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Level 4

Strong hallucinations, i.e. objects morphing into other objects. Destruction or multiple splitting of the ego. (Things start talking to you, or you find that you are feeling contradictory things simultaneously). Some loss of reality. Time becomes meaningless. Out of body experiences and e.s.p. type phenomena. Blending of the senses.


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  • "Being" in Nature
    I had never done shrooms, neither had my friend.

  • 100% Blast-O RaMA!!!
    Well this is totally fucked up.

  • 12hrs of insanity
    This was my first trip on shrooms, back in 94.

  • 1sttime Rave Trippin
    I had bunch of shrooms a friend of mine gave me and I ate a bunch before going to a rave.

  • 2ndtime
    5pm: nice day.

  • 4th Dimension?
    After this last weekend I believe that there is a 4th dimension.

  • A Breakthrough
    Set : 1998 small appartment in Norway (late one evening).

  • A day With the Gods
    Well it all started off witha trip to chichin-itiza Mexico where some freinds and I were giong to visit the Mayan(if I spelt that wrong please forgive me) Riuns.

  • A Magical House
    This trip is my most recent, and most intence ever.

  • A Major Shock
    I live in Christchurch, New Zealand, a city with lots of bark gardens which could well have been designed for mushies.

  • A Talk with a Monk
    Last weekend I decided I would trip with some friends on a Saturday morning.

  • A Trip to Trip ON
    My friends had been in school one day and had heard of a shroom field about 30 miles out of town.

  • Afternoon Tea
    This wasnt the first time i tripped on mushrooms, but it was the first time i attempted to brew some tea from them.

  • Alcohol Fueled Fire
    • 5.00

    This is a synopsis of something that recently happened to a FOAF.

  • Alice in Wonderland
    I picked up 14 grams of 3"-4" tall stems with yellow caps with a faint blue underside.

  • Alien Abductio
    Well, This is a report from my observations of a freind, but I have to label it at least a Level 4.

  • All Reality Was Lost
    One Saterday night around 9:00pm me and my 3 buddies walk over to my house for some of what we thought was going to be fun.

    I began tripping on shrooms the day after school ended of my junoir year (6-24-99).

  • Amsterdam Adventure
    Life in Amsterdam is such an adventure.

  • An Alien Like Me
    I have had about ten shroom trips so far, and I have enjoyed every one of them.

  • Anti-Wonderland
    Hey fellow psilocybernuats I just typed a whole trip report and accidently erased it somehow.

  • Ash and the Dead
    • 4.00

    It was in the month of February, 1997 that I had the most bizzare trip to date.

  • bad trip(funny)
    Last summer my buddy and I went on a camping trip in montana.

  • Band Meeting
    Hey, how's it going?

  • Blackout Blues
    Well, to begin this was my first time taking mushrooms.

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