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"Being" in Nature

I had never done shrooms, neither had my friend.

I had never done shrooms, neither had my friend. So yesterday we went out to a Malibu Creek State Park in California. We split up an eigth and-a-half and ate it in an egg mcmuffin. We then started our way down the trail talking about our different perceptions in life and the interconnectedness of it all, which we did not yet really understand. We passed over a bridge and the water had the trippy a quality to it like the special effects in the movie,"The Matrix." As we crossed the bridge we each agreed that it felt as if we were crossing over into a different paradigm or world and that the bridge was "he point of no return." We walked and all of a sudden I dropped to my knees and was meditating. There was the feeling that we were in a sacred place, and I felt as if it was opening for me. We walked and talked, and then it started to get cold and harder and harder to walk. We were walking next to the creek and there were rocks and leaves everywhere. The rocks seemed to take on the texture of the leaves. I called it "ooky." Just then my friend started going up the mountain side on what appeared to be a trail. I followed. Soon after, we came to a sign that said "no trails." My friend said that we would make our own. Then he constantly spoke of conquering the mountains and our fear. We were working uphill, going strong and hard. I kept going, despite the the increasing difficulty of moving my legs. My friend started think that he was a spirit guiding me. I said that he wasn't, but more and more it began to feel like he was. Then he grew two more eyes directly under his others. I kept calling him "jaguar boy."
After a while we were deep in brush and where covered in sap, branches, and spiders. I was getting scared, and soon, we could go no further. We couldn't get through. We turned around, but behind us there was also thick brush. I just wanted to be out of there. We made it back through a couple of bushes. I saw a path going down and I ran all the way, feeling totally out of my body. We were down, but not in the same place that we had begun to go up. We were on this platform made of dirt, cement and rock, and were sitting on a ledge. I started to fell disgusting, empty, and futurless. We talked about weird and depressing things. Then I noticed that all around it felt like we were in an aztec city. I felt like I was dying. I stumbled toward a rock that stuck out over the edge of a cliff and slowly climbed, my legs near failure. My friend told me how great I was and how much possibility I had, but I just said I was dying. I reached the top of the rock, him following, and we both died. We couldn't move. Though I was being reborn. All of a sudden the sun burst through the clouds (it was supposed to rain) and the valley was transformed into the most beautiful place on Earth. It was tropical, and we could perfectly feel our part in the cycle of life. Throughout the next hour or hour and a half, we let go and discovered the "being" and oneness of all life, the clouds, the rocks,the trees. It was the most incredible experience of my life. I was always quite anti- religous, though yesterday I spoke to God. It gave me everything I need. Incredible. While we were coming down we juggled and climbed trees and watched ducks. I understand my power in the universe, and I now have an awesome new friend. Everyone has to trip in nature at least once, that's what its all about.

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