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A day With the Gods

Well it all started off witha trip to chichin-itiza Mexico where some freinds and I were giong to visit the Mayan(if I spelt that wrong please forgive me) Riuns.

Well it all started off witha trip to chichin-itiza Mexico where some freinds and I were giong to visit the Mayan(if I spelt that wrong please forgive me) Riuns. I don't know excactly what was going trough my head that day, I think it was mainly alchol, but I decided to eat 5 times my normal amount. Well if you don't know what the Ruins are, it is a city with giant temples that are layed out to the stars. The temples have extravagent art work covering them, but thats not the best part, they were built in 10,000 B.C.!!

The bus ride to the ruins from Cancun was 2 1/2 hours long, and we were the only people on the bus under 50 it was great. There arent many ways to describe a level 4 so I can tell you what we did so if you ever find yourself in those shoes, you might have some Idea of what you actions are going to be like. The sky is a strange blueish-purple, and the jungle is a deep green. We stand on top of a 100ft tall temple with serpents lining the almost vertical steps to the top. It's 110 degrees outside and it fells like heaven, Extreme physical activity always is good for a trip, gets the blood going, starts the trip better. While I was standing on top of that temple I seen their entire civilization rise and fall, it was a very primal feeling. I learned alot about life and civilization that day. We decided that we should go down to the earth, (wich looks miles away), because it was getting a little too entertaing up there, if you have tripped hard you know what I mean. As we go down to the grass I pull something out of my mexican bag that makes anything 100% more fun. THE FRISBEE

This was a frisbee of the gods, I purchased it at a store called IFO close to where I live, can't tell you that, sorry, I really wish I could but Govt. Brainwashing, well thats another story. Anyway, the friz is a 185 gram wonder thats turns irridecent purple in the sun, and man, there was plenty of sun to go around that day. The Mayans had built an arena for this religous game they use to play(look that game up if you don't know what it is it's something else) Well what a better thing to do than utilize the arena for a giant game of friz. If you are planning on tripping anytime soon and you havent tried frisbee, you are orderd by the lords of trip get one and throw it with some freinds while tripping. The friz appeared as a laser beam as we tossed it into the sky. After that we decided to go and explore, so Tom Hatchett, Kosmic Rider(me), Milo Ilgo, and Dancing Warrior ventured into the jungle, man that was cool, Birds, wildlife of the coolest viraity, I loved it. There were many underground caves that were dug by the mayans that are open to explore, and sience I hike alot, I had all this spelunking gear, great for trippin at night or going into dark places it was a blast. Well remember no matter how crazy things may seem when you are trippin' you are still in control of yourself no matter what. Don't go and get busted ar anything, we need to protect ourselvs and our right to do what we fell in our souls is right, not what your greedy, power hungry, self-riteous government tells you. Believe in your soul "Have no fear for atomic enegery, for none of them can stop the time. How long shall they kill our prophits, while we stand aside and look, some say it's just a part of it, we've got to fulfill the book. So won't you help to sing, theese songs of freedom, it's all I ever had" Robert Nesta Marley, His body rests but his soul will never speak to us forever.

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