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12hrs of insanity

This was my first trip on shrooms, back in 94.

This was my first trip on shrooms, back in 94. I had previously dropped acid about 50 times in a five month period during me RAVE days back in '92. A couple friends of mine decided to buy a 1/4oz. I took an 1/8 and they split the rest. I wasn't sure how much to eat, so I ate it all and chased it with beast. We headed out to the VT-BC game right after that, just as i was climaxing. I was paying more attention to the field than the game itself. I didn't even know know what the final score was.
We decided to crash at a friends place after that ordeal.
I started to feel nauseated, so I decided to lay down and dozed off.(bad decision) When I finally awoke, I had never been so scared in my life. I didn't know who I was, where I was or what i was doing. Then all of a sudden some guy walks into the room and starts talkin to me.I was so out of it, I couldn't understand a word he saying. Then it finally dawned on me that i was still trippin! Fortunately, my buds came back and we decided to go on a beer run.I knew I was in trouble when we got it my car, because the wheel looked like it was right on my face, and the speedo was way down at my knees. Even the clutch didn't feel right. So I decided to let a friend take the helm. After we got the brew, we cruised the burbs of B'burg, tokin' some Kind. I was still too out of it to take part it that activity. And by this time it was 12am. I kept wonderin when this trip would would ever subside, but it felt as if I was still peakin. The last thing I remeber from that night was trying to find the Kappa Alfa house, which we never found. And The moral of the story is-know your tolerance levels.
p.s. I've done acid many more times than shrooms, and I've come to the conclusion that acid's predominate effect on someone is the visual hallucinations, whereas shrooms tend to also affect your emotional unsubconsious as well as the visual hallucintation

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