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A Magical House

This trip is my most recent, and most intence ever.

This trip is my most recent, and most intence ever. My tripping buddies and myself decided to up our usual dose of 3g to 5g and see were we go. What a great desicion it was.

We ate the mush in pudding, which is a great idea to mask the taste. When the Mushrooms started to kick in, I felt myself getting a little nausiated, We had lit candle's and I thought thier smell was bothering me, later I found out it was something else...Anyway me and some of my buddies went for a short walk, which ended because it was -30degrees celcius outside. When we came back into the house, I imidiatly got dizzy, and asked the homeowner, mike, if something was burning. He then realized that he forgot to open the flu to his fire place... I found this to be quite funny, and laghed about it for a while.

As the mushrooms kiked in more, I found myself in a blacklight room, with a blacklight poster, and some really neat music, I think it was the propellerheads. Oh yeah, whenever we trip we set up different rooms, each with thier own music, and lighting. I will discuss other rooms later. Anyway, as I looked into this blacklight poster, I lost myself in it. I found I could walk into it, and all the way around it. Slowly as I came closer to my peak, I decided that If I satyed in this room any longer, Myself and the entire universe would be sucked into the poster, so I left.

I then procedded downstairs where people were eating skittles, and Poprocks. Someone poured some into my hand, and as I looked at them they melted into my hand. It looked like I had some big green growth on my hand, it was awsome. Then I ate them. Wow. As they popped I could see the sound shooting out of everyone's mouth. very cool. I then played with skittles on a glass table. They seemed to melt into the glass when the were still, but when the moved they melted 'out' of the glass, moved, and melted bakc into it. Very neat.

I then went to the basement, which had a very 'loungy' feel to it. We had set up colored lightes in every light bulb downthier. We had blue, red, green, and yellow, I believe. This is where I peaked, Alone. When I first arrived, thier was no music, and I lost myself in a yellow light that was above me on the couch. I lost all perception of who I was, time, space, and everything else. All I knew was that 'I AM'. After a while I snapped out of it, and realized I wanted some music. I proceded to the stereo, and pushed buttons until music came on. Luckily it was one THE best tripping cd's ever made, One Step Beyond. If you can find this cd deffinetly get it. I went back to the couch, and closed my eyes this time. I found myslef in a world of color, waves, and everything. This music was stimulating all of my sences, I could see it, feel it, hear it smell it and taste it all at once. Once this adventure was over, I went back upstairs to go outside for a smoke. When I ! came back in one of my tripping buddies and me did one of the funniest things ever.

We turned some oprah music on, got a tobbacco pipe, and some sherry. We sat and pretented to be very civilized adults. We critiqued the wine, and the oprah. We talked in funny english accents, It was absolutly hilarious. We had candle's around, incentce, a fire (the same one that almost killed us) and a lava lamp. Each room had its own feel to it, which was really cool

As my trip began to end I went back to the blacklight room, to ponder this poster some more. I found it unbelivable again, but I was no longer worried it was going to suck the universe in. I could manipulate the poster with my eyes, and go into it, and come out of it. Still very cool.

I then got some bad stomach cramps, so I did some relaxing breathing, and it went away.

This was one of the most intence trips I ever had. I find that I always enjoy myself when I trip becuase me and my buddies always set up a house for our trips, and we always bring our own little surprises to the trip...hey were did those poprocks come from?....

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