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4th Dimension?

After this last weekend I believe that there is a 4th dimension.

After this last weekend I believe that there is a 4th dimension. I had purchased about 5 grams or shrooms, golden tops is what the guy called them. I injested the 5 grams with some friends of mine. They each probably only had about 2-3 grams a piece out of their own sacks. Living on the Wasatch front you grow quite accustomed to the mountains and the beautiful great Salt Lake. We decided it would be awesome to watch the sun set, hearing this from other peoples trip reports we decided to try it out for ourselves. So we headed up to the benches of the mountains where we went to our rock to sit and watch the sunset. We arrived to the spot about 30-40 minutes after we digested them. By then I had already felt the first effects of the sherms. Sitting on our rock we began to talk philsophically as if we were shamas, or something like that. Talking became irrelivant, we didnt need to talk with our voices, the looks on our faces, the expressions, were enough to know that we were at peace with ourselves and with each other. Watching the sun set that evening was the most aweing experience that has ever happened to me. I was not only at peace with myself, but also with mother nature herself. That evening it was just me and mother nature, and the sun. The sun being the creator, mother nature being the creation from the sun. and me, in the middle of the lifestream that was the 4th dimension. Seeing, hearing, feeling mother nature was the best feeling in the world. I dont know if it was actually mother nature herself, but definately a part of her was with me that evening. Being at peace with the planet, even the universe, and myself was the best feeling i've ever experienced in my life. It's virtually indescribable to explain how much joy, and love I felt for the planet, and the universe that evening. Just the joy of being alive and being out in mother nature was the best trip I'd ever had in my life. On the way home talking to my fellow trippin fools they said they had basically the same feeling that I had had. Mother nature is the force of the planet, dont mess with her, she is the blood, the lifestream of this wonderful place we live on. Treat her with respect.

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