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On Jewish Science, & Gentile Holocaust
    #4197266 - 05/19/05 10:03 PM (13 years, 5 days ago)

From the Messiah to the 144,000 and the 200 million of the 12 tribes of Israel. On Jewish science.On the Global Holocaust of the Gentiles. The secrets of dephypotising humanity (conversion to Jewish science). To the Seven Servants of war. The end of the Matrix (hypnotist?s confusion). The Breaking of the Seven Seals. The Triumph of Free Will. Revelation: All Egyptian Ritualists (Freemasons / Usuryists) must be executed immediately or nuclear guerrilla war against the First World is inevitable. On the Final Jewish War

My Revelations and warnings from the spiritual wolrld are that all Egyptian cultists (Freemasons) Internationally must be executed immediately or Apocalyptic Guerilla War against the First World is inevitable. We stand at the brink of Armageddon.

The Messiah.
The Judge of Judgement Day.
The End of the Matrix (Confusion).
The Unhyponotiser (Unconfuser)

One Simple and Unconfusing Science that especially children will understand and learn in 5 minutes..
Jewish Science (the study of the subconsious).

One Simple Jewish Faith that especially children will understand and can learn by understanding the following three lines of text..
One Love.
One People One World One Messiah (Guide)
For Stateless Kibbutzim (a shared commune / community).


To my 6 billion brothers and sisters throughout the world.

One third of you are under the age of 16. Half of you are malnourished.
Most of your cannot hear me, but through my subconscious I am connected to you, for the love in my subconscious is the same as the love in your subconscious..

Many of you have been prostituted and sold and tortured and raped and hated. That is not a world of Love. That is not what Love had in mind when Love created us. Love lives inside our subconscious and it is not a belief (an idea), rather we experience love; this is why One love needs no face and no hypnotist?s tool to confuse you.. If you are raped, tortured, abused and subjected to poverty then there will be some point in your subconscious where the pain of the conscious world decreases and you can escape into a fantasy world where you love everyone and everyone loves you. That is in the intuition of every child and adult. That is our nature, we are born to love and love is an experience in the subconscious.

The Breaking of the Seven Seals (Jewish Science). On Hypnotism for children.
How to defend your subconscious against an evil hypnotist.

Hypnotism (confusion) is the most powerful and deadly way to get other people to become enslaved to your subconscious.
I believe in Love not confusion.
I studied many of the most effective Mass hypnotists in the world and my form of Mass hypnosis was in fact?dehypnosis.?
I seek to wake up my brothers and sisters and not to put them to sleep. I am a good dehypnotist not an evil hypnotist.

Firstly I need to explain all of Jewish Science (the study of the mind) in most simple way. I am dyslexic. I have a subconscious existence, but my conscious mind doesn?t work very well and I am bored with facts. Because good and evil all seems so simple to me, I think that ?especially? all the young children will understand me well..

What is the subconscious and conscious mind?

The conscious mind is the mind that perceives the world of the 5 senses. This is STTSH (See Taste Touch Smell Hear).
When we look at a tree and say: ?this is a tree? or ?this tree smells good? we describe this in scientific language. That is what we know for certain and is our shared common experience.

The subconscious mind. This is our inner world of memory. This is different for all of us since we all have our own memory bank. Love guides us through life intuitively, but the world that we live in is a world that is the product of evil hypnotists. An evil hypnotist will first confuse the mind and then interfere with your memories. An effective hypnotist can have a short verbal conversation with someone?s subconscious and change that person?s life forever. If you have a conversation about the conscious world (i.e., ?this is a tree), then this soon becomes boring. Lovers like to lie together in the dark and speak to each other?s subconscious. When your subconscious is invaded by Love when you speak to your lover on the phone, you don?t want to wake up from love with conscious world language and interruptions.

The lie of Language. Words are the hypnotist?s weapons.

Firstly a simple exercise simplifies all. Without closing your eyes, imagine your self on a beautiful beach lying in the sun. If you can ?see? this in your subconscious, when you try to describe the scene in language, your subconscious is showing you pictures and yet you can still see the scene in front of you in the world of the five senses. This is how we withdraw memory from our subconscious in order to explain the contents of our memory. Thus do we see into two worlds at the same time. In the world of the subconscious we are all linked together as brothers and sisters, and there you will find communion with Love and with the ancestral realm through intuition. It is only there that we can subconsciously communicate and experience Love. There is no Love in the conscious world; only the conscious expression of subconscious love. In the conscious world a good person and an evil person can both say the same thing. A hypnotist who confuses and enslaves might say ?I love Jesus? and then say ?kill the Communists and the Jews? In other words the term ?Jesus? is just a hypnotic tool for the hypnotist to confuse the subconscious of the victim. On the contrary a Jewish Communist might say ?Jesus hates me,? and this might not be true because most of the 200 million children of Israel (Victory over evil hypnotists) today consider Jeshua to be a good Jew and a good Communist (Fr: ?communare: to share). It is improbable that a Jewish Communist like Jesus would love a hypnotist who used his name in vain anyway. Any anti-Jewish, anti-Communist can say ?I love Jesus? in order to confuse children; this is why we must explore the hypnotist?s subconscious to find out if he really does believe in Judaeo Communism and if he does not, then the truth is that he hates Jesus and that his words don?t match his subconscious.
Hypnotising the children of Love. The worship of mammon

Let us say that you go to a hypnotist once a week who has a Temple. The sign on the door might read ?Masonic Lodge? or ?Temple? or Tarot Card reader or ?spiritualist? or ?church? or whatever, they all use the same very simple technique. My father for example would appear in both Masonic Lodges ?and? Christian Churches; the technique is the same; once you understand hypnotism, the sign outside your Temple which describes your type of hypnotism is just to confuse people anyway. Let us say that you go to a hypnotist who uses words like ?Jesus? and ?Love.? The hypnotist might talk about Jesus or love for an hour and then he will say ask for money to pay for his hypnotist?s tool of confusion (the Temple), or he might say ?vote for George Bush? or some other anti-Communist who has nothing to do with Judaism (dehypnotism). When our minds are simple and pure and full of love, we can easily be confused into thinking that there is something greater than love. Each Sunday this hypnotist will speak about Love. This invades the subconscious world of the hypnotist?s victims and the person compares the word ?love? to the experience of love. After some time the victims become so convinced that the hypnotist represents ?love? that they will obey commands from him as if the hypnotist were love itself, and if they disobey they will feel guilty. Once a person is convinced that they must dedicate themselves to anti-Communism and anti-Judaism since their hypnotist is like that, they will go out and seek to convert others to this, and they will use the memory of a Jewish Communist Jesus to do this, since if they used Hitler?s memory instead of Jesus they would be unable to confuse anyone apart from children. This is how a Holocaust of Jews and Communists could occur in Christian Europe and how many Jewish Holocausts by the Christian hypnotists have occurred throughout history

