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A Trip to Trip ON

My friends had been in school one day and had heard of a shroom field about 30 miles out of town.

My friends had been in school one day and had heard of a shroom field about 30 miles out of town. Since i had just gotten my license, my friends and i decided to ditch school and go straight to the field.
We bought an ounce and my friend brought her bubbler to smoke on the trip there. We left school at around 8:oo am and told our parents we were going to spend the night at a friends house.
After about 11 bowls we finally reached the field, a cow field that reeked of fertilzer. We hunted for awhile and practically dug through cow shit just to find the damn things. Finally we found a mass patch of shrooms and picked all hat we could carry back to the car. We made a decision to eat the shrooms there even though my car reeked of cow shit and chronic. As everyone realized that there were no more i started the car and drove back to town.
It was around 2:30 pm at that time and we didn't start to feel it until we were about 2 miles away from the field. All of a sudden i felt the heat of the sun on my body (since it was a beautiful day) and i could hear the engine running. I gazed up at the sun in amazement, it looked like the sun from the TeleTubbie Show. It Giggled and laughed as it danced across my skin and the sky. I didn't realize that i didn't have my eyes on the road until we hit a bump in the road. Which was really a wheat field. At the same time all of my friends started to trip, one claimed that her clothes were starting to trip her out. So, we all decided to run around the field ass naked.
It felt amazing out there in nature, naked. After what seemed like days we got back to the car and drove home, still tripping. Then one of my friends realzed we had forgot our clothes back at the field. I thought she was still trippin'but once we got to my house and i was sober i realized she wasn't kidding.
I have to admit shrooms were the best thing that ever happened to me. And if you are going to try them i suggest on doing it on a sunny da

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