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I began tripping on shrooms the day after school ended of my junoir year (6-24-99).

I began tripping on shrooms the day after school ended of my junoir year (6-24-99). I ate an eighth and tripped pretty hard at my friends house that night. I handled it pretty well, and i loved it much better than acid. So three days later i get out of work and my friend asks me if i want to go to the Allman Brothers concert that night. I agreed, went and bought tickets and got on the road with a couple jays and some beer. I went with one other kid who had been to an Allman brothers show before and said it was real easy to get shrooms. I had my doubts but hoped we could get some. Right when we get there my friend bought half an eighth for $10. I wanted some now pretty badly. Finally on the walk to the concert after we parked we got 2 eighths. Immediately i jammed the shrooms ( an eighth) down my throat and waited for the trip. It began to hit me just as the Allman brothers went on. It was great. The concert we were at had lawn seats in the back so we just chilling out laying on the grass smoking some jays. After that it hit me really hard. I didn't know what the FUCK was going on. I couldn't understand a goddamn thing at all. Luckily my friend was there, who drove us, didn't take any so I knew he was in reality, it calmed me down a bit. The kid I went with ate the eighth and the half. He couldn't talk and this made me alittle worried but i was kinda glad i wasn't as messed up as he was. The sun went down and everything out side on the lawn was orange. It felt like one big orange planet. I was thirsty but didn't understand why i should get up to get water and i had no money. We began walking through the crowds of people on the lawn and I began feeling like eveyone was out to get me. I practically began screaming my ass off but the thought of reality was holding my urge back. Anyways some kid from my school found us because he lost the group of kids he was with (he was tripping very hard too). When I saw him it brought me back to reality some more because he was a familiar face. Anyways the next thing i know we had to leave and the concert was over. On the way back to the car i began coming down pretty hard but was blown away by the trip. Nothing compares to that at all. One thing that sucks is I don't remember anything at all about the Allman Brothers. I couldn't tell you what songs they played or how long they were on for. Those three hours flew by way too fast. Next time Allman brothers come around I'll go see them and probably shroom there. Now with the summer ahead of me, i'm ready to shroom some more. Its great! later

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