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Love Truth and Collapsing Structure
    #3260600 - 10/21/04 04:07 PM (12 years, 10 months ago)

This was posted at a different message board today. I thought it may of interest here as we discuss this stuff. It's a different perspective on it.

Love, Truth and Collapsing Structure

Nademus Channeled Through Brenda Hill


Good day, entities. Let us address your approach to life. And approach is just another name for choice. Only approach is a patterned choice, slightly different than default in that it holds more structure. And remember, structure is falling, not just on the major arena of world governments and belief systems, but even on the more personal level of being.

One very important thing to remember is that when each of you identify and label others? behavior, you are literally fortifying and contributing to the setup of the structural components of that behavior. In other words, when you notice that the other is performing in a default pattern of behavior, rather than allowing yourself to make verbal comment of such repetition, offer gently and lovingly, a new idea. Naming, labeling or accusation, no matter how ?lovingly? offered or how apt it may appear to you, is still judgment and judgment sets up resistance, resistance sets up pattern and pattern forms structure through repetition.

Structure is what you are interested in from an ego perspective and flow or spontaneity is what draws the Oneness of you. So, what you may call your ?pattern? ? let us use procrastination as an example - is, of course, your choice playing out within this sequence and literally cementing your expression into the structure called procrastinator.

Now, remember I just said that structures are falling, even in the personal realm. So what would be wrong with the procrastination structure falling, you might ask? As you know, there is no wrong or right. But even though the concept of the falling structure of procrastination appears, on the surface, to be a good thing, relatively speaking, the falling of the procrastination structure simply dispels a pattern. What occurs when one pattern is dispelled is that the basic proclivity to the ideals of structure still reign supreme in your ego, and with great adaptability, the ego will conjure another structure to take its place in record speed. Of course, this only occurs unless you have pre-paved your thought process into the allowance mode of free flowing spontaneity.

This pre-paving is an easy, supportive process that includes within it the deep and resonant understanding that you are more than you appear and you are more than the structure represents. The structure itself, whatever level or expression it may take, is a figment of illusion; it is a means by which the small self achieves greatness and stability. It is the form of reality built very often on consensus of thought between the collective mind and it provides the means by which the slumbering masses may assume themselves vibrant and ?enthusiastically? involved with life. Structure becomes the illusion of life and, in your forgetfulness, you exist in a perpetual state of behaviors.

Now, what would be the approach to using the collapse of structure to the benefit of the One and to pre-pave thought to accommodate that? First, you are part and parcel of the One, always and forever, so the Oneness is not in any way or at any ?time? compromised of Itself. It is simply that when aspects of Oneness remember, reintegrate into the full and complete awareness of themselves as the greater whole, or the One, then these collective groups of aspects once again become cognizant of their divinity and their ?thoughts? also reflect that.

You are in this transitional state of remembering. As anyone can attest, transitions are generally challenging in that your ?footing? is not as stable as you move from structure to structure. But, you hold the acute awareness of the structure you are leaving and the same for the structure you are entering. Now, in the process of collapsing structure, which you have not experienced before, the anxiety exists of where this transition will take you since there is no structure to replace the one that is ?lost?. This anxiety is experienced as fear, which cannot exist in the space of love. If you do not pre-pave with love to ready yourself to transit your way home, then you will likely repeat your pattern of transiting from structure to structure by developing the structure of fear for yourself to transit into. Literally, the structure of fear will become your destination.

The thought may have crossed your minds that structure, in and of itself, is fear so what is the difference? How adept you are at picking up on seeming inconsistencies. You are very powerful in that, you know. You are so powerful in that talent that those whose dream it is to control and manipulate you must program and condition your thinking minds to find your answers within the structures that they themselves create for their benefit and your virtual imprisonment. But I stray somewhat.

