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5pm: nice day.

5pm: nice day. a palm full of some kind ingested.
5:45-6pm: welcome. walk to 2 blocks to park.
6 something pm: sitting in park , dried leafs surround my feet
and i start to get pulled to the roots. i grab and crush a leaf. i feel sorry for the leaf. "a leaf crumbled is still a leaf" says the tree.
6 a little later pm: stand on small hill look down and the field is an ocean. i walked on water.
7ish pm: sitting on a playground firetruck. its dark out. looking at the orange lights that line one street in the distance. dimensonal travel to a alternate planet with an orange atmosphere alien "flora" and "plant/spore life" growing from the surface. its a few years from now.
8 ish pm: listening clearly to a conversation from a group of friends 100yards away. repeated there comments. they confirmed.
8:30 pm: walking back from park. the trees spirts/essence/visual apearances- norse warrior w/helmet not hostile. womens head of a past culture(maybe arabic) a large hand pointing to the sky(calmly pointing) a gracefull wooly mamoth grazing.very clean fur.
9 pm: sit in my car. extraterestrial/unmortal/extradimensional person,thing,being..watching me..understood its use of modern devices i.e. car stero,electronics etc...to distact me from reality and side track to be unaware of its presence..its ploys dont work..it leaves when i tell it i know what its trying.
10-11pm: nature as one is sad. forces me to look how its traped in a cage of sidewalks houses roads. it says we think we controll it. but its roots crack the foundation of man made creation. go into the house look at stuco celling..divided into 4 flowing rivers each going towards a center black vortex. possibly a warp zone. the hole closes. soul is back with my thoughts.
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