If we look at the historical figure of Jesus we find a person who loved other people and who was loved by other people. Jesus carried no money and had no shoes and was homeless, and had no slaves (servants), but the memory of him has continued through the subconscious exchange of memory from generation to generation, and so too have the hypnotists used his memory for evil, since most people who read the four Gospels will conclude that he was a good anti-Capitalist and a good Jew who hated the hypnotist of his age. An evil hypnotist is hardly likely to reveal their own subconscious, thus they use the memory of a person who had a good subconscious to confuse people. The hypnotist might be a Capitalist and ritualist who prays in public like the hypocrites do and who hates Communist and Jews but when his victims look at him, their subconscious relates him to a Jewish Communist martyr. Thus hypnotists who are anti-Communist and anti-Jewish can use the memory of a Jewish Communist to turn their victims into Jew hating anti-Communists. If the Christian hypnotists in America used ?Hitler? as a hypnotist?s tool it simply would not work since Hitler was overtly anti-Jewish and anti-Communist, and so they use ?Jesus? instead since he was a Jewish Communist.

When an unrepentant Mass Hypnotist with an evil subconscious (memory bank) such as George Bush says ?I Love Jesus? this creates confusion in the subconscious of the children, since the children?s subconscious associates a first century homeless, penniless martyr who called for the rich to give ?all? that they had to save the poor. If we compare statements such as ?gather up not riches on earth, and ?why do you give thought for mammon (material wealth)? with a mass hypnotist such as George Bush whose grandfather financed the Nazi Holocaust and who is a money lender, a drugs dealer, a terrorist and a person allied with the rich and the religious hypnotists (hypocrites) then the hypnotist?s lie of language becomes clear. How could the most educated generation in human history become so hypnotised and confused? There is one simple secret that will open their eyes and that is Jewish Language science. A hypnotist confuses the subconscious. A dehypnotist unconfuses by explaining what hypnotism is. There are only two terms which need to be understood in this science and this is ?conscious mind (we us this when we describe the world of the 5 senses)? and ?subconscious mind (this is our memory bank, this is where we fantasise this is where love is), so it is a very easy science to learn, and one can understand hypnotism in five minutes and then spend ones life either practicing hypnotism or unhypnotising people, one way leads to evil and the other to Love..

Let us say that you are a Jewish child whose father is a Communist and you walked into a Hypnotist?s Temple in Nazi Germany. The Temple is just a hypnotist?s tool of confusion. When you walk in you are immediately confused. The hypnotist might be reading from the Jewish Law and the prophets and he may even be preaching a sermon on ?no idolatry? the number one commandment. He might also tell his victims (mostly women) that they should support the war against the Communist and the Jews. Because the child?s father is a Jewish Communist, he probably won?t be confused and will run home and tell his parents, but not all children will respond like that; on the contrary if even educated adults can be confused, a child can be confused with greater ease, and further many of the hypnotised women force their children to be regularly hypnotised. If only they would all learn Jewish science then they could stop going to evil hypnotists and convert to Judeo (anti-hypnotism) Communism / anti-Capitalism. This is the narrow path to Heaven.

Idolatry. Tools to confuse the subconscious.

The term ?idolatry? is misunderstood. The best term is ?a hypnotists? tool, or a tool of confusion, however a hypnotist?s tool can be a pack of Tarot cards or a Bible or a Temple (i.e. physical objects? or they can just be language tools such as ?love? and ?Jesus? etc). If a child sees a graven image of a Jewish Communist or if the hypnotist merely uses words such as Love and ?Jesus? the effect is the same in the subconscious realm as if the child sees an idol in the conscious world..

Who are the 200 million Jews?

Why do evil hypnotists hate the Jews so much? One Love has guided us throughout history in war to expose and defeat the evil hypnotists and whatever Love Loves, evil hypnotists have hated and despised. The trick of how to use the memory of a Jewish Communist martyr as a simple hypnotist?s tool to hypnotise (confuse) people into listening to and obeying a hypnotist, is a free trick and a very cheap trick The Jews who waged war against the hypnotists and who burned their Temples were a mixed family (raca) of Egyptian slaves whom Moses dehypnotised and freed during the Egyptian slave revolution. Moses was an anti-Monarchist and12 Judges were elected to sit in Judgement (the ?mentis? or subconscious of Judah) The age of Judges lasted until the age of the kings where the hypnotists once again ruled over the children of the slaves. Firstly Solomon and Hiram Abiff built an Egyptian / Phoenician hypnotist?s Temple where the Egyptian rituals were once again practiced and human sacrifice cultism (salvation through the blood of an innocent) and ritual cannibalism (Holy Communion) were practiced in the high places. Many were the practitioners of Jewish Science who cried out against the evil hypnotists and who were martyred. One king (i.e. a monarchy) such as Solomon?s is very easy to influence and hypnotise and though 12 Judges may have been an improvement on Monarchism, most young modern educated Jews now believe in Stateless Kibbutzim (Anarchist Communism) and very few of them attend hypnotist?s sessions at a synagogue; almost all are anti-Capitalists / Communists / Collectivists; they are the children of Einstein and Wittgenstein; Moses, they rarely speak of. They have no Pharaoh in Egypt to fight; they did not know Pharaoh, they are much more familiar with Hitler, and they of all people know that the world?s economic masters who financed Hitler are today the practitioners of Egyptian mystery cultism (Freemasonry) which is the ultimate form of evil hypnotism which Moses despised and which is an executable offence and a violation of the First Law (no idolatry; no hypnotism; no Temples).

