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bad trip(funny)

Last summer my buddy and I went on a camping trip in montana.

Last summer my buddy and I went on a camping trip in montana. It was about 10:00 pm and we were pretty stoned when my friend turns to me and says " I got some acid, want some?" I said sure, so we both had a little over 3 hits of jerry print and sat down( after licking the bag the acid was in). I was sitting in an innertube that we had with us for floating down the river that was near our camp. About an hour later I noticed how the gaps between the trees overhead started to look like a woman spreading her legs. I called my friend over to look at it and he say it too. It just dawned at that moment that I was tripping pretty good, so I said that we should smoke a bowl. We did and it intensified my high a lot. Soon I had to take a shit, but I knew the campground bathroom was a long way from where we were. I told him that I was going to go to the bathroom, and he said that I shouldn't go that far off into the woods cause I would have a bad trip out there alone. I said fuck that and went anyways. The walk to the bathroom was really easy, it took no time at all ( even though it was almost a mile). When I got there, I sat down and zoned out. I was watching this bug crawling on the bathroom floor but not really looking at it. All of a sudden, there were tons of little black bugs crawling all over the floor and on the walls. I was like shit this is fucked up, I need to get out of here. But, then I realzed that I was just tripping and I should chill the fuck out, so I relaxed and finished up. On the walk back to camp I noticed some family looking at me. I was thinking how fun it weould be to run and jump over their camp fire and just keep on running. I resisted the urge and just walked back to my camp. When I got back my friend was nowhere in sight so I proceded to sit down again. right before I sat down he snuck up behind me and made some animal sound. I jumped and turned around to see the scariest thing i have ever seen. He was wearing a red sweatshirt and the fire light was dancing on his face ( he has a shaved head and a goat-tee). He looked exactly like satan. The more I looked at him the more I wanted to look away, but I couldn't. Soon horns began to come out of his head and his face turned red, i thought for sure he was the devil and I was fucked. I was able to look away finally. I walked over to our food and grabed a can of stew and started to open it with a knife. When I got it most of the way open I cut my hand a little bit. I looked at what I had just done, and freaked out. Earlier that week a friend at work had cut a tendon in his hand. The more I looked att my habd the worse the cut looked. I could see the tendon and the blood bone and flesh in the cut. (little did i know that it was a very small cut) I said oh shit so my friend (satan) came over with his flashlight and looked at it for a minute at least. He threw my hand away and said "you idiot" so I looked at my hand again and say nothing. Soon I felt my arm start to feel stiff and i couldn't move my thumb. I was having the bad trip again. After having satan tell me that I needed to shut the fuck up i got off the trip again. Suddenly I noticed that the stew was boiling in the fire and over flowing ( i didnt remember putting it in ) so I removed it from the fire with some sticks and ate what looked to be worms in a cup. soon I noticed that my buddy(devil man) was almost in the fire cause he was tripping out on it, so i jumped up and pulled him away from the fire. We both sat down and i dont think that we talked to eachother for the rest of the night. Every few minutes or so I would come back into reality and realise how fucked up I was (and how my hand throbbed) all of a sudden lucifer jumped up and said he had to shit. He ran 15 feet and dropped his drawers right by the camp fire.

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