different from what is was a year ago. I see things from a wiser, broader perspective. My belives have changed, I am a different conciousness, due to my previous expereinced. This is the simple proccess of learning(I'f some of you dont understand)

Some may thing "oh, book of the dead". Lets go raise some dead!! What the heck are they talking about. They have been force fed reality through a tube which I like to call"TV industry". We all know TV is bad. We all know you cant beleive everything. Our sub-concious atomatically reads a book by its cover(you can see how this relates to "the book of the dead") Is is simply the insructional booklet to acheive ego death. Maybe ego-death is astral travel?? I dont know because I have not expereinced it. I can not judge it, because I dont "know". And the keyword here is "know". To understand. I'f someone tells me something about something I dont understand, to me, it is important to listen to them. Aproaching the information carfully, but not ignoring it.

What I am writing is basically a web of philosophy, where everything relates to the other in some way. Remember to be "open-minded". I cant explain in words, my understanding, but I am trying to. I have a lot more to say, but have limited vocabulary

What I find quite fasinating is the learning proccess. It's funny becuase I was always the best reader in the class, and read everyday, and still read everyday. It is my single main source of information. I have a reasonably large vobabulary for my age(17). Why the hell cant I spell worth a damn!!!!!!! I have choosen not to pay attention. When I read, everything is fluent, it just comes. Ussually I understand everything, and read extremely fast, but I never took the time to stop and smell the flowers, so to speak It has never been important to me. I dont care about spelling, and I never will. It is not because I am stupid, because I know I am not. My brain is working too fast to give a damn. Just think about this, and see how it relates to learning in general.

I always had a problem with school. I was never inetrested enough. I wanted to be enthusiastic, but could never find the interest. I find that they're is a problem with edjucation. Not enough funding, not enough knowledge. Not enough $$(we can get into capatalism later). Who knows, I havent come to terms with it yet. One time I up and decided, well I will get good marks. So I did. I tried as hard as I could, and was getting the highest marks in class. Class record held 99% on the last unit. I forgot a name on the assignment. How stupid is that. Just makes me laugh everytime I think of it.

A point I am trying to make is that intelligence is a lot different than knowledge. People seem to mix this up. Anyone can be good at something, no matter how intelligent they are. The key to success is interest and learning. Anyone can learn. I have not met one single person that hasn't been good at something or other. Some people are better at learning, and faster, which has to do with intellegence. Is is intellegence that spawns wisdom, not the other way around. Smarter people only know more becasue they learn better, which gives us the idea the both go hand in hand, and to an extent they do, but only to an extent. I did not have to be smart to get the highest mark in class. I hade to put maximum interest and motivation. With that, they're is no end to what can be accomplished.

Think about that for awhile, and how it relates to the big picture??

They're are a lot of communicating errors in the world, and in comunities. This has to do with the chaos theory. The more complicated something is, the more possibilty that ther will be an error somewhere. These possabilities branch out like a tree with a lot of branches. Exponentually. And the possabilty of pssabilities branch out even more, which create more things that can go wrong, which themselves, create even more possabilities. For those of you who dont understand, I could explain it to a child, so I will put it simply. I have been playing a guitar for 7 years(since I was ten). Say I am on the bottom string. Only the bottom one. I am playing three different notes. One two three, that all I have. I can make up several different tunes. More than I will ever find out, just from the three notes.
You might think that thre cant really be that many possabilities, but if you think of: Different mellodies, different pitches, these things create even more passabilities, because they, in themselves make more possabilities. Then, the possabilities that those make, open up more. This happens with science too, so they're is always a huge increase in possabilities, and things that need to be looked into, they're is absolutely to way to keep up it. Ad a fourth note in there, and we dont even want to get into that. Different tuning methods etc. Kinda makes you think that we dont know very much when it comes down to it. Again try and see the big picture.

This happens a lot in society and everyday life. Think about how this relates to everything, because I cant do it for you, they're is not enough time.

Im kind of jumping around here, so sorry if this may get confusing. anyways........lalala, ok where was I again?? Oh yeah, Einstien(sp). Lets talk about him. We think of him as "mr science:, and mister "fact". He was, a genius. Who would have known?? the kid who didnt talk till he was 4, and failed grade six. Did people have the right to judge him. It is not hard to see that "NONE HAD THE RIGHT"!!!!. He had some great sayings that I really love, and cant for the life of me remember what they are Indeed he was a spiritually motivated individual, with very independend ideas and beleives. He was really into love of nature, and understanding everything. A truly amazing individual. Espeacially for someone who failed 6th grade(sarcasm)LOL. See my point. This relates to everything else I said, so lets think about that too.

Well, thank you very much for listening, and I really hope I have been able to teach you something Feel free to discuss any ideas

addicted to reason
a hollow understanding trapped me
I cannot see outside but its calling

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Registered: 09/28/02
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Re: The misinterpretation of god and understanding [Re: Glacius]
    #1065739 - 11/19/02 11:24 AM (15 years, 8 days ago)

Glacius, please tell me where you got the Cannabis that you smoked before writing this!

---Still Searching---

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Registered: 07/19/02
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Re: The misinterpretation of god and understanding [Re: Glacius]
    #1065752 - 11/19/02 11:30 AM (15 years, 8 days ago)

wow, someone that thinks like me :smile:

Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes.
You are free. - Jim Morrison

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Re: The misinterpretation of god and understanding [Re: Glacius]
    #1065983 - 11/19/02 12:51 PM (15 years, 8 days ago)

Glacius, that was wonderful, and very sweet.  It really touched me.

For a young man of 17 you seem to have a pretty deep understanding of things.  It shows that not only do you read, which is rare.  But you also think, which is even rarer.

My favorite line was:

We must judge them by what love they have for others.

As a wise friend once told me:

How you treat others is who you are.

Good post! :smile:


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Registered: 10/17/00
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Re: The misinterpretation of god and understanding [Re: LOPHO.MP]
    #1070317 - 11/20/02 04:09 PM (15 years, 7 days ago)

I live in BC, so that explains the cannabis. Thx for the great replies. Everything in there makes sense, it is just a little scattered, which is an effect of the weed :grin: :grin:

addicted to reason
a hollow understanding trapped me
I cannot see outside but its calling

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retired shroomer
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Re: The misinterpretation of god and understanding [Re: Glacius]
    #1070579 - 11/20/02 05:08 PM (15 years, 7 days ago)

Pretty cool post..    As a friend of mine says to me: " If you are going to go to the chemistry university you will get the Nobel if you like it as much as you like mushrooms" :smile: SHROOM ON!

I see trees of green, psylocibe mushrooms too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself what a wonderful world

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Registered: 11/14/02
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Re: The misinterpretation of god and understanding [Re: dumlovesyou]
    #1071651 - 11/20/02 11:13 PM (15 years, 6 days ago)

Great Ideas.

And we can take this huge universe and put it inside a very tiny head; you fold it. -Shpongle

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