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Alice in Wonderland

I picked up 14 grams of 3"-4" tall stems with yellow caps with a faint blue underside.

I picked up 14 grams of 3"-4" tall stems with yellow caps with a faint blue underside. I split the dose in half for my buddy and myself. Weeks prior I taped the new Alice in Wonderland movie that was played on TV to watch the next time I shroomed. I have a color projector that shows movies and TV on an entire wall in my place. Starting at 9 p.m. my buddy and I dropped 3.5 grams each and started drinking water knowing that we were going to start sweating soon. About 30 minutes after we dropped my body started warming up and a body buzz was beginning to set in so I turned on Alice in Wonderland. One hour after we drank one dose of a new liquid electrolyte I found to help enhance visuals and shortly after began to see small and faint specks of color streaking in the room suddenly change in size and intensity as we ripped a few bongers of an herbal blend. The specks turned into waves of color that engulfed the room in colored patterns and colored smoke. This continued to get more and more intense until we eat the last dose of 3.5 grams. I suddenly found myself deeply involved with the movie. Every emotion someone was feeling on screen I could feel inside myself ten times stronger then I have ever felt before. I finally realized I was deeply fixated on the screen when all the color in the movie suddenly changed darker shades until the entire scene was black and white after all the colors melted away down the wall. I spent what seemed like hours inside the movie actually interacting with everyone around me. I actually felt for a few minutes like I was IN the movie itself. I had no idea I was watching it, I was totally convinced that I was there. We then decided to take one last dose of the liquid electrolyte and rip a few bongers of Salvia Divinorum at about 4 hours after taking the initial dose of caps and stems. I made my way to a mirror to check out my pupils, MIRRORS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED FOR ALL PEOPLE, only to find that my pupils were covering up ALL the color in my eyes. I have never seen ANY pupils this large before in my entire life. I am an ecstasy freak myself, but after this experience I think I may be going all natural again considering the last hour brought back some of the most intense visual effects like I have never seen. Peoples faces came to points above the ears and then would suddenly melt off and run down clothing. I could not look at my buddy on my couch for to long for he would begin to melt into the couch itself. I have never been this shroomed before in my life. This was one of the best experiences I have ever had. With my mind running at a million miles an hour all night, I was able to learn MANY things about myself! Keep shroom’n.

Dr. GreenThumb

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