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All Reality Was Lost

One Saterday night around 9:00pm me and my 3 buddies walk over to my house for some of what we thought was going to be fun.

One Saterday night around 9:00pm me and my 3 buddies
walk over to my house for some of what we thought was
going to be fun. We get to my house and my mom was up watching Cops on T'V. so My friend Rick and I sat on
the couch beside my mom and Bevis and Bob sat on the other
side of the coffee table on the love seat. We sat around
till 9:30 and Rick broke out 2 onces of magic mushrooms
and opened up a bag of stems and started making little
piles of mushroom. By the time he was done handing out
stems and caps we all had nice little piles of eating.
So we started munching out. We sat aound till 10:15pm
and I could feel the magic working. So we put on a movie
and watched it. It felt like the movie would never end but finally it did. We sat around with the light on for awile while we put in half baked. About half way through the
movie Rick was Bitching about the tracers and shit so we turned out the lights. I asked Rick for a smoke and he
nodded his head twards his smokes so I picked up the pack
and started laughing. Everyone looked at me and said whats
yer problem I said nothing all the letters off Ricks smoke pack just slide of the pack I told them they laughed and the we shut of half baked and I put in a Metallica Video.
Before it came on we turned the lights back on and Rick
started to ask us if we were High we all said we had a
buzz but we wern't baked. So Rick said well thaen were
going to have to eat more. So he handed out another hand
full to me, then to Bevis, then to bob, then to himself.
By the time we ate them it was about 11:15pm so again
I turned off the lights and started the metallica video.
We just started to watch it and I zoned right out and watched this trippy little intro to the video it had real
strange sounding music real slow and thats how I felt like time had just sliped but I came around and said man that
was weird. Everyone asked me what happened so I told Rick and he said oh thats just the was mushrooms make you feel
so I said alright and countinude tripping. The metallic
ended up to be to much talking and not enough sing so I said to Rick ya want me to put in Korn - Family Values a live
tapeing of Korn, Limp Bizkit. We all agreed so I tried to find it it took me like 1 hour to find it but in the
process I slipped in Ren & Stimpy and all started to laugh
histaricly Rick said you gotta turn this of so I can
stop laughing and breath so I got up and turned it off.
I started putting all the movies I owned in 2 piles
1st pile was the movies I have not checked and the 2nd
pile was those I have checked by the time I got to the bottem of pile 1 I found the tape I was looking for.
I poped it in. It was about 11:45 I sat on the couch and
watched t.v. I was a trip I swear that guy was sitting in my living room playing it was so real then all the colours started to pixilate and mix togeth the I was Completely
LOST never was I so scared all I could think was
What The Fuck Man. Time had seemed to stop I couldn't remember nothing. I didn't even no my name. Every sound I heard was real fucky I thought I was going to die. I
looked aound the room but I didn't know were I was I
looked at my friends faces but I couldn't see them they
kept shifting and changing It felt like I was all spaced out for 30 mins but it was only 5 I finally had enough concept of reality to ask my friends are you guys all right every one answered exept Rick he was starting to scare me I said to him Rick are you all right? he din't say nothing he just stared out into space. Then with no warning Rick puked.
I looked at everyone and all I could think was were all
going sit around my table and start puking. then Rick
Jumped up ran to my bathroom slamed the door and no
sooner did he shut the door he threw up again. I
looked at Bevis and Bob and said I don't think we should have ate those second buch eh? the both replide no. I
walked to the bathroom and asked Rick if he was O.k.
I could barly hear him but his said I think so.
He came out and I looked and he threw up all over the
toilet I didn't know what to do I got real parinoid and started to pace back and forth in my house looking for the mop I walked twards the front door and my vision got real dark I couldn't see and I felt real weak like I was going to pass out so I said I'm going to pass out so I ran to the couch and sat down. I ran my hands threw my hair and it was soaked I was sweating like it was 900 degrees in my house
so I took of my shirt and stood up again I still barly
had any concept of reality I started to pace again saying I'm sweating like a pig what the fuck... I sat down again
and said to my friends, I gotta get my mom up they all
shook there heads no but I had to I didn't know what was
going on and all I could think was we all over dose. so I walked in my moms room and woke my mom up I said "Mom you
gotta get up...." I stoped and zoned out fer a minute
and said "were all just wasted" I went and sat down again.
My mom walked out of her room and said "Rickis you look
a little white around the gills whats the matter a
little to many mushrooms" and Rick said "Fuck man I dunno
, I dunno man" we sat around till about 12:30am while I helped Rick an my mom clean Ricks little mishaps My
mom was getting me to spray this carpet stuff on the puke stain and it magicly turned clean infront of my eyes i said what a trip. after we had sorta came dow a bit only 3 1/2
hours into the buzz Rick and Bevis decided to walk home.
They left and I sat on the couch looking around at the room
and my mom said to me why don't you go lay in my bed so I said godnight to Bob and my mom and hopped in her bed
I was still real baked so I closed my eyes and hped for all this soon to end but I couldn't sleep. My mom was watching tv in the living room and I could even understand a thing they where saying it sounded like it was a different language but I knew It was english. I closed my eys again.
layed there for awile and opened them again and looked
at my moms curtain all the patterns and colours where shifting and changing so I closed my eyes ands thought to myself I just wanna kill myself man. But I just thought no Im fucking baked its all in my head. I layed there for a good hour then I coudn't take it no more I went in the living room turned the T.v. off and asked Bob if we was still high he said he was still real high I agreed then my mom yelled and said shut up and go tto bed you 2 can talk in the mourning. so I grabbed my pillow and blanket and layed on the livingroom floor buy the furnace I lied there till I could see the sun just start coming up and then i finally felt tired so I shut my eyes and woke up at 7:30am
mom and Bob were up so I got up and felt just horrible.
I was just glad the worste trip of my life was finally
over. I talked to Rick later on that week and he said between Rick and Bevis Bob and I we ate 26 grams of mushrooms.

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