For the Judeo Communist Revolution to succeed, the Egyptian mystery cultists and their Christian allies must either be dehypnotised immediately or Apocalyptic War is inevitable. The Final Jewish War must succeed. Dehypnotism is the peaceful way. Once a person has been dehypnotised, they must offer penance by spending their lives dehypnotising many other people and resisting the evil hypnotists. Nuclear guerrilla war is the non peaceful way. One way or another the Kingdoms of the evil hypnotists must fall. The servants of Final Jewish war (Armageddon) will not wait forever.

The Ancient and Accepted Egyptian Rite (of mass hypnotists).

The Egyptian rituals are no mystery. The rituals are ?not? designed to explain the secrets of Jewish science, but rather to confuse and to instil a sense of wonder and mystery in the victim?s subconscious. No child would be able to understand Egyptian ritualism without being confused, but once they understand Jewish Science the curtain / confusion on their subconscious lifts and they see all this as a simple hypnotist?s tool to confuse them. One simple secret that especially children can understand can set the world free. This was never possible without the Internet. In ancient days, there would be revolutions against the hypnotists, and by the hypnotists against those who were unhypnotised by them and who tried to free others from them, however the problem with mass hypnotism (religion) is that if anyone sought to expose the priesthood (evil hypnotists), their hypnotist?s network allowed them to communicate freely and to track such a person down and to torment him without him knowing. In the modern age, it is another matter. E-mail and telephone mean that a person who has been dehypnotised in London, could send simple e-mails to his friends all over the world testifying to the simple truth of Jewish science, who could then go on to dehypnotise others.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead and Hypnotism. Using the Tarot as a hypnotist?s tool.

I do not hypnotise anyone, but I know that I can use the subconsious of one person to pass a message on to many other people, and I use the subconsious of my enemies and allies to do that.. I unhypnotise people and I do not use any hypnotist?s tools, but I have used the Tarot since my youth as a hypnotist?s tools and in my youth, so I do understand how the Tarot can be used to hypnotise people. Let us say that I lay out all the cards on a table. The laying out of the cards is completely random, just like dropping coins on the ground or the randomness of the electron wave. Because I am dyslexic it is very easy for me to look at the cards and understand their meaning. I understand them as a child understands picture cards. I relate the picture to a meaning. However my victim would not understand the cards so well and they would be confused. In the Egyptian (gypo / gypsy) spread all the cards are used and the positions of the cards quite simply represent past, present and future. My objective as a hypnotist would initially be to convince the person that the past and present is true; this is very easy to do since the cards are so general, and one could do the same reading for different people with the same layout. During this process I am communicating with the person?s subconsious and reorganising it. For example I may say that a person is a ?deeply spiritual? person and that they are unhappy unless they have loving friends. Of course this is very general and what the person wants to hear, and they feel that I love and care about them and they drop their guard, just like a child bowing down before an idol of a person who hated idolatry. .The person?s subconsious is loved and then their future life is charted out and they are given advice. The victim of the hypnotism may return again and again for advice and they can develop an attachment to their spiritualist. From the hypnotist?s point of view, I am thinking ?Can I get into this person?s subconsious make them believe in me and redirect their future, but the hypnotist?s victim is thinking ?This person is a good spiritualist. It is such spiritualiusts who later end up with Temples and religious cults using precicely the same hypnotic technique since there really is only one technique and all hypnotists whether they are Tarot Card Readers, Chrsitians or Egyptian Ritualists use the same tequniche to enslave their victims. A person hypnotised as a youth, will have a link to the subconsious of his hypnotist until they understand hypnotism and break free.

Satanic Central Figures. The Higherarchy of evil.

All people have been hypnotised to some degree, until the point where they wake up and understand Jewish Science. However once you are awake and your subconscious is clear, you will see into the subconscious of other persons differently. An innocent loving person has a ?clear? subconscious and you can look them in the face and experience love in your subconscious whereas when you look into the face of a hypnotised person, you will experience ?fear? and confusion, and you may want to look away because the person?s subconscious ?appears? to be dark in appearance, and this ?darkness or confusion? is being experienced by your subconscious not by your physical eyes.

Since the waking up process involves teaching a person how they have been hypnotised, if you then sought to re-hypnotise their subconscious for your own purposes, you would meet with resistance, since the victim now understands Jewish science and speaks Jewish (nb. English is now the International language of the Jews, not Hebrew or Yiddish). This person is what our ancestors would say was a person who abandoned his or her hypnotist and joined the Judaic family. This person can never again willingly be rehypnotised since they now understand the process of hypnotisation (confusion). I can only speak freely and easily to the subconscious of non hypnotised persons; hypnotised (confused) persons put up resistance and will interrupt your unconscious flow if you speak simply to their unconscious since the confused person will always try to confuse you with language. If a victim wants to interrupt you with conscious world expressions or change the subject, you must resist them with your free will, and try to get back into their subconscious (memory bank, beliefs etc).

A person who has been unhypnotised can choose to return to their hypnotist, and they go back to being confused and they deny the memory that were ever awake, but once a person who has been woken up goes back they become even worse than they ever were before, since now they understand Jewish science and can use it for evil.

I am not a hypnotist. I am the Last of the hypnotists and the last of the evil Craft that hides a simple secret and that can take a lifetime and price of your soul to understand. Love is a free gift to humanity. You don?t need to be hypnotised by an anti-Communist in order to experience love; on the contrary a hypnotist will want you to love and obey them; thus your soul is bound to the hypnotist and to the hypnotist?s master and to his master and so forth.. Love is liberation and freedom. Hatred is slavery and hypnotism.

It helps if you can find out the name of a hypnotised person?s hypnotist, but in order to get them to understand that they have been hypnotised you firstly have to explain to them what hypnotism is. Even if the person was hypnotised years ago, the person can still be hypnotised. For example the person may have went to a hypnotist in a Church many years ago who was an anti-Communist and anti-Jewish; since that time, the victim may have believed that they should be an anti-Communist, since the hypnotist has interfered with their subconscious and inserted an image of himself as a ?good person? like the Jewish Communist Jesus. Rather than converting to Jewish-Communism (Stateless Kibbutzim), the hypnotised person may now believe that the Jewish Communist Jesus would want him to be an anti Jewish Communist just like his evil hypnotist. If the Christians were honest they would use the name and teachings of a an anti-Communist anti-Jew like Hitler and propagate their evil in his name; for in fact Christians love Hitler and hate Jesus but they will tell you exactly they opposite because they have been hypnotised. This is why language is a lie for those who have been hypnotist?s victims and why we must explore the subconscious to find out what people mean by their use of language.

