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Ash and the Dead

It was in the month of February, 1997 that I had the most bizzare trip to date.

It was in the month of February, 1997 that I had the most bizzare trip to date. I've only done shrooms about 9 times or so, but this trip was in a class all by itself. My girlfriend and I went over to a mutal friends apartment on the other side of town (Klamath Falls OR) and decided to trip with her for something to do. Another friend of ours decided to come along too. So, we got to her apartment around 6 at night and drank about 12 beers each while we munched on about 13-14 grams of dried cubensis. We were pretty hammered by the time the shrooms started taking effect (we also each popped about 15,000mg of Vitamin C with the first beer to increase our visuals). At the peak of our trip (about 2.5 hours into it), my friend decided to whip out his awesome glass/ neon ganja pipe for a round of smoke. He pulled out this dime sack nug of the most brilliantly green (somewhat pastelish) marijuana I had ever seen (with or without visuals =) ). It was a definate one hitter, but we took down several bowls of it before it was cashed.

Hours afterwords, everyone was asleep except for me. I was sitting in a dark corner arguing with myself how long a particular CD had been playing (ENYA: Shepard Moon). It felt like the CD had been playing the same exact song for eons. It wasn't on repeat so I couldn't explain it. Then my girlfriend woke up and found me in the corner talking and mumbling to myself while attempting to draw. When she approached me, the entire fabric of reality crashed. Everything turned an ashen-gray and she looked just like a mummy! It scared the hell out of me because no matter how many times I told myself that it was just her, her face kept changing into something demonic! Ugh...it was not good. That was the only time I have ever had a "bad" trip. Im sure it had something to do with the combo of excessive alcohol, excessive cubensis, excessive white widow (which is what the weed turned out to be), and excessive Vitamin C. It is something I wouldn't recommend to anyone. Weed at the height of a trip is awesome, but don't do it to excess!!


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