The point is that Love is not a structure. Love is an essence of being, the truth of your greater reality. You are Love and it is only with great effort that you yourselves stray from this state of being. It is very difficult to trigger you to express from a non-loving place. But the more you are triggered to do so, and from an undisciplined focus repeatedly react to that trigger, then structure begins to form which offers your ego self the sense of stability and security within. Then, it is very easy. So the collapse of structure itself will free you from the repetitive prison of your thoughts. Pre-paving is the process by which you return in awareness to who you really are, who you have always been deep within. Pre-paving is that action and intention of disciplined focus and the placing of your attention upon truth and love, which is the One.

Now to bring this full circle, when you label yourself with a word that is nothing more than a structured shell, your tendency to fill that shell with your focus and energy, thereby assuming its proportions and form, is a default behavior, a default structure of your conditioned thoughts.

Be the catalyst for the burgeoning structural collapse of society and personal expression by deliberately focusing your divine energy upon the basic essence of life. Focus on love. Always. Consistently. For yourself and everyone (there is no difference). Be love. Think love. Feel love. Express love. Love, Love, Love. Love is all there is.

Ahuwale ka nane huna.

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The Silence islouder then youthink
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Re: Love Truth and Collapsing Structure [Re: gettinjiggywithit]
    #3261151 - 10/21/04 06:31 PM (12 years, 10 months ago)

nice :smile:


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Re: Love Truth and Collapsing Structure [Re: gettinjiggywithit]
    #3914787 - 03/14/05 03:53 AM (12 years, 6 months ago)

This is lovely. As structure is collapsing, what remains becomes more meaningful, more important to us. Love is at the heart of what is meaningful. What better way to frame a meaningful life than to focus of what is most important. Love is not something we do, it is something we are.
More articles like this one at http://www.prism-path.com

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Re: Love Truth and Collapsing Structure [Re: LandofNodProbe]
    #3914830 - 03/14/05 04:06 AM (12 years, 6 months ago)

John Doe Channeling through Psychoactive1984
/leaves the thread.

"Their is one overriding question that concerns us all: How can we get out of the fatal groove we are in, the one that is leading towards the brink?" Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
"We may not be capable of eradicating the corruption of reason, but we must nevertheless counter it at every instance and with every means." Dan Agin
"Politics is the best religion and politicians are the worst followers."
-It's ok to trip as long as you don't fall.
-Substance over Style.
-Common sense is uncommon.

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Jester To TheHall Of TheMushroom King

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Re: Love Truth and Collapsing Structure [Re: Psychoactive1984]
    #3915296 - 03/14/05 07:17 AM (12 years, 6 months ago)

I find this a vague and illusionary article!

It makes no sense, and expects acceptance at face value simply because it seems an intellectual process is followed throughout!

How can one say that we are a structure of patterns, and that this is how we feel most safe, and simultaneously say we must destroy these patterns to become what we really are?

A person is more than the sum of their "patterns" it is the interaction between these behavioural patterns and the WAY in which they interact internally that creates LIVING, rather than ROBOTIC, being.

I find this whole hypothesis most laughable, as it assumes we are all alike and similar but never acts to prove this point. It is merely a self-referential endeavor to express a poorly constructed thought!

The idea that Love is some great absolute to which we all aim is as laughable as the fallacy on which this argument is constructed.

HAPPINESS is where we aim, love is simply a part of this greater supreme whole (which is relatively different for each individual).

This is really an attempt at re-expressing Plato's Theory of the Forms, and in particular the Simile of the Cave, which has long been held as an inaccurate model of the human being, and society in general. (I suggest you read The Republic, it is still a fantastic guide book to logical though processes)

I'll lay it out for those who haven't read the Republic:

Patterns are what constrains us (like the chains that bind those who live in the cave) and we can "pre-pave" our way out (break free of the chains) to find the greater meaning of life (LOVE in the article, the Realm of the Forms in the Republic).

Really this is a plagiaristic mis-interpretation of a great piece of Ancient Philosophy being passed off as Original thought (and poorly so at that!). A most deplorable act indeed!

