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Alcohol Fueled Fire

This is a synopsis of something that recently happened to a FOAF.

This is a synopsis of something that recently happened to a FOAF.

She decided, while rather drunk, that shrooming would be a great idea. I questioned her decision but my concern bounced off with no effect. She boldy chewed about 3 grams of dried mushroom, which made me gag more than her.

Within about 5 minutes, she was unconscious on the couch. I found this somewhat amusing for a moment, wondering if she was at all aware somewhere in there that she had taken psychedelics.

As it turned out, she woke up about an hour later, pouring water all over the couch she was sleeping on, and herself as well. She was quite upset, as she thought she was on fire! She claimed her skin was burning... I had fleeting thoughts of the scene in "true hallucinations" where Kat has a similar event go down... I recalled that water did indeed help her "recondense". This worked, gently applying cold water to her skin relaxed her somewhat, and aside from a soaked couch, the situation was not too bad. However, FOAF was quite shaken up. She had no idea what was going on in her head, only that she hated it. She would cower under a blanket, then shift around suddenly to avoid being handled by creatures I could not percieve. This went on for about two hours, combined with wimpering and crying. Eventually she slept, and had only a vague recollection of it in the morning.

I'm sure that most if not all of the members of this list know that alcohol and entheogens do not synergize as well as they might. Hopefully this anecdote will help anyone who may have trouble understanding that, though...

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