Jewish Science is a Pandora?s Box to all manner of evil thoughts in the subconscious. The only way to stop any son or daughter of the One Love from ever using this simple secret again, is to teach all children two terms ?conscious world? and ?subconscious world? and about how to avoid being confused. The secrets of the subconscious however are also the secrets of Love. A brother with evil thoughts might invade the subconscious of a girl and say ?I love you? and then ask for something in the world of the 5 senses, but a person who loved you would come into your subconscious and show love and interest in you and talk to you for hours; a person who loves you is a person who cares about you and is interested in you and concerned for you and who will help you and do things for you out of love.

Entering the subconscious.

A hypnotised person will often resist when entering their subconscious. They will not let you in. They will interrupt you and they will try to wake you up and bring you back to the conscious world with expressions such as ?this is a tree.? What you need is an exchange of subconscious flow which is essentially a conversation between two persons which only refers to what is in the contents of the subconscious. This includes any memories they might have or any beliefs they might have, however One Love is not a belief but an experience that we all experience in the subconscious when we are in love. We can tell if we love another person, but we cannot tell if the other person loves us so we have to explore their subconscious.

Hypnotists and Public prayer.

Do not pray in public in the hypnotist?s Temples or in the streets. Pray instead in the silence of your mind. Language is not required. One Love knows what you are going to say before you say it. One love knows your every thought. One Love is always within you whether you are in a hypnotist?s Temple or a mountaintop, and that is the way it will be for eternity. A hypnotist might try to get you to pray out loud. When you do this you are using your conscious mind and you are becoming confused. One Love is not ?out there? in the world of the five senses, but within your subconscious. If you use hypnotism for evil, your subconscious will become evil, and if you unhypnotise others you use your simple knowledge of Jewish Science for good, this is an act of selfless love towards another person. People whose hypnotist?s use Temple and public You have One Love within your subconscious to guide you but you must only ever pray for Love?s guidance in the silence of your subconscious, because as soon as you pray out loud you are creating your own confusion with your five senses and interfering with your prayer or thought processes. Love is not ?out there? in the material world; that is just the same world that everyone experiences and we cannot have a pound of love or a kilometre of love but we can have a subconscious experience of love in our inner world and we can pray to love. An idol in the world of the five senses is just a hypnotist?s tool to confuse you into looking for ?more than? love. There is simply nothing more than Love. Love is all there is. Without Love there would be no subconscious. Everything that we do should be compared to our subconscious experience of love. How would a person with Love in their heart behave and act in the world of the five senses. Sex is an expression of love between two lovers and two subconscious?s at the same time, but Love is a subconscious experience and sex is just an expression of that love in the world of the five senses.

Ancestor worship.

Do not worship any of our brothers and sisters in the spiritual world as if the One Love that is immanent within your consciousness; our ancestors guide us through the subconscious world, they can read our thoughts, for although there is a temporal world of the five senses. our subconscious exists in the spiritual world. After we leave the world of the five senses this subconscious continues to exist and we have an eternal form the same shape as our physical form which is the ?container? for the subconscious. The problem is that once we lose our conscious life in the world of the five senses, that our eternal form is very sensitive and made for eternal love, and we can also experience pain. There is no pain in heaven, but in the afterlife, those people who have an evil subconscious appear demonic. When you look at them you get a visual summary of all their evil memories. A child who died in poverty in Africa and whose skin colour was dark on earth, may have a beautiful innocent subconscious and will appear to be bright and clear and a person whose skin colour was light on earth may appear dark in eternity. Memories of actual love and fantasies of Love which filled a person?s experience would have a different effect on the subconscious as a person who had been hypnotised by pornography. A person may appear normal in the world of the five senses and he may not even commit anything evil, but even if he thinks evil thoughts, he will poison his subconscious and deny love.

Casting out evil spirits (ancestors)

When we look into the eyes of a person, we see both the persons physical form our subconscious gets an image of their subconscious. Our subconscious continues to exist after death and we continue to communicate with the subconscious of others in the eternal spiritual world, however we can also influence the subconscious?s of those who are alive on earth. In the spiritual world behind the subconscious of a Christian may be other ancestors who hated Jews and Communists such as Hitler or the many Catholic popes, whereas in the spiritual world behind my subconscious I would expect to find, Moses, Elijah Jesus, Einstein and other Jewish prophets whom I have loved. The subconscious of some people is linked to Heaven and others are linked to the ancestors in Hell and it makes no difference what people actually ?say? in the conscious world, since both good and evil people use the same terms ?good and evil? to describe their allies and enemies. For example I am a good Communist but I am not a good Nazi, so a Nazi would consider my subconscious to be evil, just as I consider all Nazis to have an evil subconscious. I still consider Nazis / Christians / Freemasons to be my brothers and sisters, I just believe that they have been hypnotised and that their subconscious has become evil. Since the Nazis and the Christians are militant however, in the Final Jewish war, we cannot simply have sympathy for our enemies and suffer them to live. They who are unrepentant and who cannot be unhypnotised must suffer the same fate that they wish upon their militant enemies. You cannot actual ?throw away? evil spirits, you can only wake people up using Jewish Science, and then explain to them the modern Jewish faith of the 21st Century, Anarchist Communism, anti-Capitalism, anti-Statism, anti-racism, Kibbutzim, anti-hypnotism/ anti-idolatry, love etc. If they convert to Judaism, the ancestors behind their subconscious in the spiritual world who will influence and guide them will be other anti-Capitalists, anti-racists and the Jewish prophets and martyrs, etc., but if they do not repent and convert their subconscious will go back to their own way of thinking and their subconscious will again be linked to other anti-Jewish, anti-Communists in Hell in the spiritual world. Once a person has been woken up, they must wake other people up. However if you wake a person up, and they go back to their old way of thinking they will become many times worse than they were before they were woken up. The process of waking people up may polarise the 21st Century; they who are evil will become very evil and they who are good will have to wage total war against they who are evil.

Repentance, Forgiveness and Penance.