Shame on the writer, and thanks to the poster for bringing this to our attention. :grin:

Well that's my bottle of calculators! :stoned::mushroom2:

We ultimately live in a fractal universe, all parts reflect the infinity of the whole. So why do we maintain that time be any different?

Welcome to 4 my dimensional thoughts!

(Turkish Delight is neither Turkish, nor delightful. So where's the name from?!)

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Registered: 07/20/04
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Re: Love Truth and Collapsing Structure [Re: LandofNodProbe]
    #3916067 - 03/14/05 01:43 PM (12 years, 6 months ago)


Your first post here was to reply to a post put up LAST OCTOBER! :whoa: Of all the compelling recent posts here, this simple article from 5 months back got your attention and pulled you into the fray of S&P. How did that happen?


I read your reply and then re read that OLD article to see how you came to your reply.

I reread it and all I got from it was that ego structures separate us from each other and that love is what connects us.

How you came up with all you did from it to plagiarizing Plato to republic forms is beyond me :confused: Is anyone who speaks of giving up belief constructs that separate us from the universal one plagiarizing?

Are mental constructs and love itself copy writed? And I thought I use to over think stuff.

Soooooooooooo you have a problem with our being able to relate/connect to one another through love of self and in and for all that has no boundaries? Interesting. Is the greater wholistic of one love that far removed from you? That sucks! I can't even remember what that feels like. I remember I did feel it as a child being raised in the Catholic constructs of separation from source.

try this Sam,

Start from being the whole and then work your way into how we got to this. The picture becomes clear and then the article makes simple sense. The way in is the way out. Constructs brought us in to confinements and collapsing them brings us back out in the open.

Love doesn't come with cooties. That's 3rd grade stuff. I love you silly Sam as an equated part of me in spirit! Ahhhhhhhh feels good!

Love Love Love Love can't you just swirl and twirl in it all day long!

The last time saw people put people beneath, above or separate from them in hate or fear due to ego divisions people ended up dead. Last I checked, republic type forms served the wealthy and helped to keep the classes separate.

Your reply came from logical calculations huh? Interesting!

Thanks for showing me how severely flawed and potentially dangerous  logic can be.

I'm not against constructs and they are what we use to build and shape our realities. I'm personally not even looking for the way out as out is what we truly are. I am now consiously creating, using constructs to get into ideal realities for fun.

You reminded me of how many people haven't made that connection yet. So many live in what they would call a lousy reality and they think it happened to them and move into blame never realizing their choice of creative forms, beliefs, constructs put them there.

I'm in a virtual paradise and in much love, beauty and joy in life.

I am curious to know how it is you separate the emotion of happiness with a state of love.

If you look at love as being in the state of appreciation and relation to something it's really not so scary. We all laugh and cry, experience successes and failures and bleed when cut. That said, its easy to appreciate and relate to others through universal love that exists beyond our ego constructs that make us appear or feel or think we are separate from the pure Essenes of others, even our own.

It's the constructs that adulterate that purity. 5 months later and I still stand by that articles simple message.

I just noticed that in your sig, you understand the fractal nature of us and the whole. The whole is One Love and the rest is distortions of it.

I also just noticed in your sig that you welcome people to your 4th dimensional thoughts. Do you know that the 4th dimension of consciousness is where polarity comes from? Polarity is what separates and divides things into oppositions and values. It contains the form fields that split things.

Have you gotten curious about what 5th dimensional consciousness is like yet?

To each his own perspective! What ever view floats your boat and serves you in your aims is the name of the co-creation game.  :cheers: :wink: Thanks for the morning rev up! zoom zoom!

Ahuwale ka nane huna.

Edited by gettinjiggywithit (03/14/05 01:48 PM)

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Jester To TheHall Of TheMushroom King

Registered: 03/04/05
Posts: 87
Loc: Cambridge, UK
Last seen: 12 years, 6 months
Re: Love Truth and Collapsing Structure [Re: gettinjiggywithit]
    #3919706 - 03/15/05 06:07 AM (12 years, 6 months ago)

I really do wonder in what way you consider Love, universal or otherwise, as greater than happiness. Does not Love in and of itself bring us to happiness? In this way is not the relationship that one feeds the other?

