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Band Meeting

Hey, how's it going?

Hey, how's it going? this was my best trip ever and was truly an adventure....so i'll share it with you.
Ok. my brother lives in baton rouge(louisiana), and along the banks of the missisipi river are levies with cow on them. the moisture of the river and the cow dung provides an excellent shroom habitat. my bro and some of his friends raided these fields and in one week found over 1000 psylocybe cybensis! he dried them out, put them in bags and sold most of them. but since me and my bro are pretty tight, he gave me 3 bags of shrooms(each about 3grams).
That very weekend me and my band mates met at a friends house. little did they know what i had in mind...
I pulled out the bags and they were all willing to take them(there were 3 of us). we made a fire outside and we popped open the bags. we each had our own bag. we munched them down. they actually tasted great...alot like potato chips. we waited for the effects.
soon, my friend casey began to laugh, very heartily. i was pretty buzzed and tyler was complaining about not feeling anything.
we left the fire and headed back to the house. suddenly casey got extremely violent and began to pick a fight with tyler. they had never dosed before, so they had no idea what was going on. i broke them up and told casey and tyler to ill out. i got them to cooperate and told them to sneak quietly into the house and go staright to casey's room.they agreed.
casey began to play his acoustic guitar, he was playing "tuesday's gone" by metallica. this was absolutely great. me and tyler began to dance a very slow spirtual dance. the good vibrations were heavy.
soon casey stopped playing and got very nervous. he freaked out and kept telling us to go to bed. being experienced in the art of shrooming, i knew this wouldn't last long. tyler was sitting on the couch and he kept saying "i'm going to die, i'm going to die". casey went absolutely nuts and told tyler to shut the fuck up. all the while i was lughing. soon we all chilled out , we turned out the lights and turned on the radio and the green light bulb.
we sat around the room and talked.casey kept saying the room was like a cave, because it was dark witha green tint. we all agreed.by this time i was deep in the magic of the shrooms. i was laying against the bed and staring at the room. the room seemed tilted to left, it was very very odd.tyler and casey were deep in a conversation about the venetian blinds in his room. i wasn't paying attention though. his carpet was orangish brownish. it resembled muddy water. soon, i was actually swimming in the carpet! or so it seemed...
suddenly tyler and casey noticed me shuffling around on the ground. they asked what i was doing and i told them the carpet was water. they were quite confused.
i soon stop swimming in the carpet. i layed back up against the bed. casey took out this stuff called linmen oil. he stood up and "blessed" us with the oil. this was a very awkward situation. he rubbed a line of linimen on my forehead. at first it felt warm and tingly, but soon i thought it was acid. this was very bad. it hurt, like really bad. i started crawling around looking for a towel to wipe this godforsaken stuff off my forehead. caey said "be at ease, the linimen is just magic". i don't know why or how but that made the oil feel better and it soon went away. just then i noticed how fucked up we were. casey's pupils were enormous and dilated and tyler was in a daze.
then, casey went into a lecture about his room. he implented that his wallet and chain were us, the clock was the begining of the universe and the radio was the end. this made sense because they were on opposite sides of the room. the radio was god, though. it played these songs that went exactly with what we were saying.his carpet was the backround of the universe, the book was caey's life and times, each page could hold a never-ending amount of knowledge. he had one of those squishy excercise balls. he proclaimed that it could hold everything and anything in it's ever changing shapes. and evry single word he said made absolutely perfect sense!!
i picked up his philosphy and went with it for about 3 hours! tyler was still in his daze throughtout the whole ordeal...lord knows what he seeing...
soon me and casey finished our philosophy and decided to go to bed. the radio instantly played "tonight, tonight" by smashing pumpkins. this amazed us and we truly believed the radio was god that night.
i got to sleep in a little while. but at about 5"00am i heard casey shuffling around in his bed and he kept saying "the ceiling is dripping me!". i looked up at the ceiling and saw nothing(being that i was completely down). i soon drifted into some fascinating dreams.
well.....that was my trip...sorry it was so long and i hoped you enjoyed it.

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