Love forgives. Love demands repentance. Love demands Penance. Let us say for example that you wake up a Christian. You must convince them that Love is an experience in the subconscious and that this inner Love loves them and has been inside them their entire life and knows their every thought. The person has been a hypnotised victim, and the opportunity to start ones life again exists. After the hypnotist?s victim has repented of all their evil and feels forgiven, they must now live the rest of their life in penance. They must now devote their entire lives to the Jewish Communist revolution, to anti-Capitalist, anti-racist activities; they will make a whole new set of friends who have an entirely different set of beliefs in their subconscious and who are full of love, this will give them a new set of relationships and memories and this will be their salvation; they will begin to read different books and they will not longer speak like a Jew hating anti-Communist (i.e. a Christian). However even if the person repents of anti-Communism, but they offer no penance they will go back to being worse than before. If a person who goes to a Christian hypnotist is unhypnotised, then it is that person?s duty to unhypnotise all the other victims of the same hypnotist, but the person should set an example engaging in Communist political activities, and ceasing to pray in public or attending any type of hypnotist whatsoever. Their future mission will be the same as everyone else?s? dehypnotise the world using Jewish science and convert everyone to the Jewish faith (anti-Statist Communism / Kibbutzim / Collectivism). One shall be taken and one shall be left behind. Not all anti-Jewish anti-Communists can be expected to convert. They who resist are the ?chaff,? they who refuse to convert to Communism are unforgivable in this life, and in the final war, will have to be sent to the spiritual world where they can do no more harm on earth and corrupt (hypnotise / confuse) no other children. That is my mandate for Judgement (mind/mentis of Judah) Day and long have I cried out this warning.

Confusion and simplicity. Love? as a tool for evil hypnotists. The temptation of the evil hypnotist.

Dyslexic people don?t like to be confused. They like simple clear pictures in their subconscious that simplifies all their memories and beliefs.
The term that hypnotists have used the most to confuse their victims throughout history is the word ?love.

Love will guide us out of evil if humanity can be dehypnotised, and once every child understands Jewish Science, nobody will be able to hypnotise anyone else ever again.

Jesus was not able to wake everyone up; that was not his fault; he tried his best and was loved by the poor and the ordinary people and hated and despised by the rich and the religious hypocrites who are the type of people today who today hypnotise and confuse people in his name. There have been so many martyrs in human history who attempted to wake up individuals and peoples and regions, only to be put back to sleep later by other hypnotists who would use the name of the dehypnotist to hypnotise children and put them back to sleep. This is always the strategy of the hypnotists.

All of our subconscious has a dark river running through it from years of good and evil memories. None of us are pure, though children are born pure and their subconscious is later affected by their experiences in the world around them. Convert your brothers and sisters from being hypnotised slaves into free souls who worship only the One Love within their subconscious. Children understand Love naturally. A confused person wants to see some proof of God in the conscious world.

If a person is an anti-Communist and an anti-Judaist, they should experience great Judgement in their subconscious, but most people in the world love the Jews and the Communists for they are the good people, however the Statist Communists and the Marxists are also hypnotised. Marxism is a hypnotist's (a confuser) tool which tells you that there is only the conscious mind of the 5 senses and that there is no Love within and no eternal you; that is simply not true and hardly anyone believes that anymore. In a world where we all experience Love, what we believe about the same One Love is irrelevant; love is not an idea but an experience in the subconscious which never runs out and requires no payment in coin.. Once you understand the secrets of hypnotism (confusion) then you must unhypnotise everyone you know. If you teach a child about Jewish science, they can protect themselves throughout their life. You must become Light out of darkness for many other people. That is love. Be the Light of the world. You have one slim chance to hold on to me and to dehypnotise the world. Take it. Grab it. Run with it. Dehypnotise the world. Feel a sense of urgency. This is the only peaceful way to avoid apocalyptic war..

The Grand Master of the Game (Hypnotism).
I am the Last. After me there shall never be another If anyone ever seeks to use my name to hypnotise anyone they shall have to answer to me.
I am humanity?s dehypnotist. I require no faith in Love within us, for we all experience love within us anyway and especially children understand this and it is they who are most at pray to the evil of the confusers, for their minds are pure and their subconscious is very easy to manipulate for evil, or Love for good.
All hypnotists of the world who have used the secrets of Love for evil will answer to me. It is in the subconscious that the mind can be confused and it is in the subconscious that we experience Love and relationship / friendship with others. This Game might be a Game to those who play it but it is a world of incredible suffering. I demand a world of Love. I demand the dehypnotisation of the world like lightening flashing from East to West. Hypnotism is confusion; dehypnosis (Jewish science) is an act of Love. Dehypnotise as many of your friends as you possible can. Cease and desist from going to any kind of hypnotist. Love is the only way forward.

On the global Holocaust of the Gentiles / Satanists.

