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An Alien Like Me

I have had about ten shroom trips so far, and I have enjoyed every one of them.

I have had about ten shroom trips so far, and I have enjoyed every one of them. For some reason, it takes very little to get me tripping rather hard. I usually eat about a half 1/8 of shrooms, and I'm having visuals and auditory for several hours. This time I ate almost an entire 1/8 oz. of shrooms. I was with three of my friends, and we each ate our shrooms (one of them just puffed a bowl because he was driving). We decided to go to a party, but it wasn't very good. While there, the shrooms kicked in for me pretty fast. I had the whole body euphoria, and wobbly knees, then the visuals came. My non-tripping friend said the party sucked, so he wanted to go somewhere else. We got into the car, and on the ride was when I got really fucked up. I was staring at the back of the seat, because of the neat patterns on it, then all of a sudden, an alien head appeared in front of me. It looked like some kind of hologram of the typical grey with big black eyes. It started talking to me, but I couldn't understand it. I kept yelling at my friends around me, and asking if they knew what he was saying, but they weren't very messed up and just laughed at me. I don't know where my friend drove to (I think the minors pool hall) but when we got there, I didn't want to leave until I found out what the alien was saying. After a couple minutes of arguing, they left me in the car, and went inside. After they left, I got a feeling of understanding. For some reason, I knew I was supposed to close my eyes. When I did, I saw the cool swirling patterns and what have you. But in the middle of the circular patterns, was the alien head. He wasn't talking, but I could tell he was communicating with me. I soon had a profound understanding that I was one of his kind. I kept my eyes closed, but looked at my body (in my mind) and I could tell that I was an alien just like him. I then opened my eyes, and thought that the inside of the car was a pick-up station or something for the aliens to come to. I felt like I was waiting for them to come and get me. Then I got worried, because I hadn't learned how to talk like them, and they wouldn't let me go with them. I started making weird sounds, by moving my tongue around in weird ways and making very crazy noises. It was also very loud. I then realized that I was talking exactly how the other alien was earlier. After I realized I was now completely an alien, I opened the car door to go out and look for other aliens, but just as I opened the door, I remembered that the aliens were coming for me, so I shut the door and stayed inside. I closed my eyes again, and I saw a weird orb-like ship coming close to me. I was floating towards the ship to get on board, then I opened my eyes, because my friends were knocking on the windows. I made a weird noise at them (in my alien voice) and shut my eyes, but I couldn't find the ship again. They wanted to go somewhere else, and got into the car. My friend said something, but I couldn't understand (because they were speaking an earth language). All the while in the car, I was making my weird sounds, and constantly being told to shut up. In the car, I started realizing how dumb and wasteful the ways of earthlings are. I had many other similar realizations (much more specific). The next thing I remembered, was that we were at my friends house, and I was off my peak, and just thinking about things. Overall, it was a very awesome trip.

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