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Amsterdam Adventure

Life in Amsterdam is such an adventure.

Life in Amsterdam is such an adventure. I had visited Amsterdam once before with my friends and we had bought some strong shrooms from a legal smart shop. We tripped hard and I was convinced that those shrooms were the strongest I has ever taken. On my second trip to Amsterdam, I found myself alone in the city for a day while I was waiting for my friends to arrive. I went to the same smart shop and purchased the same shrooms from before. I was alone and was a little scared to eat them alone but I decided it may be fun to do it alone. I planned a day in the Amsterdam zoo. When I arrived I had already started to mildly trip. After about an half an hour in the zoo I started to trip hard. I was surrounded by numerous types of animals. I was amazed at how magnificent the animals were when i was tripping. I I walked around until I found a comfortable spot to observe the animals with people around me. It began in the primates building. There were around 30 different types of monkeys and apes. I stood in front of some chimpanses and observed their behavior. Suddenly I found myself talking to the chimp. The chimp seemed to understand what I was saying to it and it responed by jumping at the window and screaming. This starteld me and a ran from the building. I proceeded to look at all the other animals and realized that the monkeys some how told these animals that I was in the zoo I could talk to them. I found myself having conversations with most of the animals I visited. They seemed to know I was coming and were prepared to speak to me. I was tripping so hard that I thought the other people in the zoo knew what I was doing and were amazed at my feat. It seemed like were ever I walked someone was watching or following me like I was famous. But my fun ended when I got so caught up in the moment that I stood on a bench and started preaching to the animals. I was then kicked out of the zoo and had to find mt way back to the city, that is another story.

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