The problem I had with your article is that it neither defends itself to attack, nor lends any evidence to support it's claims. It is not, in the true meaning, a piece of philosophy. I object to the spiritual attempt to POLARIZE (coming from the 4th dimension of consciousness of course) the arena into Love and Fear in the most Jim Cunningham way.

Why don't we start today's life line exercise??

In another post there is a debate about uncertainty vs assumption, I would say you have ASSUMED that Love is the highest goal, and also ASSUMED we run from it's opposite. Really it is in embracing both parts of ourselves, and integrating them into the whole that Happiness is found (that being the HIGHEST aim of human life). If I know my fear, and do not run from it to the "way out" to which you refer, I am able to overcome my fear and thus dissolve it. Is this not the best way to reach a true state of Zen?

My signature is more about the fractal relationship of time to the structure of the space it is connected to, and the inter-connectivity of one moment to the next, than it is about polarity and 4th dimensional consciousness. I was merely conveying the essential nature of time and space is patterned and is infinitely repetitive on all levels. Really more of a historical comment, and scientific hypothesis, than a spiritualistic notion.

Well that's my tray of paper-cuts! :stoned::mushroom2:

We ultimately live in a fractal universe, all parts reflect the infinity of the whole. So why do we maintain that time be any different?

Welcome to 4 my dimensional thoughts!

(Turkish Delight is neither Turkish, nor delightful. So where's the name from?!)

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Re: Love Truth and Collapsing Structure [Re: PsilocinSam]
    #3920707 - 03/15/05 01:18 PM (12 years, 6 months ago)

Hey Sam,

Welcome by the way! Looks like you jumped in here when I pulled out for a bit to entertain my parents visiting from out of town. I've spoken so much here at S&P on the topics that would be answers to your questions. You wouldn't know that being so new. I found your questions to me funny until I saw what date you registered.

It is an article that was written by another that I shared here, 5 months ago, for anyone who may appreciate it. I would prefer it if you would call it The Article not your article as I didn't write it. I'm not attached to it and it was so long ago, I can't even remember what inspired me to share it here. Still reads nice to me though.

As far as I am concerned anything that describes a way of life falls under philosophy and everything falls under spirituality as we are spirit having a human physical experience. My brand of spirituality is the cosmic consciousness variety.

Interesting you brought up the post on certainty versus assumptions. You've made a handful of assumptions regarding expecting other people to see and know this life experience as you do. I've written in the past about individual truth which is a truth known to the individual based on their individual experiences and points of perception on "same events". Truth to me is spherical and expanding.

Put 20,000 people in the same football stadium and you will have 20,000 versions of the experience and game plays.....all true to the experiencer. What actually happened is mute. A camera can't even cover the whole truth of the event multidimensionally form every angle possible. It can't even get into the heads and hearts of the players, audience, coaches, or refs.

Who's truth is the most accurate of the days game? Sure, people will fight over what actually happened and why in the sports bars and locker rooms after wards and to what end and why? Humans are funny.

Facts? Science facts? You mean like a flat earth and the sun revolving around us and flight being impossible? Those things? Facts to me are not the absolute truth but like the evolving expansive truth in that as experience and new information come into the play, truths and facts expand upon themselves as well. Right and wrong bah.....our understanding, individual and collective of how things work and are just continue to grow.

See it move along a spectrum. What is true at point B becomes false looking back from point G which is true there but false looking back from point P which is true there while point V is false from point P but will become true once P moves around to becoming aware and perceptive from point V and then P will be false from point V however at some point, you realize, they are all true unto themselves and then, positioning yourself becomes a matter of personal preference.

Could you or I prove where I have been in my dreams at night when asleep? No, but non the less, I go places, see and do things that are experienced to be just as real as my waking life is here.