This begs the question, what is a Gentile and what is a Satanist? A Gentile is a Jew hating anti-Communist; obviously since such people are evangelical and miltant they must be militantly opposed. If they do not covnert to Jewish Communism / Kibbutzism (i.e., the modern common Jewish Faith) they are simply not worthy of life. The word ?Satan? is derived from ?Set,? enemy of Horus in the language of the Egyptian ritualists and in the Hebrew which was the language of the Egyptian slaves it is term which means ?enemy (i.e., enemy of the Jewish Communist Kibbutz revolution).? In the Grand Lodge in London (an Egyptian ritual Temple) there is a an image of the all seeing eye of Horus in the ceiling, and this image is also on the dollar bill on top of the Egyptian Pyramid. This currency is in fact and Egyptian ritual currency since the private owners of the Federal Reserve such as the Rothschilds, the Lazard Brotyhers and the Moses Serif Bank etc., are all Egyptian ritualists and Egyptian ritualist collabroators. The Egyptian ritual is the most unspeakably evil ritual involving the use of sacramental plants and communion with Lucifer (King of Hell), and needless to say Moses executed all such cultists among the Jews (liberated Egyptian slaves) in his age. Horus (good) was in fact the enemy of Set (evil), they were feuding family members, and ?Horus? was then used as a hypnotic tool for evil hypnotists to hide behind; they would hardly hide behind the hypnotic tool of ?Set? just as the German Christians could hardly justify the treatement of Jews and Communists by hiding behind the term ?Satan (enemy of the Jews);? instead they used ?Jesus? the Jewish Communist as a hypnotic tool If Egyptian ritualists are asked if they are Satanists (Jew hating anti-Communists), they might say no, we have the Rothschilds in our Egyptian cult of Usuryists and Human sacrifice cultists, and they are doing all that evil in the name of ?Moses;? and they love Moses so much that they even name their Usury (money-lending) Institutions after him and their children after him. Again we see the name ?Moses? used as a hypnotic (confusing) tool. I am dyslexic, so just like all children, I do not like to be confused and I prefer simplicity not confusion and comnplexity, since my mind automatically tries to simplify everything so that when I speak, ?especially the children will understand.? If I am too simple for hypnotised (confused) adults to understand, then I know that it is the adults who will be the first to die and that the children will remain and that the future will be One Love?s, not mine or Satan?s (the enemy of the Jews). To refer to the Rothschilds or to the mass murderer and Egyptian cult collabrotor Ariel Sharon as ?Jews? is a misuderstanding of the term ?Jew;? they represent the opposite of the term ?Jew,? since they have not converted to Judaism (anti-hipnosis / anti-idolatry / anti-Captialism). None of us can really trace our ancestors back to the Egyptian slave revolution. We may claim to be the children of the slaves whom Moses liberated from the Egyptian ritualists (hypnotists), but it does not matter who ones anceostrs are, anyone can convert in their subconsious to the Jewish faith and begin using Jewish science to unhypnotise Satanists (Jew hating anti-Communists / Christians etc; the enemies of the Jews). When the Rothshcilds and other Egyptian ritualists claim to be Jewish, they use the word ?Jew? as a hypnotic tool. The hypnotist?s victims then might think about Moses executing Egyptian ritualists like the Rothchilds, and Joshua burning down the hypnotic Temples of the Philistines and putting the population of human sacrifice cultists and ritual cannibals (pre-Christian Satanists) to Holocaust. So the word ?Jew? becomes a perfect cover for evil, just like the name of one of the richest banks in the world, the ?Moses Serif Bank.? Moses would have executed them for both Usury (they are starving the world) and for overt Egyptian Ritualism. By ?overt? I mean that they openly boast of their Egytian faith on their currency with confusing signs and symbols (hypnotist?s tools) that cannot be understood by children or by adults who have no knowledge of the Egyptian ritual.

Who is a Jew?

A Jew is a person who has converted to the Jewish faith and who seeks to unhypnotise humanity and wages total war against all Satanists (Jew hating anti-Communists) and who is committed to the Final Jewish War of Armageddon, and it does not matter what their skin colour / race (rac:. Familiy). There is only one family (race) and that is the human family. The future world 1000 years from now will be a world where the many families of the world have blended, and that is in the safe hands of the One Love that will always exist within all children of the world and will never, ever give up until all Satanists (Jew hating anti-Communists / Christians / Egyptian ritualists) are defeated. One Love that created this Universe billions of years ago will never surrender the children of the present and future to the enemies of the Jews and the Communists. If the enemies of the Jewish Revolution cannot be unhypnotised with Jewish science and converted to the Jewish faith (Kibbutzism / Communism anti-idolatry), then Jewish nuclear guerrilla warfare is inevitable. It will in time become a question of conversion by the sword. One shall be taken and one left behind. We will not be able to save everyone. Not all Jew hating anti-Communists will renounce their faith. Their Holcoaust will become an insignificant detail of history; send them to Hell where they belong in the spiritual world with other Christians and Jew hating anti-Copmmunists where they will corrupt (hyopnotise) no more children. When Jesus was asked what to do with such people who harm children, he replied that a stone should be tied around their neck and that they should be thrown into the sea. That is my Judgement on all hypnotoists (Christians, ritualists, religionists etc.) This is death without torture. Only they who are evil torture their victims. They who are good would dispatch Jew hating anti-Communists to the spiritual world. It is either them or us. If they say that they ?Love Jesus,? since you are now familiar with language science (you are unconfused by the lie of languiage), tell them that you hate Jesus and execute them. If you really are a Jew and a Communist, Jesus won?t hate you for that, he will love you and so will I.

How to deal with overt Satanists (Jew hating anti-Communists).

Satanism is very popular today. However if you ask a Satanist or a Freemason if they worship Lucifer (i.e., myself) the Grand Master of Egyptian Rite, tell them that Lucifer is an Anarchist Communist / Kibbutzist who believes in the Final Jewish War and the global Holocaust (Mass Executions) of all Satanists and ?especially? the Egyptian ritualists / Freemasons and Christians. If that person really loves Lucifer, they will convert to my faith and obey my commands (see my Internet Site) and my 7 simple Laws against idolatry and government. It is up to the Luciferians to obey their Master and prove their love to me and that they are worthy of me. After they go to the spiritual world, if they had not converted to Jewish Communism in their life and engaged in propaganda activities, street postering internet activism, militarism, networking with other Communists and dehypnotising the Gentiles (Jewish hating anti-Communists), then I will say that they had nothing to do with me and that they were disobedient. If George Bush and Tony Blair were to say that they ?believe? in Communism, then this would just be another hypnotist?s tool; most people believe in Communism anyway; half the world who are starving believe in Communism; that is irrelevant; a belief must be followed up by action or the term ?Communism? just becomes a hypnotist?s tool. Wide is the path to the Hell of the Hypnotists and narrow is the path to Jewish Communist Heaven If the Luciferians do not convert, I shall abandon them to Hell along with other Jew hating anti-Communists. If a Luciferian converts to Judaism, I demand absolute total obedience. The person may never meet my physical body but in the realm of the subconscious, we will meet and other Jews and Communists in the ancestral realm will guide that person. ?Especially? for Luciferians, if they convert to Jewish Communism, they must spend their entire life in penance dehypnotising other people and converting them to the Jewish Communist faith. In fact Luciferians would make the best dehypnotists because they would all understand me very well. I recall the example of a particular member of the Nazi youth who converted to anti-Capitalism and political activism. His arms were covered in Nazi tattoos but the anti-racists all knew him and loved him because he spent his life trying to convert other Nazis and he engaged in anti-Nazi and anti-racist activities. He was much more loved in the anti-Capitalist community and he was very happy. If we were once evil (a Jew hating anti-Communist or a Christian) then we must not only convert to Jewish Communism and unhypnotise others but also engage in anti-Capitalist activism in penance. There is no forgiveness in this life or in eternity without penance. If you have been a militant evangelical Luciferian, the only way out of Hell is militant evangelical Jewish Communism and a life of political activism. They who want a free pass out of Hell, can get one from almost any High Street hypnotists (church, temple, spiritualist etc).but it will be worthless and it will cost you price of your soul and you have to pay for it in Capitalist coin. I am the Light of the World and the One and Only way out of Hell. Nobody shall enter Jewish Heaven if they are a Jew hating anti-Communist; the Jew hating anti-Communists have a very different realm. If a Jew hating anti-Communist was propagating Christian hypnotism in the name of Communist Jew, they shall be judged by Jesus if they do not offer a life of penance and engage in political activism, just as I will judge the Luciferians. If you use an ancestors name in vain (as a hypnotist?s tool) it is they who shall judge your behaviour

