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Blackout Blues

Well, to begin this was my first time taking mushrooms.

Well, to begin this was my first time taking mushrooms. I have fried on LSD MANY MANY times (78 to be exact) and smoked pot for years and never had something like this happen.

We had a trip party in a hotel room with about 5of us shrooming and about 3 or 4 people trippin on LSD with 2 sober people playing trip monitior and saftey for us.

I had ingested 3.5 grams of liberty caps and almost everyone else had between 1.8 and 3.5 like myself. The trip started out rather fun and strange. The nausea kicked in and went away in a matter of 2 or 3 minutes. Then came on the headrush. The body high passed over me like waves of water and I started to get "disassociative" with my friends as I usually do when trippen and talked very little. However my girlfriend and the other girls were screaming like mad and having a blast. Overall i was enjoying myself throughout the whole trip and at one point the light reflecting off the area where the ceiling and wall joins above the windows played some tricks and made it look like it was spliiting apart. Of course, I was peaking by now and i looked up to hear the Jolly Green Giant say "ho ho ho" and proceded to rip off the roof. I thought it was funny as hell and this was about as closest to any entitey I had ever been. After talking to some walls, and playing video games I started to sober up and decided that "shrooms are alot like acid, i'll just hit the bong and go right back into space" Boy I went into pace all right.

I took a few hits off the bong of some not so kind bud. Not the dirt weed, just not the straight psychedelic crack rock as some of my friends call it when yer trippen. About 5 minutes later i started feeling VERY ill and everyone was telling me i looked REAL pale. I started feling very hot and sweaty and got a very nasty pain in my head. it got worse and worse until everything turned 2d and flat and melted together with a loud BUZZ and a sharp imploding feeling in my head. (BAD TRIP!#%!#% it HURTS!) I woke up about 15 seconds later with everyone morphing over me asking me if i was alright and telling me i had convulsed and passed out. For about an hour or so after that i felt sick as a dog and still felt like i was going to pass out again and had a very bad trip. As im sure i don't need to bother describing, it consisted of the basic "im going to die" to "will i ever sober up" trips.. etc..

Ever since then i have been clean and sober because i cannot do LSD, pot, or shrooms anymore because they all make me blackout. and man, life is not fair. I wanna trip dammit. d.

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