In short, I am not someone who comes here to debate fact from fiction. Every bodies right and wrong from some point of view. Someone proven wrong today may be right 10 years from now when proof shows up. Then the guy who was right becomes wrong and the guy who was wrong was actually always right.

There is one reason people are killed above any other and that is over the need to be right. Some people even go so far as to do wrong things and create fallacies to stay in the right. That shit is lethal. No thanks. You want to be right........YOU ARE RIGHT! You don't even have to show me proof. I believe you believe you are right. I still think what I want to and life goes on. 

I use to have a disclaimer in my sig that said I speak from the heart of my experiences and that nothing I say is meant to be taken as science fact in my world of words. Even though some of it may be science fact now and again, I could care less.

As far as I am concerned, the human experience will always extend beyond our ability to explain or understand it in full scientifically and I like to live pushing the envelope. Human experiences are ahead of the means of science explanation, not to the fault of science and I personally will not be held back by its pace. 

I've got places to go , things to do, people to see and love to make and I write my own book of life as I live it to be so for me. Note, I think everything will have a scientific explanation someday no hocus pocus or man in the sky with a beard and gavel.

My brother has subspace tri vector quantum healing and diagnostic homeopathic technology invented by a NASA Scientist available to the masses you most likely haven't even heard of yet. The everyday person can't even keep up with advances in science tech anymore and we are going to dicker over science fact at a mushroom message board?

I will say uncle first and give way then go play. I can respect the coffin confines of the living dead for the most part now. I realize and admit defeat that I can't help free anyone from them who doesn't want to be nor should I give care too. To live as inspiration is something I can do in peace and joy.

I see the evolution of the planet and cosmos moving so fast if you blink, it'll pass you by. Hold on to a fact and the force of movement in the flow will eventually rip you from your grip, best to just let go now of everything and surrender to the flow and enjoy the ride. You have a better chance of seeing more of the sights and wonders along the way if you let go.

Love? happiness? How can love be a goal when it is what is when all is released? Its what you are in experiential Essenes. Release can be a goal so the love that is can be known. The funny thing is, love is not something you can chase after and get a grip on or it will evade you. Its the chase and the holding that keeps you from realizing its ever presence. I am not talking about romantic sexual love. I am talking about a powerful force that pulls things together and heals.

Love is the only emotion that all others come out out of. Even fear is just a lack of awareness in love. Sadness, is a delusion of love lost, happiness a delusion of love found, anger a delusion of love in need being demanded from life.

Emotion is the power that moves creation to take shape and form in the light of directive ideals as broad or as narrow as they come. I talk about equating thought with light and emotion with sound. In my world the manifest and realized comes down to light and sound waves and frequencies...energy.

When fear is known to be a lack of being in the love that is, it is not polarized as an opposition to love. It can be experienced that way though. Take a cup full of water and that would be the cup full of love. Pour it out and leave a drop. That would be the cup full of fear. Fear is us freaking out without being full of water. That's when we experience a separation from source because source love is what we are. All fears stem from separation from source anxiety.

Its just the self forgotten, not real, an illusion and remembering with the love of the heart brings you back. Once you make a few runs back into it, you can leave it when ever you want to play games as you can then consciously choose to forget or pretend to be in forgetfulness's.

Love is the most powerful stuff in the multiverse and to feel without it renders ones in primal states of panic, worry, insecurity, helplessness and the like. Instead of tapping the well, people turn to external means of power to feel it acquiring money, control over others, and dominance of material possessions and territories only its all in vain and not the real deal. No one can take the real deal away from you as you have a limitless supply only you are in control of. They can take away your money and things and titles that make you feel powerful and in control though, then what?

Good to hear you choose to face and overcome fear versus run from it. The easiest way to overcome the feeling is to open the tap to your well spring within and get it flowing again. Ahhhhhhhhhh When full of it, everything changes enemies become allies and the darkness brightens and the weights are lifted with ease and you feel as if there is nothing you can't do because in it, its all felt as YOU as you become aware of yourself as the universal one.