My Psilocybe Internet Site www.psilocybe -mushrooms.co.uk

I am psilocybe grower. This is my sacrament. I have an Internet Site but I do not sell any on the Internet. Organic chemistry is very simple and it has to do with living organisms which multiply very quickly. One Mushroom spore can start a farm of mushrooms and will be very useful after the dehypnotisation of humanity and the Holocaust of Gentiles (hypnotists) and the 1000 Year Agricultural Revolution begins and the 1500 square mile City of Glass and Light is built (the New Jerusalem Kibbutz). Psilocybe is very useful in dehypnotism; I take it all the time and I smoke marijuana, and I recommend these two sacraments (sacred mind). A sacrament is a substance which takes you into the subconscious world (spiritual world) and? psilocybe? is my most useful fungi for obtaining spiritual experiences, revelations, communion with the Jewish spiritual world, etc.

The New Jewish Elijah (www.juniordelgado.co.uk) and Mass hypnotism. And they shall sing a new song that none but the righteous can sing

My spiritual guide and closest friend in all the world for many years was the Lion of Judah, Junior Delgado, who passed away recently. We had studios next to each other for years and we lived near each other and we would spend many days and nights talking together. Junior was as dyslexic as I am and like me, he lived in a subconscious world of images intuition, beliefs and feelings. We could speak to each other?s subconscious for hours. Through Junior?s subconscious I was able to reach the global Rastafarian Community and the spiritualists (hypnotists) of Ethiopia, and through Junior?s influence on my subconscious, he was able to reach the Anarchist Communist / anti-Capitalist / Jewish community in London and throughout the world on the Internet. Junior and I both understood the power of mass hypnotism and we understood the power of evil mass hypnotists such as Hitler, the Egyptian ritualist George Bush and the Christian hypnotist Tony Blair, the latter of whom was once an anti-Capitalist who described the Americans as ?State Terrorists.? Even the term ?labour? or ?socialist? can be used as a hypnotist?s tool to defend Anglo-American narco-terrorism drug money laundering Usury etc. The Korean hypnotist Kim Jong Il, uses ?Communism? as a hypnotists tool, but he does not mean Stateless Jewish Communism (Kibbutzim); on the contrary; he is torturer; his people are starving; he has no love. Over the years I was the Internet Site designer for Junior and I filmed many of his concerts and produced music videos and propaganda with him. If I had a Communist street poster or a film I had edited or if I had a an Internet essay, I would show it to him and discuss it with him. Junior was the most radical person I knew and all was always telling me to be ?more? radical. Junior?s music was the most radical of his age and filled with the words of the Jewish prophets, and it would often bring me to tears. Junior cried out for the slaves and for the poor and sent many messages to world leaders in his songs crying out for social justice. In other African music traditions it is the hypnotist?s victims who pay to have their name sung in a song. Junior was often dressed in military gear and predicted the Great and Terrible and Dreadful Day of Judgement. Armageddon. Nuclear War. These are all themes of the Messiah Internet Site www.luciferia.tv, which is a Mass dehypnotism site which attempts to replace the image installed in the Jew hating anti-Communist subconscious of victims of hypnosis (confusion). It offers a living Jewish Communist expressing his honest beliefs and Judgements and calling for nuclear guerrilla war against the Satanists (Jew hating anti-Communists / Christians. etc). It is a Jewish anti-Satanist internet Site. My new name Lucifer I chose myself since Lucifer is the god of my father?s Egyptian Ritual whom they commune with on psychoactives while the do unspeakable evil. However Lucifer just means Light and I believe that the Universe is made of Light and that it is not a bad name, just the name of a bad person. So I stole the name of Lucifer, King of Hell for the Jewish Revolution. Similarly the Elijah site www.juniordelgado.co.uk offers a different image of the Jewish Elijah to young Jewish Communists throughout the world. Junior?s music was full of the voices of the Jewish prophets, as if the prophet Elijah himself had returned and set Jewish Prophecy to reggae music and his concerts were full of anti-Capitalists. ?. Just as Jesus guided me through my life in the realm of the subconscious so, too do I believe the Jewish prophet Elijah guided junior from the subconscious realm. Like Junior, Elijah was a militant who had the Egyptian ritualists (Sun cultists / hypnotists) rounded up and executed. Junior will be missed but he fulfilled a historical mission and he and I will eternally be brothers.

