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100% Blast-O RaMA!!!

Well this is totally fucked up.

Well this is totally fucked up... I just came Back to earth about an hour ago.... i am So damn Happy i lived though my experence last night.... i Was Scared So Godamn Bad...Yet Loved it.. I have cultivated a new batch of shrooms.. and we had planned to go trip friday at a friends cabin... well one of my tripper friends came over on thursday and sais " we cant use the cabin .. deer hunters are there at this time.." and i said well shit lets do it at your place then... and he said ok Cool we can lock ourselves inside the door a nd dont open the damn thing...... well i sid ok thats sounds cool.... but then all the sudden my friend sais the unthinkable..... well Hell lets just go do it Tonight!! and breathless for a sec i though to my self "oh fuck".. but blurted out like an idiot.. ok Hell yea lets get fuckin trashed... .. well it all started by me weighing out 4 "hits" of shrroms and putting it in a baggi... "hit = is a weighed 3 grams dry to me" and i also gave 2 other hits to my bitch for a bag of weed during the trip..... " which was pointless since my friends had blunts rolled already.." and then i proceeded me and my 2 friends and one of their girlfriends to my friends house to start up a nice trip.... "this takes place at 7:30pm thursday on a particularly cloudy night in texas" well we get to my friends house .. and the first thing i hear is... my friends girlfriend saying she wasnt goin to trip with us ... and i thought damn!! more for me... and me and my other 2 friends quickly ate the shrooms down and then split the othr 3 grams between ourselves.... ok . all that said and done... we have dosed up and waiting for the trip effects to kick in .... well all the sudden my friends girlfriend sais you Gotta go trip outside or something... you cant trip in the house and get it all dirty... i was like SHIT!!! thats fucked up... i was feeling tripped out already and thought to myself... where the hell am i goin to trip at? shit i am screwed... and well i forgot about it a while and waited a bit longer.... when all the sudden one of my friends sais .. LOOK ... WHAT THE HELL IS THAT>!!? and i looked real fast ... then he started laughing real loud and that started it all....i started laughing and my other friend started laughing... and then it went haywire!!! we were makin too much noise to be outside at that time trippin balls... so we piled into my friends truck and took off into the WOODS!!! we drove about a mile into the thick dense woods.. and stopped the truck... about the time the truck stopped i was laughin my ass off jammin the crystal method FULL FUCKING BLAST>> and then all the sudden it went dead silence....... i was like DAMN then jumped out of the truck..... we stood around few minutes deciding who was the most fucked up out of the bunch... quickly deciding my oldest friend was totally fuckin trippin balls ... he grabbed our flashlight and Threw the son-of-a-bitch Straight up in the FreakingAir like a damn retard space monkey er somethin... the flashlight look very cool flying through the air.... but when it hit... my friend wasnt not satisfied at all.. and grabbed it and tosses it like a cyclone up into the air.... but after a few repititions the flashlight quit working....... thats when my trip started peeking... i started smokin weed about that time and i got really fucking bugged ... well then i kinda wondered off by myself to see what i had in my brain...... and i remember things got very dark and scary all the sudden...... one of my friends came runningout of the woods yelling ... I am Gonna die!! the shrooms Were poisoned .... !! at this point i wasnt tripped out too bad compared to what follows..... we started venturing out into these thick woods for some odd fucked up reason i still dont know.... and the TREES started blowing real fast..a dn i looked up and seen BIG EVIL CLOUDS>... at this point i heard NO laughing in the background..... It was getting very serious .. i started getting Extreme visions of trees trying to grab me... and i felt things tapping me all over my body... i was getting kinda scared at this point.... my other friends describe the forrest in our trip as the most fucked up shit in their lives...

.. well we all started our level 4 peek in the woods... and it was getting cold and scary.... one of my friends got very scared and ran towards me and i thought it was 5 or 6 people... he looked and sounded like many people .. i cant explain that very much though... well after the trees made us very uncomfortable in the woods.. i blurted out very bravely!! Lets get the hell outta here PLease!! and then we all quickly aggreed to get the hell out fast!! but we had a small argument deciding who was the soberest to drive us back to a safe trip spot.... well we finally made it back to a trippin house... back to the same friends house again .. to discover the girlfriend who had told us to leave had left and went and got drunk... and we got inside the house and locked the DOORS!! first thing that happend to me was i layed down on the sofa and thewhole room started breathing very !VEERYY Visually!! i could see the patterns on the wall morhping out in 3d textures and couldnt really focus on anything.... somehow the crystal method followed us inside and provided countinous trippin soundscapes to keep us from killing each other ... i looked at the clock and it was close to 9:30 pm and i was trippin very very hard..... i picked up the cat and started petting it.... it was totally aware i was trippin... it looked at me and its face morphed into a demon for about 2 seconds... and then i like tossed the cat across the room and hit ran away.... i was toally scared by the evil feline.. yet it looked so warm and cuddily afterwards.. i caught it and petted it again and again.... till it decided it didnt want to be petted anymore..... then after about another good 45 minutes of trippin very nicely and having drunken visuals... my friend fell into the floor trippin out totally!! he couldnt really grasp reality at all..he was laying in the floor and just moving his hands all around getting tracers and extensivly using the words WOW and DAMN!! We all tripped our asses off the the maximum for a long period of time..... i had to battle my inner self for a right to what was real and not real.... i kinda lost the battle for a long time but after the drug wore off it was more mellow..... we smoked a lot of grass in the 2nd half of the trip... and it came down pretty sucessful..... although the overwealming experence was indeded a splendid experence... " and i still fell trippin as i write this" we all vouched that these shrooms were maximum carnage in the wrong hands... and were glad that we lived though it and all vowed to dose a lot lower in the future trips....... i had a total Blast A Fucking Thon!! and i didnt even plan on trippin till the NEXT DAY !!! go Figure ~!! Peace out ---- NightShadow

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