Mind you, this state is not easy to maintain 24/7. In this case the goal is one of a continuum of letting go. If you grip the hose and hold to it tightly the water can not flow and pressure builds all the while one screams for the water to come out of the end. In the panic, one holds tighter in a futile attempt to regain power and control over the hose all the while not realizing its the grip itself keeping the water from flowing out of the end into your garden to nourish and give abundant life.

If you agree that happiness is experienced in love then you now see what the goal is to achieve it, let go of anything you hold on too and grip tightly-attachment beliefs. You are not your beliefs and you are not what others believe you to be.

If you consider yourself to be the metaphoric hose/vessel, to get more water flowing, you have to pull from the heart to get a siphon suction going and then keep the hose free of constraints which would beliefs held onto with a tight grip, beliefs that are heavy and beliefs that are hardened and can clog and block the flow.

Its a very disorienting feeling to be in that place of having let go for all we have known in this life is holding on to things and standing on solid ground to feel a sense of power, place and control.

We clung to our parents and our toys and then our friends and social clicks and then our beliefs and titles and possessions and that clinging never brought lasting love or happiness did it? The more we clinged the more we seemed to experience a fear of loosing those things and we clung tighter and we fought against threats of loosing them and moved into more fear as we grabbed to hold onto more only gaining more to fear loosing.

They were never where a sense of being in universal love and its intangible power of self control came from. We never needed them to feel it or experience it. "IT" is not of this world which is why it fits through the eye of a needle and takes you into heaven on earth. All the shit you cling to and hold on to has to be checked at the door.

The spiritual practice of discipline involved is one of breaking the bad habit of believing and thinking the more we hold onto the more power and control we have. It only makes it worse. Its all false and that's why people who look for external means of it can never have enough. It can all be taken away.

In your heart place is a well, an infinite source and it can be tapped into at any time for a refill. It can be siphoned to just flow in trickles or with gushing force. With it, in it, you can have nothing and have everything of the sensual experience, tangibles not required to feel or to know.

I'm not going to say its easy. Becoming accustomed to the feeling of the free float when you let go is quite foreign to us and our social norms and being in the state of water makes it impossible for others to hold onto YOU and they will get angry when they feel they are loosing their grip on you and they will fight to harden you again so they will have something to hold onto you with.

Being mindful of these dynamics helps and surrounding yourself with people who serve to remind you helps also. Why I hang out here with many who seek to harden others is just for my own practice and play.

Its easier to be there when alone, but when in an environment of people freaking out in fear looking to grab onto more hard concrete things and solid ground to stand on it when you are free floating becomes quite a challenge to keep them from turning you into a grounded stiff.

Well, now you know more about Jiggy and maybe yourself. As you can see, you will not get the prove it form of debate out of me. Tell me you can fly and I will say "COOL!" You won't get my pretending to be some spritual I am better then you snob either. Tell me I don't know Jack and well maybe its best because Jack sounds like a party pooper to me anyway.

The minions and angels are our my friends in love and war and its all fair game of hide and seek catch me if you can. Self righteousness ain't my bag. I will be wrong forever and a day and its all right with me.

Maybe I am full of shit and whatever it is I am full of it works for me..........I love life and think its easy and wonderful. I am to busy making dreams coming true and playing to dilly over science facts that come about at a turtles pace and to fast to keep up with.

Whaat you talking bout?........ Say you don't like the Reggeaaaaaaa beat?????? We're jammin........jammin till the jammins through.........in 4, 3, 2, ............one lovvvvvvvvve, one heart.......let's get together and feel alright!

Ba na na na na na getting jiggy with it na na na na na na na

And that's what I made from your tray of paper cuts.
  :rastamon: :kiss: :hellfire: :jester: :santaclaus: :flowers:
:ninja: :tripping: :cthulhu: :jammingout: :doggystyle:

Ahuwale ka nane huna.

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