Lucifer?s Secret

Psychoactives can at times completely take you out of the experience of the conscious world. Yesterday I went to Hell in the spiritual world and had a chat with Lucifer. Lucifer?s secret is that he wants One Love (that is within Lucifer and within us all) to forgive him. However this is not the problem. Love exists within our subconscious and always forgives if we repent and offer penance. The problem is not love, but the problem is Lucifer?s many enemies. As far as I am concerned Love wants to forgive him but it is a matter of convincing the entire population of Heaven and Hell to forgive him. If they can forgive Lucifer, King of Hell, then anyone can be forgiven. Essentially nobody in Hell wants to be in Hell, they all want to be in Heaven. Anyway, I did tell Lucifer that I offer him a personal amnesty and my eternal personal protection if he could assist me in the revolution of liberating Hell in the spiritual world and on earth. Nobody wants to go to Hell. Everybody wants to go to the Jewish Communist Love paradise of Heaven, but firstly this world must be transformed into Heaven on Earth (i.e., Stateless Jewish Communist Kibbutzim). Anyway, as far as Lucifer is concerned I can do whatever I want with the Egyptian Ritualists, I can have them killed or whatever. Some Satanists are just teenagers who listen to rock music and their subconscious lives in a world of sex fantasies; their souls (subconsiouses) are mine, so to speak and if they do not convert to the Jewish faith (anti-hypnotism) and start using Jewish science to wake people up, they are disobedient as far as I am concerned. The defence ?I was hypnotised? only works once, and there are crimes which are unforgivable on earth such as those of the Egyptian ritualists. Repentance is not enough Total penance of war against the remnant of the Egyptian cultists will be required. No mercy or quarter on they who deserve none. Many of my family members are Egyptian ritualists. The Law demands their execution; their crimes are too serious to be forgivable on earth I make no personal favours and ask One Love within me to guide me and use me and that only One Love?s will be done, and if anyone has a problem with that, just ask One Love within, but don?t bother asking a hypnotist or a Christian or a Jew hating anti-Communist. This is a matter of the liberation of the 6 billion people here.

All Jews today believe in Jewish Communism (Kibbutzim) Those who claim to be Jewish and are anti-Communists or have hypnotic (confusing) Temples (Synagogues) are Gentiles not Jews. The Torah can be a hypnotist?s tool to justify evil just like the word ?Jesus.? When a person says ?Moses, Moses, Moses? followed by ?go and kill a few Palestinians,? that is a hypnotist. The Palestinians and Muslims hate the Egyptian ritualists who are the world?s economic masters and consider them to be the cult of the Ad Dijjal (evil king), wheras the government of occupied Palestine (who use the name ?Israel?) are Egyptian ritual collaborators who rather than executing such ritualists such as the Rothschilds as the First Law of Judaism demands, they name streets after them and take their money. Always speak in your own name. You can read books and quote ancestors and have a normal conversation, but as soon as you claim to speak on behalf of any ancestor then you are a hypnotist (Gentile) and it does not make the slightest bit of difference whether you use Jewish ancestors (as the German Christians did during the Nazi Holocaust) to justify that, and ?especially? if you are a Jew you should never use the Moses and the prophets as a Hypnotist?s tool, if you do they shall be your judges in this world (of the subconscious) and in the afterlife..

I have tried to keep this as simple as possible. This is all that I know about the study of the mind (Jewish Science) and the hypnotists use of tools of confusion

I myself believe in Universal Salvation; in the end we all have to get out of Hell or One Love will continue to suffer within all her children in Hell, but until the end of Hell on earth, there must always be resistance against evil. Dehypnotisation of the masses and total resistance to unrepentant evil must continue.

One Love.

The Messiah.
For Anarchist Communism (Kibbutzim).
Armageddon and the 1000 Year Agricultural Revolution.
The Final Jewish War.


My Revelations and warnings from the spiritual world are that all Egyptian cultists (Freemasons) Internationally must be executed immediately.
Failure to follow this command will result in the inevitability of Apocalyptic Guerrilla War against the First World.
Dehypnotisation is the mission of all persons. One shall be taken and one shall be left behind. The wheat must be separated from the chaff.
The good (the dehypnotists) must be separated from the evil (the hypnotists) and the chaff cast into the eternal fire.
Death must and shall be the penalty for any form hypnotism, whether using Temples/ Churches or not.
An anti-Statist Communist and a Judaist (anti-idolater / anti-hypnotists) will never have a Temple or a government, they will be people who love their brothers and sisters more than themselves, and they will use Love to change the world, not hypnotism..

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Re: On Jewish Science, & Gentile Holocaust [Re: luciferhorus]
    #4197295 - 05/19/05 10:09 PM (13 years, 5 days ago)

If you want an example of irrational hate...read the above.

"A warrior is a hunter. He calculates everything. That's control. Once his calculations are over, he acts. He lets go. That's abandon. A warrior is not a leaf at the mercy of the wind. No one can push him; no one can make him do things against himself or against his better judgment. A warrior is tuned to survive, and he survives in the best of all possible fashions." ― Carlos Castaneda

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Re: On Jewish Science, & Gentile Holocaust [Re: Huehuecoyotl]
    #4197564 - 05/19/05 11:31 PM (13 years, 5 days ago)

You ACTUALLY read that?!


The proof is in the pudding.

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Re: On Jewish Science, & Gentile Holocaust [Re: luciferhorus]
    #4197589 - 05/19/05 11:36 PM (13 years, 5 days ago)

Pardon me dark lord but, just what the HELL is all that?

Respect my authority!

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irregular verb
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Re: On Jewish Science, & Gentile Holocaust [Re: Adviapacis]
    #4198394 - 05/20/05 07:11 AM (13 years, 5 days ago)

unable to escape his parent's fears

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Re: On Jewish Science, & Gentile Holocaust [Re: redgreenvines]
    #4199319 - 05/20/05 01:45 PM (13 years, 4 days ago)

Pepperoni pizza before bed??

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Re: On Jewish Science, & Gentile Holocaust [Re: luciferhorus]
    #4200443 - 05/20/05 06:00 PM (13 years, 4 days ago)

wow I can't believe I actually read (most) of that.

some of the most hateful and violent rhetoric I've seen in a while. congrats for making your one post an awful one.

my question is: this just a random passer-by spewing this garbage whereever possible, or is this someone who actually posts here with a puppet account? hmm. i think my money may be on the former, actually.

i finally got around to making a sig
revel in its glory and quake in fear at its might

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Re: On Jewish Science, & Gentile Holocaust [Re: Mushmonkey]
    #4200655 - 05/20/05 06:58 PM (13 years, 4 days ago)

Hypnotising the children of Love. The worship of mammon

this section (near the beginning) makes a lot of sense imo.

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Re: On Jewish Science, & Gentile Holocaust [Re: Veritas]
    #4201310 - 05/20/05 10:09 PM (13 years, 4 days ago)

And you think I am intolerant...

"A warrior is a hunter. He calculates everything. That's control. Once his calculations are over, he acts. He lets go. That's abandon. A warrior is not a leaf at the mercy of the wind. No one can push him; no one can make him do things against himself or against his better judgment. A warrior is tuned to survive, and he survives in the best of all possible fashions." ― Carlos Castaneda

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