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Hey fellow psilocybernuats I just typed a whole trip report and accidently erased it somehow.

Hey fellow psilocybernuats

I just typed a whole trip report and accidently erased it somehow. Pity me. Thats fine though 'cuase I want to tell the story in a little more understandable fashion.

In my dorm room last Saturday I awoke at 8 am after a night of partying. I couldn't go back to sleep, so I decided to eat a handful of Liberty Caps from my stash. I also had some Vitamin C tablets.

My visuals were quick and nicely intense. On my Rolling Stones poster Keith Richards was holding a handful of goo that he wanted me to eat. I politely declined, but he insisted. Charlie Watt told him to leave me alone.

Instead of the usual fractals I was seeing women's bodies in hidden picture fashion everywhere. They were all smiling with their eyes closed and very well proportioned.

The squares of my tile were trading fractals with each other and eventually the patterns were moving so fast that nothing remained but a river of neon.

In my CD player was The Ride of the Valkyries. Classical music is a trip, especially Wagner and Brahms. The music ceased to come from a single orchestra but millions of tiny orchestras who played together so perfectly that the notes may have well come from a single instrument.

Before the peak I pulled myself together enough to execute the breathing that I practice for Zen-type archery along with some autogenic training (self hypnosis) that I have been learning. Reality was waning and leaving its scraps behind wasn't to difficult.

Inside my head was alot crazier than outside of it. I came to the conclusion that our world was created by a person from a dimension with much less detail (sort of the opposite of Lewis C's wonderland) tripping. He or she just got stuck. Started to trip, and never stopped, so here we are. Crazy hallucenations from someone from a place with no color, sound, diversity, or emotion.

Even more nuts, I saw the next level, a world created by me full of hyperemotion, colors that don't exist, and tangible sounds. Over the next several trips I will go back to this place and look around. I would eventually like to see what the people there dream. Whoa.

I don't consider this trip a level 5 because even though I was "gone" to someplace else, it was partially due to deep meditaion and hypnosis. A neat trick, learn it.

Thanks for reading;

May you get stuck in your best trip.

The Sun King

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